Adding a cooler is an inexpensive way to protect the transmission's internal components and extend the lifespan of the unit. It is recommended to use a transmission cooler if you do any of the following: tow heavy duty vehicles, climb steep grades, drive in stop and go traffic or high temperatures. All automatic transmission equipped vehicles come with a transmission cooler built into the radiator. How a transmission cooler works. Keep high fluid temperatures at bay with a Mishimoto Universal Transmission Fluid Cooler! However, if your vehicle tows heavy loads , you live in a warm climate, or often drive in stop-and-start traffic, you may require an auxiliary transmission cooler. ... high performance; md/hd truck and bus; shop supplies; skidsteer; specialty products; industrial radiator tanks × home; agricultural; search by category; oil coolers; transmission / fuel / hydraulic / power steering oil coolers… Here at Repco, we are proud to offer the best oil coolers that the industry has to offer. At TDot Performance, we offer a wide selection of transmission oil coolers along with other transmission and drivetrain components. Transmission Oil Cooler kit, 280 x 150 x 19mm, 3/8″ outlets $ 139.00 Add to cart. These coolers are able to handle vehicle weights of between 12,000 and 22,000 lbs, making them Monster tough. Compared to the standard cooler, the performance transmission oil cooler is made from lightweight materials, designed to provide outstanding cooling, and it will serve you for many years. C $47.49. Ive got a 2011 2500, just installed a NADP trans and towed with it for the first time this weekend, it got hot! $270.00. Transmission Coolers. Just download,fill out and fax back. PPE Performance Transmission Cooler for GM Duramax 2003-2005 (0) Reviews: Write first review. Discussion Starter • #1 • Jun 2, 2017. With the help of these Transmission Coolers information, you can buy the Transmission Coolers for your car as well as it is not a bit of confusing task. With a wide variety to choose from, our transmission oil coolers range has something to suit you. Guaranteed lowest prices and free shipping on orders over $100! You just need to understand what type of Transmission Cooler is suitable for Transmission Coolers. Check here for special coupons and promotions. Transmission Oil Cooler kit, 280 x 110 x 19mm, 3/8″ outlets $ 129.00 Add to cart. Featuring brands such as BD Diesel, Mishimoto, DRP, and more. Adding an aftermarket transmission cooler to your hot rod, car or truck is always a good idea. Price: $389.99. A transmission cooler helps the transmission stay cool, even when working harder than normal, which in turn lets you get the best performance and long life out of it. If a vehicle is heavier than standard; used to carry or tow heavy loads or tackle off-road challenges; or has been tuned for extra power and torque; the transmission can become overwhelmed and heat up to the point that the oil begins to break down, risking expensive damage. 88 $88.35 $88.35. Hayden Automotive 516 High Performance Transmission Cooler. FORD TRANSMISSION GUIDE AND SELECTION. Find the best deals on Transmission Coolers and Hydraulic Line kits for your Dodge Cummins, Ford Powerstroke, and GM Duramax at BCDIESEL.CA! Earl's offers coolers in a wide range of configurations. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. Here are some tips: Always mount the cooler in a place that has good air flow. CJ PONY PARTS GM TRANSMISSIONS. Order Transmission Coolers & Accessories for your vehicle and pick it up in store—make your purchase, find a store near you, and get directions. Get it as soon as Fri, Jan 8. Check out Transmission cooler - 5.9L Parts (2004.5-2007), 5.9L Parts(1994-1998), 6.0L Parts (2003-2007), 6.4L Parts (2008-2010), 6.6 Parts LMM (2007-2010), 6.6L Parts (2004.5-2006), 6.6L Parts (2011-2016), 6.7L Parts (2007+), 6.7L Parts (2011+), Choate Parts, Parts from Choate Engineering Performance TCI® high performance coolers are designed specifically for racing but can also be used in street & towing applications. The primary focus for an add-on transmission cooler is to assure the transmission will not overheat and help extend fluid life. I previously installed an aftermarket transmission cooler in a 2006 GMC Envoy (4.2, 4L60E). Mishimoto's performance transmission cooler for the 2020+ Jeep Gladiator JT is custom designed to extract every ounce of cooling capacity from the air passing through your Gladiator's grille. Transmission coolers Installing a performance transmission cooler will solve this problem in a simple and cost-effective way! This cooler measures 8-1/4 X 13-inches (Earl’s #24200ERL). Condition: New. Performance Transmission Coolers. It's big but as indicated in the text, it's impossible to overcool an automatic transmission. Our 2014–2018 Chevy Silverado/GMC Sierra 1500 V8 transmission cooler utilizes a stacked-plate design for maximum durability and powerful cooling. When it comes to automatic transmission coolers, bigger is always better. Mishimoto universal fluid coolers are applicable for use with transmission … Engine Oil Cooler Installation Kits; Transmission. This cooler features a highly efficient 20" x 7.5" x 0.75" tube-and-fin core that promotes dramatic temperature drops. NSRA 2018 Give Away Car ... CONVERTERS AND C4 APPLICATIONS. Preserve the life of your transmission and improve towing performance with a transmission cooler. Your order may be eligible for Ship to Home, and shipping is free on all online orders of $35.00+. I installed it "after" the factory oil-water heat exchanger built into the radiator (that is, the hot transmission fluid would first pass through the radiator, then through the aftermarket cooler, then return to the transmission). Protect your vehicle's warranty or simply give your vehicle a boost with a simple to use addition to any towing set up. Transmission coolers. PPE Performance Transmission Cooler for GM Duramax 2006-2010 (0) Reviews: Write first review. 12 row transmission oil cooler 3/8” barbs Includes hose and hose clamps Core dimensions: Width 285mm Height 130mm... DERALE TRANSMISSION COOLING PAN GM 700R4 4L60 & … $44.88 $ 44. AFTERMARKET TRANSMISSION COOLER - GOOD CPU COOLER. Overall cooling ability was the primary factor used to evaluate each model, with the Tru-Cool Max and the Derale Series 8000 … Fluid heated by the transmission, engine, or power steering pump flows to the cooler. View ... Converter Order Sheet. CJ PONY PARTS ELECTRONIC OVERDRIVE AND CONTROLLERS. Deviant Race Parts LEAK FREE 5/8" High Performance Transmission Repair lines for 01-05 GM 6.6L Duramax equipped Pickups with the Allison 1000 Transmission. Deviant 73421 High Performance Transmission Cooler Repair Lines | 01-05 GM 6.6L Duramax. (after-markets) A term used to describe ancillary markets for merchandise related to the original motion picture, including video sales and rentals, DVDs, cable and pay-per-view distribution, sound track albums, video games, books, amusement park rides, toys, T-shirts, and other products. Superior “tube and fin” design allows our coolers to meet your needs. Transmission coolers. 6R80 COOLER LINES. Check the performance of Transmission Coolers. Transmission Coolers. Aftermarket transmission oil coolers bring forth a more efficient and long-lasting performance as it maintains the ideal transmission temperature levels. An aftermarket transmission cooler can be cheap insurance for automatic transmissions. The end result is longer fluid life, and more importantly, this will help keep the internal transmission temperatures to a more manageable level without sacrificing performance. 16 Posts . transmission / fuel / hydraulic / power steering oil coolers.

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