Beeman Sag Co2 Air Rifle .22 Caliber, 21.50" Barrel, Fiber Optic Sight, Wood Stock Md: Qb78-22This Deluxe Version Of The Qb78 features a 2 Stage Adjustable Trigger, Truglo Fiber Optic Sights, And Beech Wood Stock. RWS Hobby lead pellets produced a Muzzle Velocity of 645 FPS on test. Yes, they will be available in .22, we have not received the first shipment of .22 models yet but as soon as we do we will have them up on the site. It seemed to like Crossman premier hp like my other guns usually do, but not always. BEEMAN QB78 .22 CALIBER WOOD STOCK CO2 POWERED SINGLE SHOT BOLT ACTION AIR RIFLE. Check back for updates. The Beeman QB78S air rifle tested by HAM produced a maximum Muzzle Velocity of 710 FPS with the light Gamo Raptor Platinum alloy pellets in our cool, 65 degree F range. Page created in 0.103 seconds with 22 queries. There is no recoil and on the dB meter on my phone it register around 70. For me, fills can stretch over a number of sporadic sessions so I'm extremely pleased to find NO evidence of CO2 leaks, even after the QB78 sits dormant for a month or two. … $299.99. Easy to work on. Great thing about this rifle is 40 magazine capacity. One of our design aims in the QB78 Repeater and QB79 Repeater project has been to offer consistent muzzle velocity over many shots. I have had this gun for two years now and I am very pleased by the overall performance. Round-Ball. I recently got a power-tuned QB78 in .22 and just can't get it to be accurate/consistent. I haven’t felt this confident with a rifle since my M16 in the army. Once I moved the ring back a quarter inch, everything was perfect. Everything was tight, but apparently the screw head caused minute changes. 2x12gCO2 / 44g/moleCo2 / 45 shots = 0.012 mol CO2 per shot, which means that dependent on the temperature, the CO2 will have so much energy to be converted to gun and kinetic energy at the muzzle, so if you use a light pellet, you can get much higher velocity than what is stated; however, if you use a heavy pellet then you might be disappointed at the velocity, but you will experience much greater kinetic energy because the heavier pellet will last longer in the barrel to accelerate and gain momentum from the CO2 gas and thus a higher kinetic energy at the muzzle and terminal ballistic performance. Beeman QB78-22 Air Guns Rifles 3.6 out of 5 stars 38. Just like the Crosman 160! Does anyone know what the actual feet-per-second rating is for this gun? Answer to your question: 651 fps., pellet weight? All our airguns are accurate, recoil-less, and easy to shoot. I applied Crossman oil and silicone grease where it is supposed to go. ProsLots of shots, Can be modded fit and finish much improved. Single-shot pistol produc.. C$69.99 Subscribe to our newsletter And stay up to date with our latest offers. All rights reserved. So little, that just about any scope will hold 0. Beeman specs are a maximum of 650 FPS in .177 caliber and 500 fps in .22 cal. Besides, the rifle’s trigger is on the soft side, engages cleanly and breaks lightly, making quick and accurate shooting quite easy. Two 12 Gram CO2 cartridges are loaded back-to-back in the QB78. Posts : 2,194: 101142. Stock in .22cal it was shooting at about 500fps. Limited mostly to my 35 ft basement "range", I enjoy the challenge of free stand shooting so having decent, adjustable iron sights is a big plus. QB78 Deluxe .22 Cal . While the FPE is on the low side because of the accuracy you will be able to take small game (squirrels, cotton tail, and birds) easily at 25 yards. I was interested in a QB78-Deluxe for some time and couldn't pass up a great AGD deal during 2016's "Black Friday" week. I just had a day like this with a similar rifle. This value-priced model is traditionally constructed from wood and metal with a muzzle velocity up to 1,000 FPS in.177 caliber and 850 FPS in.22 using lead pellets. easy trigger pull ,no issues. The best kinetic energy my friends who own this gun has been 10.2 fpe at 25 degrees celcius. QB78 Deluxe .22 Cal . Turns out it was the barrel. ProsHigh co2 capacity, Long range performance. Got a new one and now it's shooting like a real sweetheart... MADE A MISTAKE. Sig® Sauer MCX Air Rifle .177 Cal. Good quality for buck. Login to ask someone who bought this product. I have the QB78 .22 repeater kit running and love the heck out of it so much I bought a QB79 .22 Repeater Rifle and After that, the groupings fall to pieces. Next. Caliber: .22; Velocity: 550 fps; Action: Bolt-action; Barrel: Rifled; Overall length: 40 inches; Barrel length: 21.5 inches; Weight: 6 pounds; Loudness: 4 Medium/High; Front Sights: Fiber Optic; Rear Sights: Adjustable The best accuracy is achieved from10 meters at 20 inches. on co2. I tried the felt "cleaning" pellets. Outstanding accuracy and velocity. I tried a half dozen different pellets. Beeman QB78 Deluxe Specifications. Can't wait for warmer weather to try it outside. AIRGUN SOURCE CANADA . Conforme ras . 5 posts Mike melick QB78 Deluxe .22 velocity. .22" (5.5mm) 1-year limited warranty. 22 watching. Adjustable sights.

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