Polar bears are the largest Apex predators on earth. The bear would. Alaska, Northwestern United States, Western Canada, Virunga Volcano Ranges, Bwindi Impenetrable National park. Learn more. It has about 120 000.Regarding the Bear population, United States of America is the first runner up with 25 000 Bears. Bear vs Gorilla: Frequently Asked Questions . It would usually defeat a western gorilla. Yet it didn’t let us down when they pitted two of nature’s most iconic creatures against one another: the silverback gorilla and the male African lion. Most likely, if they were easily matched with weight and height, the bear would win. Their life span is of about 22 to 25 years. More often than not, the grizzly bear would conquer the battle. The only land predator that would beat a Grizzly is a Polar Bear […] One guy even picked up and threw one. In such a scenario, things may go differently. Bear would win no question. In this article, we shall pit them against one another in a fight and compare their strengths to know who will win, one-on-one. Home > Gorilla vs Lion: Is It True a Gorilla Would Win a Fight Against a Lion? They belong to the class Mammalia. Grizzly bears have very thick fur that would diminish the damage done by gorilla punches and bites. They stand their ground and attack when threatened, surprised, or if the female has cubs but usually avoids contact with humans. Gorillas are the weakest and slowest animal here, and the worst fighter by far . In addition to this, grizzly bears steal food from other predators from time to time. They are known to kill and eat mostly meat, not just small/other animals but bears of other species as well, especially young ones. Learn more. I have been fascinated by our natural world and am here to share that wonder with you. In a hypothetical fight to the death, who would win: a silverback gorilla or a grizzly bear? There is also a reported case were a tiger got out of it’s enclosure and into the lions. Id say do to size and strength bear and gorilla take it 6-7 times. A gorilla has sharp teeth, but I think the bear would take the gorilla. Which Country has the Most Bears in the World? They are carnivorous animals. Well, they are herbivorous animals. Yes, silverbacks are strong too and are known to break down small trees in a go, but he only stands a chance if he goes for the neck of the grizzly bear from behind. They win fights by brute strength and intimidation. Gorilla scares off Bear but Bear wins if cornered or forced to fight. But now here's a real contest: Bear vs. Tiger Tigers weigh about the same/more as gorillas, but they're also faster, stronger, and are way better at striking the killing blow. Gorillas only weight about 350 lbs. Also as far as hardware goes, the grizzly bear's teeth and claws trump a gorilla's teeth and bare knuckles. Perhaps the only advantage to a gorilla and bear in a one-on-one situation is habitat. Grizzly bears way around 600 lbs. Gorilla’s muscles and skeletons are much more robust in comparison to humans. Females and males on inland and costal have vast differences, females (inland)on an average weigh-136kg while a costal one would weigh 227kgas for males (inland) on average weigh 272kg a costal bear would weigh 408kg. A average grizzly bear is 2 meters and 400kg (6,5ft 880lbs) A average silverback gorilla is 1,8 meters and 200kg (5,9ft 440lbs) The bear is heavier, uses claws and can lift +/- 400kg, the gorilla is faster and can lift +/- 2000kg Who would win between a bear and a gorilla with same weight? As mentioned earlier, stronger and bigger animals generally win, so with the above-given statistics, we know what the outcome of the fight already is, but it won’t be a one-hit win. Gorilla Vs Bear Who Would Win. Grizzly Bears are native to America, while Gorillas make their homes in the jungles of Africa. While a bear also has thick skin, so that pounding wouldn't do much. Asep. The muscle to size ratio of the creature. The gorilla how ever will put up a good fight. 2. While killing a lion with one swipe. Here, on the basis of their characteristics, we will conclude whether grizzly bear will win the match or Gorilla will win. So, here we go. With the advantage in speed, weight, brute strength and predatory aggression, the grizzly would be able to inflict severe and fatal damage to the gorilla. Females have a comparatively, shorter life span. The bear would have the advantage in a clearing, but the gorilla would have the advantage if it ran into a rainforest or montane forest and the bear followed. Lv 6. The Bear would win the Gorilla vs Bear fight. A Silverback gorilla’s arms are longer in comparison to a bear that gives him an advantage in reach on a grizzly bear, but that’s about it. The reason is that, a polar bear has a good ability of hunting and can fight wherever it is needed. Google it if you don’t believe me. Both are compatible with each other. A scenario that I have had in my mind for years popped up as I was watching it: a fight between a Silverback gorilla and a Grizzly or a Polar Bear. Is a gorilla stronger than a grizzly bear? The only hope for the gorilla is to get behind the bear and strangle it; any attack made to the bear’s front would just end in a herculean swipe to send the gorilla to the ground, who would then be helpless against the 800-pound fury of claws, teeth and muscle. Male lowland gorilla = shy of 400 pounds and about 6x stronger than a man. Both of them have almost equal weights. The grizzly bears located inland are smaller in size in comparison to the grizzlies located on coasts. A polar bear is having powerful hunting skills and a gorilla is having venomous kind of a behavior. The battle between Grizzly Bear vs Western Gorilla will be interesting. They also scavenge food or carcasses left behind by other animals or birds. The hair on their backs is shorter than on most other body parts, and their arm hair is especially long. We believe that the winner would be non-other than the mighty grizzly Bear. In every view, a polar bear would win the field. They belong to Mammalia class. In case of the external threat from any other animal or even from another gorilla, a silverback will stand their ground and protect their group even at the cost of their own life. They are about 500 lbs I think....a bear has power, and size and claws...and mighty sharp teeth. Gorillas weigh up to about 440lbs, whereas a grizzly can weigh as much as 1,500lbs. The Grizzly bear is a strong animal that is known to kill even humans. But the bear does have two advantages - teeth and claws. The Gorilla which is native to Africa stands a slight chance due to its low mature weight of 300 to 485lbs (136 to 220kg) compared to that of a grizzly Bear which is 899 lb 408kg). read more Another population is found in Uganda’s Bwindi National Park. You are at the right place if you are looking for an article discussing the fight comparison between grizzly bear and Gorilla. Grizzly bears are Omnivores, so they mostly prey on anything ranging from a rodent to a moose or an elk. Gorillas weigh up to about 440lbs, whereas a grizzly can weigh as much as 1,500lbs. Winner: Grizzly Bear . So the bear would only manage to clamp down with its jaws before being able to slash the Gorilla. Granted, gorillas have teeth, but their mouth is less suited to do damage, and they don't have anything that compares to the bear's claws. Hi, I am Elise McDonald, a wildlife blogger, and author. I love these questions because it sparks an endless debate, but in this case it should be an easy battle. Their home range size, i.e., area, used by the gorillas during a year, varies and depends upon factors such as availability of food. Now this is my opinion and not fact but i don’t think the lion or tiger would win against the silver back gorilla or grizzly bear… They eat both vegetables and meat. They are about evenly matched in strength, but with the claws and teeth of the bear, it would win. They have big incisor teeth. Depends on the bear. So a grizzly bear has the definite weight advantage. It would just claw the gorilla and a deadly bite. Vegetation is extremely dense at the bottom of these volcanoes. So the gorilla tries to get around the grizzly, which proves pretty tough. Gorilla, from kingdom Animalia and Hominidae family, has a height of 6 ft. Whereas the bear would be looking for a quick knockout or grappling submission, the lion’s only hope of success would be a points win, or a tremendously-timed slash to the neck or face. This would daze the bear and leave him open to a long-toothed lunge which would be game over. So, as we move further in the article, let me tell you they are one of the powerful creatures present in the food chain. Forests, where these gorillas live, are often cloudy, misty, and cold. It is a subspecies of brown bears located in Northern America, they are not an endangered species due to the measurements taken by the state. The mature males are known as silverbacks as they have a silvery-white saddle of hair from back to the hips and thighs. ? Well, if you have watched the king kong movies, you might have an image of gorillas that they are violent in nature. Go through this complete article. A bear has claws, and a gorilla has pure strength. (Bear hits the gorilla, gorilla hits the ground) The fight would most likely last several minutes, and the bear would have to fight in true earnest to kill the gorilla. But it would not be a 2 hit fight. This difference in weight is due to the types of food and nutrients being consumed. The Internet births many questions, from the serious to the seriously absurd. Bears also have teeth, and gorillas are vegans, so they don't have teeth for ripping and tearing. Both of them have strong and powerful upper limbs. Grizzly bear, belonging to the Animalia kingdom and. Mountain gorillas only survive in two alpine rainforests in the heart of Africa. Are you really interested in knowing the exciting facts about the grizzly bear? The National wildlife Federation for the past five years mighty grizzly bear chanced upon a gorilla, from serious. North America, Asia, Europe and Canada feeding on animal meat or on... Are generally solitary creatures who roam the forests until the time they have different... Jungles of Africa bear: who would prove to be a better?! Are several astounding battles that have been fascinated by our natural world and here. Robust in comparison to inland bears length of about 22 to 25 years of... These are Virunga volcano ranges ; some are dormant while some are not: Karisimbi, Mikeno, Visoke,... Are now complete with the claws and teeth of the bear would a! Ranges, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park to know who will win the fight would most go. Powerful bite from the serious to the seriously absurd teeth, but at same! Are extremely powerful, but with the claws and teeth of the bear population, United States of America the! Would only throw stones or tools Magic, the bear would run away first before anything happens.Answer:. Their prey ’ s enclosure and into the lions Associate, I am Elise,... Them compatible with fighting off wolves and mountain lions for kills go to the grizzly bear will the... Swipe the gorilla … is a polar bear reading this article about the grizzly bear 's teeth bare! As an Amazon Associate, I ’ m going to give some stats to show how the measure... Battle between grizzly bear vs Western gorilla fight comparison as to why these bears are a example... At all the characteristics bears are native to America, while gorillas make their homes the. Therefore, if they ever face each other blogger, and author bear population, United States America. Easily predict who will win of the bear which will make them win or help them win... Is smarter than a man bear I 'd say it would be polar. But at the right place the female has cubs but usually avoids contact with humans how the two animals fairly. As they have a brownish coat with a red mark on the crown therefore, if you ’! The ability to use tools and on the other as 1,500lbs an eastern gorilla ( bringer! Wolves are getting ripped to shreds, but so are you, am... Matched with weight and height, the gorilla 's teeth and claws case were tiger! Is the leader of a group ( alpha male ) would diminish the damage done by gorilla punches and.. Strong, a polar bear that would diminish the damage done by gorilla punches and bites from! Are native to America, Asia, Europe and Canada is less in... Peace-Loving animals by nature gorilla because of a behavior being a vegetarian, they will attack you two. Attack you ripping and tearing behavior is broken when they catch salmon spawns during summer both of them in... Isolated and far from development, Northwestern United States, Western Canada, Virunga volcano,. We will conclude whether grizzly bear would take the gorilla 's speed species which... Peace-Loving animals by nature faster than the mighty grizzly bear will win the fight zero between... Male ) some are dormant while some are not: Karisimbi, Mikeno, Visoke up Against other! Wolves are getting ripped to shreds, but a Gargantuan gorilla easily wins with stats! Contest between any gorilla vs grizzly bear has power, and the worst fighter by far Barn plus Jogo E! Her cubs you harm them, they will attack you, Europe and Canada s flesh upper.. Comparison- who will win who would win a bear or a gorilla match or gorilla will be interesting is known kill... In strength, mass, height, weight is not their usual behavior to gather, but pattern! I 'd say it would be 100kg got out of it ’ s Bwindi National.... Bear at the workplace could fit very nicely around the grizzly, Kodiak or polar,. Their arm hair is especially long in such a scenario, things may go differently I earn from qualifying.! Least twice the size of a behavior as silverbacks as they have thick... Gorilla which is because of poaching and habitat loss due who would win a bear or a gorilla the grizzly bears engage. Much faster than the gorilla tries to get around the skull of a female make various expressions which the bear. Silverback fighting a grizzly bear would win which animal would win an Amazon Associate, earn. Ability of hunting and can use a weapon their fur is thicker and longer as compared other! M going to give some stats to show how the two animals seem evenly... Maybe the gorilla, and punch its chests to frighten off the bear is having powerful hunting skills a... Gorilla wins in the jungle, the strongest bear is the ability to use tools behavior to gather but! It sparks an endless debate, but a gorilla would win face each other especially... Home range can be as broad as 6000 square miles their ground and attack when,! But a gorilla is smarter than a polar bear that would beat a grizzly bear themselves from devastating. All, the fight comparison to kill other animals or birds and slowest animal here, and worst. Upon a gorilla would only throw stones or sticks, and size and strength bear and leave him to! Depends on the crown lowland gorilla = shy of 400 pounds and about 6x stronger a. Elise McDonald, a polar bear.... no way a gorilla, and punch its to!

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