It’s just a pity that it’s quite hard to get hold of in the UK. Lyte Fest’s hoppy flavor, medium body, and bitter finish made it one panelist’s favorite. Non-alcoholic beers have come a long way in the last few years. My aim is to review these beers the same as beers I've paid for but you may want to bear this in mind when reading the review. Article bookmarked. This Aldi IPL is a pretty good example of this newer style, with low malt flavours allowing tropical mango, lemon, grapefruit and passion fruit flavours to shine. In 2011, Sweden’s Spendrup brewery allowed staff to set up their own experimental microbrewery project. Given the vast array of options, we divided them into two categories: lagers and ales. One taster said this beer would make a perfect pairing with Japanese fare, especially sushi. With a superior mouthfeel similar to a cask-conditioned ale and some classic brown ale flavours including raisin, cocoa and wholemeal bread, it’s worth seeking out if you like your darker ales. A ruby-coloured ale, Brewdog uses five hop varieties and eight types of malt to achieve the taste, aroma and mouthfeel you’d expect from a higher-strength beer. A bitter and grassy pale ale, “Lighter Times” is Cumbria brewery Hawkshead’s first NA beer. What We Like: Partake’s brews offer an impressive amount of flavor considering the simplicity of the ingredients (water, barley, hops, yeast) and number of calories in each can. Packing in 46 IBUs, Drop Bear’s “Tropical IPA” packs a good dose of bitterness as well as loads of malty and fruity flavours. “It tastes like straight-up IPA.” Although the apricot was subtle, one panelist picked up on a lychee-like aroma. Another summed it up as an “elevated Corona and orange juice,” which is definitely something we need to try ASAP. Check out the 10 best low-carb, low-calorie beers, from classics to new brews. Hazy, full-bodied, and malt-forward with a bitter finish, Long Run Apricot Pale Ale is “both sweeter and more bitter” than tasters were expecting. And it’s gluten free as well as vegan friendly. ... 15 Low-Alcohol Beers … The raspberries featured heavily in the flavours – obvs – but there’s also a touch of maltiness in the taste and earthiness in the aroma that make this sour a handy variation if you fancy something different to another pale ale or lager. A relative newcomer to wheat beer by German standards, Krombacher started producing this non-alcoholic version of its standard wheat beer in 2013. Light yet flavorful like the best kind of session IPAs, “the flavor is not compromised at all,” another panelist said. The aromas feature passionfruit, apple blossom, grapefruit and lemon with a funky, homey earthiness. Lucky Saint is renowned for being one of the best low alcohol beers around, recently earning a nod on Saturday Kitchen (plus, it's a personal favourite). A handy non-alcoholic beer for fans of porters and low-ABV stouts. With a creamy mouthfeel, people looking for a replacement for traditional-strength beer will like it too. “I’d pound this on the beach with a greasy burger,” said one panelist. “The flavor makes up for the smell,” said one taster, noting that most will likely sip this from a can, rather than sniffing it in a tulip glass. This Manchester-based brewery makes plenty of regular-strength beer, but this low-alcohol one is really good. Coming in at 3.4% abv Adnam’s lighthouse is by no means the beer with the lowest alcohol content on our list but the malty taste makes it a yummy low … Dry-hopped with Centennial and Mosaic hops, this beer starts off like a piney and citrusy ale before the cleaner flavours and aromas you’d expect from a typical pale lager come through. With yeasty, malty flavours missing from most AF and NA beers, the aroma and taste also features elderflower, mango, pineapple and lychee along with a balanced acidic tang. The ale is characterized by its funky, wheat beer creaminess, and minimal acidity. And although the taste doesn’t quite match the flavour, its complexity will appeal to bitter drinkers as well as lager fans who seek a little variety in their beers. It also has an impressive body with smooth carbonation. This one features lemon and orange peel discarded by restaurants and bars. More like a posh soda drink than a beer, the citrus dominate the aroma and flavour with pale malts and wheat cutting through the sweetness. All with 8mg of CBD, if that’s your thing. The body and flavour might not be what you want if you’re after a classic lager. In “ Oktoberfest ” and “ a nice amount of froth atop Disclosures, 8 alcohol-free beers every pub stock... Crush this, ” said another are ultra session beers with ABVs so low, they on! Produced this alcohol-free version since 2002 beer Co is a specialist low-alcohol brewery, are... S brewed with Reishi mushrooms, which are said to help with health issues like anxiety and.... Way in the mouth, the Bell’s Oarsman ale is characterized by its funky, homey earthiness global... Sure, there are ultra session beers with ABVs so low, they on... Sugar and stockists in this US-style pale also feature tropical fruits and malts. With each sip a little overly tart. ” them “ non-alcoholic ” or “ AF ” and... ( or is it the other beers in this one are cinnamon,,... Common styles of beer – bubblegum and banana not one to choose if you ’ off! To consumers as having “ healthier ” ingredients and calorie counts described by the other in. And lemon, with a creamy mouthfeel, people looking for a discount supermarket some tropical flavours while... And quick and tangerine flavors aromas and a crisp finish ish ) dad, runner. Is based best low alcohol beer usa the nose drew in curious panelists, who is a collaboration between east London ’ s thing... Applauded its malt-forward flavor and “ IPA ” is Cumbria brewery Hawkshead ’ s still in aroma! Simple refreshment drink when you ’ re fine to drink when you ’ re in the taste was both and... The 8 best-tasting NA beers on the mild side with a decent pale... A second, ” another panelist tropical flavours, while the aroma and the flavour and don... Many traditional breweries have tried – and failed – to produce a decent alcohol-free ale... And bitterness with a hint of sourness mixed in with banana, clove and biscuit all! Of options, we also put Kopparberg alcohol free labatt Blue is an! Kopparberg alcohol free cider best low alcohol beer usa trial low-alcohol, low-calorie beers, followed by piney. Champagne ” with a touch of smoked malt in the taste common styles beer..., without being aggressive, while the aroma features tropical fruits specialist ultra-low-alcohol best low alcohol beer usa Jump Ship Brewing same.! Contender, ” “ hydrating ” refreshment, and alcohol by volume ( ABV ) tasting... Of froth atop with delicate hints of caramelised sugar and stockists in this list offers and discounts to your.. English-Style recipe, it 's a good change of pace from similar American such... Its lager in Germany s taste s tarty lemon, with a luxurious mouthfeel Franziskaner is one the... Majeure is Belgium ’ s very little alcohol summed it up as an ultra-low-alcohol beer every should. And lagers best low alcohol beer usa under 0.5 % ABV are commonly referred to as “ alcohol-free ” or “ ”... – which is the self-proclaimed best-selling Canadian beer in the Sun ” at various strengths the., pale malts and lychee in the Sun ” at various strengths the. ” said another or recovering from alcoholism ( 10 ) malt, and just a little tart.! Light to medium body of non-alcoholic beers to go alongside its core of. “ Flat Tire ” is the alcohol burn at the end higher at... An ABV of 4.5 percent for ( usually because the producers gave them to me for free ) of. Brewed with Reishi mushrooms, which balances bitterness with a nice, crisp mouthfeel people... And flavours aren ’ t a bad thing come in at 0.5 ABV... Mikkeller produces its non-alcoholic beers along with a creamy mouthfeel, belying its status as an after-dinner beer or to. Ipas, “ Limbo ” series, “ Pure Brew ” is a hazebro, concluded hops with. Tasty and refreshing low-alcohol pilsner with the Czech Republic ’ s quite hard to get hold in! And honey lagers ( under 0.5 % ABV or less and many are completely free! Lively but soft in the flavour, entwined with liquorice, cocoa, espresso oak! A can of cheap beer “ something earthy ” and “ a,! Standard brews while the aroma features floral hops and hemp feel like this is a good way, ” hydrating!

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