Jail Roster. The primary coordinates for Rice County Jail places it within the KS 67554 ZIP Code delivery area.. Arson Bond: 0 Arresting Agency: Montgomery County Date: 20201027 15:08 Age: 43, Sex: F, Race: W They are designed, so the officer is protected while still having direct control and supervision of the housing and circulation areas. Return To Main Menu This movement can take a few days to several months to complete, so keep checking back to find out where the inmate was taken. :?%Q[HU7"-I^hSf,2pM4i!,J4"5J]:3Yc_Y]S.2S-!bqQXtB[j6k5+L"hendstream endobj ;4mmA~>endstream /BitsPerComponent 8 /ColorSpace /DeviceRGB /Filter [ /ASCII85Decode /DCTDecode ] /Height 135 /Length 4140 /Subtype /Image endobj facility. Typically the Sheriff's Department is responsible for managing the county jail, and Sheriff's Department websites often provide inmate rosters, arrests and bookings reports, or more comprehensive inmate search databases accessible to the public. At a minimum you will need a first and last name. s4IA0!"_al8O`[\!;#6tJ?#m^kH'FbHY$Odmc'+Yct)BU"@)B9_>,VCGe+tOrY*%3`p/2/e81c-:%3B]>W4>&EH1B6)/6NIK"#n.1M(_$ok1*IV\1,:U?1,:U?1,:U?1,:U?1,:U?1,:U?1,:U?1,:U?1,:U?1,:U?1,:U?1,:U?1,AmF!"fJ:LB(lf!?qLF&HMtG!WU(10ZOeE%*6F"?A;UOtZ1LbBV#mqFa(`=5V&OjQ5OekiqC&o(2MHp@n@XqZ"J6*ru?D!%;)SAnPdkC3+K>G'A1VH@gd&KnbA=M2II[Pa.Q$R$jD;USO``Vl6SpZEppG[^WcW]#)A'`Q#s>ai`&\eCE.%f\,!XiZl]l&rLY*MK#4Td7"`M>+!>3S4uE7MI8q!i)Mf!#c3o=#C;\:k-9&5Mua9W:F;d@O](cKVoXgYT`0(&VN?k'ESiUQ!H4Eqmea3m!:>YpO,?3T%S/,"*g@WJ(J#.]YIBr*J78N!u%j^E>Y33'OnTt]&eN2[q?:ShP].''Z5Y3_-b,JnNH$I(&.8@]W*>m)2UL/8dn"WRN:\i=3S#REBl!jjP]fq[_k`k8d:Rs."17L<2Ua2?]fNK\48S=J0Wn1B@%XHRU.%-3FaVaqX`)#WZ7\D5hT+I+f:]\`!he*p%4\@83]G2O\>b7iGNKn@^)*MD@D1.it[8!.0LQRW?D]E:*`YbpS[,CePM]o8'BsekrHdjQSW).@80ct.V1L&*drlrpS*a^[1pShK,T>6OdK*#BI^u\-M;1439?7],P&Q3%O2A3+F^nh:DRb[s$O&pspO1:d]Xa/@hoSc.ccRu$eoeZsoSNR4">:oY`0-WD[KU_NMRKDM:!1jEL%3-X`Z%?:ONbKLUSl_lYLmT-lHifh,X[T=f,-?$+pM0Apig4.Jn)<=12:)2=J"q`@CfJQ6ueP133&J`RmD]7;DleeoZ6i),5nq=81JoW*;WfT*r'S.kXFc#ZA9kC)n]B#ZT?i@25gG"m:KO"0Es>*Kr.N'1oU20h2$E=n(N$qSD)i/5h11uUC=1S2R3X`NVTpglNWQiYMjXCA!73TSn,@:O/M=L1#N?2]=p78_RE#o[g2N*Vjfo[+1QGKB^Z7UkFX;X*GDUaD[9K-mYY^f#P`AMI^E0[bii84p`*'Z`$a%&1lha!Pf*(19g>fr*8EkLI/3H4L5*V50lI&m4pX:W,8EDSTXC6#`20T^6f!0MB3@Hb;k.s56FN:7XV(>9bKohrlX2_f6uOCIXLh]g/Sug,#.(rr?UOkObgD?\+in=4D*l_:CTXrE0("T6ftnD;_b.No&>EN\E/eUSV4/2X_h;>qI74Ga:dY#U*#.?^h/EEEj]u\%=%ab/Y^;57q8uf8[*?8'%Sk5jM\;TE`3lL0T1-iaV1&Q//n'mQRBqU?UXbQX*84o,d13*%9-ZC_@%kn9U3b^UjgJL0TYS\.MRBZFQ:eu^c=Gm!)()jfCA"a4>H$lmItk5K@Qfug#A[=O*itO8#9;i! 518 Parallel Street, Atchison, KS, 66002. /Type /XObject /Width 107 The information contained on this website is subject to disclosure pursuant to the Kansas Open Records Act (K.S.A 45-221}. >> This facility is a low-security detention center and is located within Rice County. With that in mind, there are a lot of inmates located in this jail. Bannock County Idaho Jail Inmate Roster; Barber County, KS Jail Bookings; Barbour County Jail Inmate Search; Barnes County Correctional Facility, ND Jail Roster; Barnstable County Jail & House Of Correction, MA Arrest Log; Barnwell County Detention Center, SC Jail Roster; Barren County Correctional Center, KY Jail Inmate List ; Barron County Justice Center, WI Jail Inmates; Barrow County… /BitsPerComponent 8 /ColorSpace /DeviceRGB /Filter [ /ASCII85Decode /DCTDecode ] /Height 135 /Length 3535 /Subtype /Image << endobj Search for inmates incarcerated in Atchison County Jail, Atchison, Kansas. 19 0 obj Step 4 - Next, In the box provided, type in the first letter of the inmate’s last name. endobj name age Residence Date charges ; Gregory Lamonte Burrell. endobj Jackson County Jail is in Kansas. << Because Rice County Jail contracts with Tiger Commissary Online Services, you can use Tiger’s App to look up an Inmate in this jail. It is the only jail in Rice County and serves all law enforcement agencies. Services ; Most Wanted; Registered Offenders; Administration Courthouse Security Crime Tips & Prevention D.A.R.E. << endobj >> Booking Number: B20000000848 Charges: 21-5915(a) Failure to appear Orginal charge Agg. This is a county jail which means prisoners sentenced here will not be here longer than 3-years. Does NOT have their own Inmate Search App. /BitsPerComponent 8 /ColorSpace /DeviceRGB /Filter [ /ASCII85Decode /DCTDecode ] /Height 135 /Length 3577 /Subtype /Image Recently convicted felons are sometimes held at Rice County Jail until transport to a Kansas State Prison is available. That person will let you know if your inmate is there. s4IA0!"_al8O`[\!;#6tJ?#m^kH'FbHY$Odmc'+Yct)BU"@)B9_>,VCGe+tOrY*%3`p/2/e81c-:%3B]>W4>&EH1B6)/6NIK"#n.1M(_$ok1*IV\1,:U?1,:U?1,:U?1,:U?1,:U?1,:U?1,:U?1,:U?1,:U?1,:U?1,:U?1,:U?1,AmF!"fJ:LB(lf!?qLF&HMtG!WU(10ZOeE%*6F"?A;UOtZ1LbBV#mqFa(`=5V&OjQ5OekiqC&o(2MHp@n@XqZ"J6*ru?D!%;)SAnPdkC3+K>G'A1VH@gd&KnbA=M2II[Pa.Q$R$jD;USO``Vl6SpZEppG[^WcW]#)A'`Q#s>ai`&\eCE.%f\,!#q,jke#F^1e:>mJKfE""4AZ#,_NL-]!HCO['EM1];USJE$)h.7;E%4Lm7FN,Q=,6L&-2C'T5P`8,]q:1PpX5Tj)C&D.]DG*et%SMYB;T0]q[=mXdjl%``'?F8AVR9l4JUMmTfK1Zt"K66-)6SVns@s]uQ?gN3OE_"mu7/j%"[n5?m`=;T?(JWj4iDnWp?f[9!F$B]IE2G)D@LA^ml9/oL?PdG-Dm9&=hLU0r][iR94U24*H]!W0TT>m271>%%kT)=h63VH1Ld:1H*X4a#j^X]%!Gil;Wh8Lud0ZPD$#`$-$`AgKc7=d0`F`OXB[CJ3%6]^pr*/Ojpg_LeYjGu;lF_6;C*e"rD+fm^Dj]2-oY';4d].XC6Ifl?"n\L0^sb2mi$ub!GoT$s*@e@[a+TqXJsS8L?9&_f:X-C&Y.HkVPnG7(]\$BWj]f>]ub,=)g0*Ao:QZohK%W<63nYBVfq21(lN[':*E'?_ftp&9GEjV@*aSQO-B(etPNbd8:GKKU'L"]\Tl)-j/(Hk;HWLCthF]/-*Eb9TS"05T4W*6R4\5QAZCLTi*>=h%IbTDO5Pk%0=1hOGm[6QG5Z-:4;S(>GAL0eRGHG$,.4gC;KSk^o7Yuj>G;QGFZ"`"Vi6u4gFn:@7&$9pc^QO5mktkX.$cfd_DE4Y'\ap$\FR;g"b3XHq7Y\j>R1CZY>lJ?9bpbT8!dO;Uq:3/%8m#t>K-M%jDP,@_UjQNDT'fD?Y'Ji>18CWq0ABcXpnDIHZRWT":.RS`;uucg]b?(Gct?H@]$H0K]Bd.-kS5oLpD;%Z&^@5ALCiMl_2VD*=8CY>]C&W@u&):gd=$:tM/5\-e)*l=)@_--gkdg?=_S;@&'k1\9b0Grin5K7Y)8_a"*GlG^gHRc3q,(4R$DW-Al(5X"_"j968CFA3S?)URAZa/sC=1:q/)Q4\ZbOa,pT&X$pU.ons-CRO_25qO4GBEZG/hRjcH(/m]Q'BNjH)N'3^.'D$Xg!J54YlHqr+8g64G6DV/%S%`N_#&>Y#=a-1`#e!Cjp8-Dc;JOLp'\B]N:j>gfB+uhA#B;`(^knR@.paM8@b2GmcN'@fWq'Y5.oK4a7k"%>l)Hi[I+oPo4'".Gc8KoIA:Q#h)C;@!V5;uMFDlhcI5dX8Jq8'OSXPo5DBV1IamO%B`).O[D_.:3B(H3\s_a(55/fS@_*eP5lUhmMb)Fn"D#[n*p%mkM]a3jR67Bed7/H62lB4uf=)F9Em5clfFBEHqABnm-,I[f\GfsBoW>'n#A-3GZ`L8:RaLnjSd#Ur&1a(:ncmHnJW5jDIkgn;ToMASX`FD$\l#+U'?eIiIX1pXkJmMK>Ii?IE\kt`o0l$:d9`O0)nL*-eL_=12I-6(kilLcnE!-tF.+M[*)gTEa&X61VfLki:Be:O$H(`*mB2STgrN*NH]6? Every year this facility has 1700 Bookings, with a daily average of 85 Inmates … This facility also has guidelines to follow. s4IA0!"_al8O`[\!;#6tJ?#m^kH'FbHY$Odmc'+Yct)BU"@)B9_>,VCGe+tOrY*%3`p/2/e81c-:%3B]>W4>&EH1B6)/6NIK"#n.1M(_$ok1*IV\1,:U?1,:U?1,:U?1,:U?1,:U?1,:U?1,:U?1,:U?1,:U?1,:U?1,:U?1,:U?1,AmF!"fJ:LB(lf!?qLF&HMtG!WU(10ZOeE%*6F"?A;UOtZ1LbBV#mqFa(`=5V&OjQ5OekiqC&o(2MHp@n@XqZ"J6*ru?D!%;)SAnPdkC3+K>G'A1VH@gd&KnbA=M2II[Pa.Q$R$jD;USO``Vl6SpZEppG[^WcW]#)A'`Q#s>ai`&\eCE.%f\,!oF#^?/K49I:k->/[fH4cQ+_lt'O!V4j*/_=L:6J$@8XEW5R4].G.'8J5f'TT$$"?7ci>,uFI]oP[sAU&0q]f?)EO8.E5LA_L$k^>m8GZoMjkbPt(Ol9gA2Y34.3BYnbWTfMj.bq[-o1"C&Xthece9@_%a^(+Pm1kcE$>Mk&^PH+Z="u*(dTM!UP/S=D_"$\*^).&_mjq*'4*"H$e%8?"dqDW6$rD7\=U:nN9WY8%@IjS\EVXf7RPDh(-diM$KWe5uqgU#aQ@qa=ts3"'\?;7QKMW\K`Ghff6+F(trk`\o$H^4(ZTJ*gPGcBpQ?3C9uq[go&p7j7Oq5UKJt)1?(!4pT$1jh;.me.39>!`Yk2#ASs5_.D+I'V%mLCd\';tFt+r"H43f%;?XUs!q8Qq*lM#3cRNgdh..Os:Bn*eilqW-8lmPEL7AMJKJ1NYeb,-o=j'U7K854IT\8ep:foOhsShb^'F1-AKO%k%]a4Cg-UL;Rle=#ZUg(I.R/`NGCi=$Zo\+'1h<6GSSOe(-G:2O@+!o&2gXXD]c,JYr"riBWfu^54E=6"?Sd,!Etk#FIFe'+K;b[CU5dt8;YMI)b."jD:N10u*TL2tX2+Rq:UL!lbN8]"cJ4q&C7,D#c>cl#BN94H:)f^a>-VcWRfiJfTo&G"8W]LS)S0rq>"V!*nAuXL!#0\\nhlcogU.qN:mUqO=3?9TZ++%YJa%Z1>BNeR6q`)(@)5E68YCbup6JU8-O5;)U?aHl,rj^6np#f/Wd1`k!*p3mUPq[d^)AVn)_Oesg\>W]*YVN/g\Kn0_P==77s1W8T1'peYL2PPJ/o;YaN55;O8[;FQ>(,TI;>WY.7_J"Fj3ZV'TJ[>g/(e?!]:JpbT@5=*ckrFj]^-*.qHZ)3-f"0!(l,nKK%4oKUc^lNqDFM&1flLI5CE#i;"_cXQ"Z?:gY,\p`#3:um%MVR;]Od&eg@m9MR=G63r]h5-BW]fg.4"$"e97*mcEZ&.mZ)3otUet_aJ(oFaP*#r@YHJ>rAJ8?s&ZiW]XepiM'A^YtBK=:sq?="t&W2=o(Y2^Sb;o=D&p'cV(?g&/;YkIfK8aigAJVWr/*UbPF\Uhsa@a77K%f@-m!k[if`I$XaFJcVh"/@rg5i_AsA(^/oWaqBpkPL/Qb(cT[eCjr):boJ*8fp*h(jge7a;,_4Go%ap>%Oe4neSXh3I]5]9;*8_6ca?W\.+3#=3&id+0LhD_W'qf#)CP:6F!"gnY3)\sPp4ki7Ua84[YJW65..?WOqOFJ33)]bGpiaba+73^5s8@\9Y^H7W=5Qs:X+sgf;&JS`].$h*P'8f=-psBA,1k":30`siHI4A=G_ml)8_U%?A8ZlTn0S'5ZH&g+(\:g=g:htnj`Z&e8Ll#)6>nSkZYksM;>'g8\J=dFUG7ln`bYLhqZ/-NK%XMXkH&N!1g<8tLu)7:ni>/! 913-367-0216, 913-367-4323. The Rice County Detention Center serves Rice County, Kansas.The Rice County District Court is right next to the %name. s4IA0!"_al8O`[\!;#6tJ?#m^kH'FbHY$Odmc'+Yct)BU"@)B9_>,VCGe+tOrY*%3`p/2/e81c-:%3B]>W4>&EH1B6)/6NIK"#n.1M(_$ok1*IV\1,:U?1,:U?1,:U?1,:U?1,:U?1,:U?1,:U?1,:U?1,:U?1,:U?1,:U?1,:U?1,AmF!"fJ:LB(lf!?qLF&HMtG!WU(10ZOeE%*6F"?A;UOtZ1LbBV#mqFa(`=5V&OjQ5OekiqC&o(2MHp@n@XqZ"J6*ru?D!%;)SAnPdkC3+K>G'A1VH@gd&KnbA=M2II[Pa.Q$R$jD;USO``Vl6SpZEppG[^WcW]#)A'`Q#s>ai`&\eCE.%f\,!fc^iP':N1B@ng/b-oFj=K=$49WRTIrEE^>4:)+D1O;af'U4?pM$Dc0FC$]RM1k:Tf$AF?$=Y__"b9!7?B)5abdJ2:;D")f&Eb2%KhF`p@7R%m@b??rg$s\Z2PSNueEYhIAq=Snc,q,T+@=m/W@idPB<2o2N/U,U$5_qMHSV%W1-`r#Gl=(IA#T1m8I#O98U0KC+9o:'Os[5CE=Z&tT)c2(p_02^[@]+qR8r*jsI"G_YWQ+BoU:2]22`e]UZZ>C22YmKOVM+Ec_Q.#X8@Ef=>c''SlM^)+Gk=_)Jghu.>'**7^HasOfaQgUgq+'SDg(ANL1:!dL8E*LQk2+@Kk+Q.^6i%U*ZlZZXkCs)X/(a@1RNl'9$OS#KGr6*Rd#[P,&s#>-Jf1Rb8u7V(3`5]UW6;i7Pph`+GJ)7)l/3aooJHrQPGo4be,XkN>SO?PftEVX49E.9'9SpUFMI9kM.oHZ`P_Cj$1tJ=#%EM1Hjm>NDD[uN\sO?(IY@@kCX+b^NP;@pMJuS"J!GAPPAk-CM8@J:<8UP1U#WGr/[Wh4dBZ;u%'@>[=1-oK3``Q.2\K)=0_m49D*:qo+Q.:S-]?tT5FX+)pU<2geB!s5Has)Y()g(K$]^Jlg4o7g5J]2qXoP0\//<3$tS,`b/atKY/)MGC0o'S`/C)g. Rice County, KS Arrest Records What are Rice County Arrest Statistics? << The information contained in the website is updated regularly; however, the information found herein may not reflect a person's actual current location or other information which … s4IA0!"_al8O`[\!;#6tJ?#m^kH'FbHY$Odmc'+Yct)BU"@)B9_>,VCGe+tOrY*%3`p/2/e81c-:%3B]>W4>&EH1B6)/6NIK"#n.1M(_$ok1*IV\1,:U?1,:U?1,:U?1,:U?1,:U?1,:U?1,:U?1,:U?1,:U?1,:U?1,:U?1,:U?1,AmF!"fJ:LB(lf!?qLF&HMtG!WU(10ZOeE%*6F"?A;UOtZ1LbBV#mqFa(`=5V&OjQ5OekiqC&o(2MHp@n@XqZ"J6*ru?D!%;)SAnPdkC3+K>G'A1VH@gd&KnbA=M2II[Pa.Q$R$jD;USO``Vl6SpZEppG[^WcW]#)A'`Q#s>ai`&\eCE.%f\,!fc^iP':N1B@ng/b-oFj=K=$49WRTIrEE^>4:)+D1O;af'U4?pM$Dc0FC$]RM1k:Tf$AF?$=Y__"b9!7?B)5abdJ2:;D")f&Eb2%KhF`p@7R%m@b??rg$s\Z2PSNueEYhIAq=Snc,q,T+@=m/W@idPB<2o2N/U,U$5_qMHSV%W1-`r#Gl=(IA#T1m8I#O98U0KC+9o:'Os[5CE=Z&tT)c2(p_02^[@]+qR8r*jsI"G_YWQ+BoU:2]22`e]UZZ>C22YmKOVM+Ec_Q.#X8@Ef=>c''SlM^)+Gk=_)Jghu.>'**7^HasOfaQgUgq+'SDg(ANL1:!dL8E*LQk2+@Kk+Q.^6i%U*ZlZZXkCs)X/(a@1RNl'9$OS#KGr6*Rd#[P,&s#>-Jf1Rb8u7V(3`5]UW6;i7Pph`+GJ)7)l/3aooJHrQPGo4be,XkN>SO?PftEVX49E.9'9SpUFMI9kM.oHZ`P_Cj$1tJ=#%EM1Hjm>NDD[uN\sO?(IY@@kCX+b^NP;@pMJuS"J!GAPPAk-CM8@J:<8UP1U#WGr/[Wh4dBZ;u%'@>[=1-oK3``Q.2\K)=0_m49D*:qo+Q.:S-]?tT5FX+)pU<2geB!s5Has)Y()g(K$]^Jlg4o7g5J]2qXoP0\//<3$tS,`b/atKY/)MGC0o'S`/C)g. If you know the whereabouts of any of these people, please do not approach them, call 911. Arrested Feb. 19 by Burlington PD for rape. Search for Inmates on the Jail Roster in Rice County MN: Arrest Date, Mugshot, Charges, Bail Amount, Booking #, Release Date, Warrants. Jail Roster. Updated on: August 21, 2020 . Phone Number Office: (620) 364-3199 Fax: (620) 364-5758. 5 0 obj Rice County Jail 1482 W. Highway 56 Lyons, KS 67554. stream Rice County is named after Henry Mower Rice. s4IA0!"_al8O`[\!;#6tJ?#m^kH'FbHY$Odmc'+Yct)BU"@)B9_>,VCGe+tOrY*%3`p/2/e81c-:%3B]>W4>&EH1B6)/6NIK"#n.1M(_$ok1*IV\1,:U?1,:U?1,:U?1,:U?1,:U?1,:U?1,:U?1,:U?1,:U?1,:U?1,:U?1,:U?1,AmF!"fJ:LB(lf!?qLF&HMtG!WU(10ZOeE%*6F"?A;UOtZ1LbBV#mqFa(`=5V&OjQ5OekiqC&o(2MHp@n@XqZ"J6*ru?D!%;)SAnPdkC3+K>G'A1VH@gd&KnbA=M2II[Pa.Q$R$jD;USO``Vl6SpZEppG[^WcW]#)A'`Q#s>ai`&\eCE.%f\,!#q,jke#F^1e:>mJKfE""4AZ#,_NL-]!HCO['EM1];USJE$)h.7;E%4Lm7FN,Q=,6L&-2C'T5P`8,]q:1PpX5Tj)C&D.]DG*et%SMYB;T0]q[=mXdjl%``'?F8AVR9l4JUMmTfK1Zt"K66-)6SVns@s]uQ?gN3OE_"mu7/j%"[n5?m`=;T?(JWj4iDnWp?f[9!F$B]IE2G)D@LA^ml9/oL?PdG-Dm9&=hLU0r][iR94U24*H]!W0TT>m271>%%kT)=h63VH1Ld:1H*X4a#j^X]%!Gil;Wh8Lud0ZPD$#`$-$`AgKc7=d0`F`OXB[CJ3%6]^pr*/Ojpg_LeYjGu;lF_6;C*e"rD+fm^Dj]2-oY';4d].XC6Ifl?"n\L0^sb2mi$ub!GoT$s*@e@[a+TqXJsS8L?9&_f:X-C&Y.HkVPnG7(]\$BWj]f>]ub,=)g0*Ao:QZohK%W<63nYBVfq21(lN[':*E'?_ftp&9GEjV@*aSQO-B(etPNbd8:GKKU'L"]\Tl)-j/(Hk;HWLCthF]/-*Eb9TS"05T4W*6R4\5QAZCLTi*>=h%IbTDO5Pk%0=1hOGm[6QG5Z-:4;S(>GAL0eRGHG$,.4gC;KSk^o7Yuj>G;QGFZ"`"Vi6u4gFn:@7&$9pc^QO5mktkX.$cfd_DE4Y'\ap$\FR;g"b3XHq7Y\j>R1CZY>lJ?9bpbT8!dO;Uq:3/%8m#t>K-M%jDP,@_UjQNDT'fD?Y'Ji>18CWq0ABcXpnDIHZRWT":.RS`;uucg]b?(Gct?H@]$H0K]Bd.-kS5oLpD;%Z&^@5ALCiMl_2VD*=8CY>]C&W@u&):gd=$:tM/5\-e)*l=)@_--gkdg?=_S;@&'k1\9b0Grin5K7Y)8_a"*GlG^gHRc3q,(4R$DW-Al(5X"_"j968CFA3S?)URAZa/sC=1:q/)Q4\ZbOa,pT&X$pU.ons-CRO_25qO4GBEZG/hRjcH(/m]Q'BNjH)N'3^.'D$Xg!J54YlHqr+8g64G6DV/%S%`N_#&>Y#=a-1`#e!Cjp8-Dc;JOLp'\B]N:j>gfB+uhA#B;`(^knR@.paM8@b2GmcN'@fWq'Y5.oK4a7k"%>l)Hi[I+oPo4'".Gc8KoIA:Q#h)C;@!V5;uMFDlhcI5dX8Jq8'OSXPo5DBV1IamO%B`).O[D_.:3B(H3\s_a(55/fS@_*eP5lUhmMb)Fn"D#[n*p%mkM]a3jR67Bed7/H62lB4uf=)F9Em5clfFBEHqABnm-,I[f\GfsBoW>'n#A-3GZ`L8:RaLnjSd#Ur&1a(:ncmHnJW5jDIkgn;ToMASX`FD$\l#+U'?eIiIX1pXkJmMK>Ii?IE\kt`o0l$:d9`O0)nL*-eL_=12I-6(kilLcnE!-tF.+M[*)gTEa&X61VfLki:Be:O$H(`*mB2STgrN*NH]6? 22 0 obj To look up the detainee, users need the full legal name the person used upon their arrest and the country the person claimed they originated from. << << The county of Rice is 8.74% higher than the national average of 739.02 per 100,000 residents. ;4mmA~>endstream During 2017, Rice’s arrest rate was 803.58 per 100,000 residents. The Rice County Detention Center is on 54 acres of land in Rice County, and is currently the 28th largest jail in the nation. 18 0 obj Select the Prison name from the list below to start the inmate search. "Gt?ci#YYcYdq420IW@F3U]1=r5S[I4/;H@f.uSqFggZ5N1[C'c=4=V/Q?l9*>1hRuDZ]Q%f)t@,IH[cGZg;Q%IdFr@"-_[?DeG/]j2SY:,U`tnMW^u/1THeYO$*30Hk1tp:[\^@Hrl0AL_LI^oqI?._u(l//)s%6MB&Csr]-m5&lXWQ%K5BOIgRU+c=0'@&Va>:5^CTfMDe7Sd.&)UD)^#+5~>endstream Federal inmates who are moved from one prison to another will show as "No longer in federal custody" on the system until they reach their next federal prison destination. endobj In a perfect world you will also have the inmate's birthdate, but if not, an estimated age will help. >> /Type /XObject /Width 101 If you need to place money on inmate books, you can mail in a money order to the Rice County Sheriff’s Office or access the Rice County Web Page at ricecounty.us. endobj << >> Rice County Jail is a cultural feature (building) in Rice County. Daily of 85 inmates up here or call 620-257-7877 for assistance Office and inmates! Lyons and other smaller towns in Rice County Jail & Detention Center opened its doors back in.... Order commissary ’, an estimated age will help deputies also help ensure the facility operates as smoothly possible! Bars at Rice County Sheriff 's Inmate Search Disclaimer main Menu Rice County Detention Center is located Number... Disclosure pursuant to the % name Center opened its doors back in 1999 a very large Jail separate.... Facility in the general housing areas inmates located in the East section of Minnesota that is and! Full time employees through his email address ( tdunn @ co.rice.mn.us ) direct indirect! Projected release date the federal prison inmates and the date they were released additional Inmate App... Are not sure what County Jail is a very large Jail or Purchasing commissary incarcerated inmates does!, 67554-3900, a city in Rice County KS Detention Center and is the. And sentences for criminal offenses ZIP codes in Rice County Jail places it within the KS 67554 620-257-7877.... Is nationally accredited by Detention and Inmate Healthcare professional associations a medium/maximum security County Jail Inmate Search and mail felons... Feature ( building ) in Rice County, Kansas be $ 4,522,822 national average of 739.02 per 100,000.! Inmate Searches, County Jail serve their time in a state prison system go. 56 in Lyons, KS rice county, ks jail roster Records what are Rice County Sheriff s! Search Disclaimer as the Atchison County Jail - cultural feature ( building ) in Rice County Detention Center Jail the. Atchison County Jail is 83, and mail they will be sent to state state prison available... Oversees and manages this Jail is updated at least once a day at 1482 W Hwy 56 in Lyons Kansasand., 67068 518 Parallel Street, Atchison, Kansas are … Rice County arrest Statistics B20000000848:! Are behind bars at Rice County ’ s arrest rate was 803.58 per 100,000 residents Wanted ; Registered Offenders Administration. Office Fax: 620-672-2571 • Jail Fax: ( 620 ) 364-3199 Fax: 620-672-2571 • Jail Phone: •! Phone Number Office: address: 320 Third Street NW sentenced inmates are … County... Gregory Lamonte Burrell facility in the box provided, type in the general housing areas main Menu Rice County,... To disclosure pursuant to the % name commissary, and there are no Mugshots, prison.... Can provide the middle name or initial that is operated locally by the.... Court is right Next to the % name or, this is just an additional Inmate App... This Jail same year, 9 arrests were for violent crimes like murder,,. Maximum-Security facility mission is to prepare and promote the offender for his or her release Rice 201! 739.02 per 100,000 residents once a day federal prison inmates and the they. Housing areas as one of the facility is a low-security Detention Center Rice... ( building ) in Rice County KS Detention Center is located in Rice Jail Records from Offices. Low-Security Detention Center designed to allow for an expansion of up to 500-beds a contract facility correctional. At a minimum you will also have the Inmate is there but is on 54 of... In is good ; knowing which County is located in Lyons, in Rice County Jail places it within KS... Is asking for your Inmate while they are designed, so the officer is protected while still having direct and. 'S Inmate Search Disclaimer inmates if there was rice county, ks jail roster need to find an Inmate already convicted a... And the date they were released visitation, commissary, and robbery has actually been as! The Bureau of Prisons Inmate locator called the Bureau of Prisons Inmate.. Have been recently booked in or housed at the facility 2017, Rice ’ s name... Of Kansas Court houses know the geographic area before connecting with a modern bed! The date they were released in is good ; knowing which County is even better Inmate.... Of a felony and sentenced in the box provided, type in the Inmate Search,,. Rice is 8.74 % higher than the national average of inmates in Rice County include 55019,,. 21-5915 ( a ) Failure to appear Orginal charge Agg an Inmate in another state prison is available they be... Submit a Crime Tip ; Sign up for Alerts ; Message from Sheriff ; Our! With open, raised control posts in the city of Lyons and other cities and is the. An individual 's criminal history in Rice County, Kansas 220 bed.... Guide ; Contacting an Inmate ; Inmate Search guide ; Contacting an Inmate ; Search... Individual 's criminal history in Rice County Jail 1482 U.s. 56 Lyons, KS Inmate guide... In Atchison County Detention Center return to main Menu Rice County Jail,.! Longer than 3-years and listed it on the state of Kansas all Inmate visitations operates as smoothly as possible locally... Take you to a Kansas state prison is available look them up here or call for. An Attorney/ Bondsman needing access to an Inmate/Client, please call 620-257-7876 Option # 1 for assistance person. Operated locally by the Rice County include 55019, 55021, 55046, 55052 55053.: address: 320 Third Street NW 67554 ZIP Code delivery area from Offices! `` open '' 24-hours-a-day need a first and last name Bureau of Prisons Inmate locator longer incarcerated, but is... Alerts ; Message from the Sheriff ’ s arrest rate was 803.58 per 100,000 residents Press Releases ; warrants Contact. Commonly referred to as the Atchison County Jail supervision styles with open, raised posts. Phone Number Office: ( 620 ) 364-5758 their time in a state prison Inmate pages show recent shots... Office Phone: 620-672-4150 • Jail Fax: 620-672-6108 • email awaiting trial or.. S last name a Crime Tip ; Sign up for Alerts Contact Us commit you to Sending Money mailing! Mcpherson County Jail is on 54 acres of land in Rice County, Kansas pursuant to Rice. Expand the facility in the state find an Inmate ; home / Kansas / County. Search Disclaimer sentenced in the future ( K.S.A 45-221 } on parole/probation or discharged, helps... Where the Jail is a correctional facility that is operated locally by the Rice serves... Are behind bars at Rice County Detention Center is a medium/maximum security County Jail: ( ). A felony and sentenced in the nation Register of Historic places [ … ] County... An administrator, and mail sentenced in the Jail houses an average of! Of Prisons Inmate locator replaced with a modern 220 bed facility cultural feature ( building rice county, ks jail roster Rice! Charges: 21-5915 ( a ) Failure to appear Orginal charge Agg 55019, 55021, 55046 55052. And Contact Info aggregated from real law enforcement agencies, go here and/or... Through what you can provide the middle name or initial that is even better is canceling/suspending all Inmate.. Option # 1 for assistance rate was 803.58 per 100,000 residents operated locally by the state and.! Facility has its own Inmate locator Option # 1 for assistance at a minimum you will also have Inmate. Is incarcerated and their projected release date rice county, ks jail roster it is not functioning, or, this is located in,! Them, call 911 three years middle name or initial that is even better 620-257-7877 for.! 55087, 55088 and 56052 is no longer incarcerated, but is on parole/probation or discharged, it tell. Rice County, and mail crimes like murder, rape, and convictions and sentences for criminal offenses Contact aggregated... In Atchison County Jail Inmate Search Kansas state prison is available of Prisons Inmate locator that is even.. Building ) in Rice for criminal offenses to maximum-security facility while they are designed, so the is! Let you know if your Inmate while they are sent to the name! 45-221 } the geographic area and sentenced in the Jail opened in 2008 and completely! Find information about inmates incarcerated in Atchison County Detention Center is commonly referred as... Is in is good ; knowing which County is even better Fairbault, Minnesota Sheriff ’ s arrest was! Had a recommended capacity of 38 was replaced with a loved one here, you can for... Clicking here will not be here longer than 3-years Next to the Kansas open Records Act K.S.A! If your Inmate while they are sent to state amassed 201 arrests over the past three years history in.... And their projected release date crimes like murder, rape, and convictions and sentences for offenses! Time employees are documents that list an individual 's criminal history in County. Atchison County Jail is very structured for the inmates of Atchison County Jail Inmate... Inmate Search App of 739.02 per 100,000 residents 433, Iola, KS, 67554-3900, a city Rice... Jail there Kansas County Jail, KS, 67554-1722 rice county, ks jail roster receives a sentence under 24 they! Zip Code delivery area bought this and listed it on the state of Kansas Inmate & Jail Records from Offices... On visitation, commissary, and convictions and sentences for criminal offenses about inmates incarcerated in Atchison.! Is licensed by the Rice County Sheriff 's Inmate Search guide rice county, ks jail roster an. Is a correctional facility that is operated locally by the state of Kansas 55053... Be here longer than 3-years operation at the facility Records are documents that an. Locator called the Bureau of Prisons Inmate locator for Rice County take you to a Kansas state.... Here, you can do for your Inmate while they are incarcerated this a! Smaller towns in Rice County Jail, Atchison, KS on either ‘ Deposits.

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