Luckily, the spindle can be updated easily, and there are tons of different options. Shapeoko upgrade (5) – Z-axis., Commercial option for Kress spindles:,, ShapeOko3 Mods (Foamx2, Laser, Drag knife) and tricks,,, Shapeoko #0735, mods evolution... (at least my version) ;-), Re: Metal Dual V wheel And Fishing line pulley Bearing,,,, Just Enlarged my Shapeoko with some UpGrades,,, A new Z-axis nut - metal on metal w/ built in anti-backlash, Grbl's limit that all axes must have the same acceleration, Possible New Z Axis Design for the ShapeOko (1),,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Thingiverse: Auto level tool for DeWALT 611 and Shapeoko,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Mist Coolant Spray System Lubrication Machine For 8mm Air Pipe CNC Lathe Mill Drill (Amazon),,, How to build a 4th axis with a collet holder, Sherline Mill CNC Rotary Table Model Workshop, CNCzone: Arduino Sherline Rotary Table controller, Thingiverse: Quarto asse per laser 40W cinese (Fourth axis for laser 40W chinese),,,,,,,,, Shapeoko 2 Kit Mechanical Kit with Nema 23,,,,,, those which increase stiffness / rigidity, those which are for user convenience / other, X carriage reinforced with, say, extrusion between the two plates, instead of relying only on the X wheel bolts, the two X rails 20-30mm apart and rigidly coupled together, e.g. The proximity switch upgrade kit comes with the components listed in the table below and shown in Fig. Note: The power supplies will run at 110V or 220V, but you must adjust a selector switch. Posted on July 18, 2016 July 18, 2016 by Frederico. I trust them to be telling the truth, they bought and assembled it but got sidetracked and never used it. Toggle Navigation; Shop; Library . Another disadvantage was the 3mm collet, it did not hold the drill bits very well. Sie verwendet eine 1,25-PS-Spindel und NEMA 23-Motoren für die Bewegungssteuerung. Wire relay to gShield. In addition to the above, it features EZ-Tram, a quick way to tram your router. Note that they are most useful for the X- and Z-axes: Re: Metal Dual V wheel And Fishing line pulley Bearing and Re: Hardcoat OpenRail. Note that these may need longer fasteners --- 15mm per [46]. I chose to go with the 800 W which is within 10% of the HP of the Dewalt router that I had been running on the Shapeoko for the 2 years. User cvoinescu made an initial codification of the effect of upgrades on stiffness / rigidity in the forum thread Custom Plates. It is also possible to convert your ShapeOko 2 into a 1000mm X-Carve. Es verwendet eine 1,25-PS-Spindel und NEMA 23-Motoren für die Bewegungssteuerung. The camera may also be used to monitor the machine and its cutting progress. : One straight-forward and inexpensive way to improve rigidity is to replace the nylon spacers. The Shapeoko is made in the US and comes with a 12 month warranty The electronics work on 110V or 220v ... *All 7W lasers will need to have the shroud upgrade selected. A larger plate is needed for the Z-Axis and is available from I.C. Sie ist die leistungsstärkste CNC-Maschine ihrer Klasse. Confirm settings of default TinyG settings. In order of effectiveness of the modifications (from most effective to least): 1. I've added the HDZ (z axis upgrade) and a 800W water cooled spindle on it. The Double Makerslide X-Axis upgrade is the primary way to address this. The 300 Watt Quiet Cut Spindle from Inventables works great with the Shapeoko desktop CNC. The importance of improving this cannot be understated as noted in forum discussion: Re: spindle power / feed rate. Please follow local standards in your country The machine runs fine with NEMA 17 motors, but if you decide to modify the basic design to longer extrusions or a larger more powerful spindle you may want to use NEMA 23 motors for the X and Y axes. Some people may be looking for the next step up from the gShield and Arduino combination. This will not only make it quieter but also will allow you to have a better controll on the spindle speed. Der Shapeoko arbeitet mit einer Reihe von Materialien, Holz, Kunststoff und Aluminium sind kein Problem. What shape am I cutting? We have already seen in a previous post how to upgrade your Shapeoko with the Quiet Cut Spindle when using a gShield. It is a great upgrade for many other DIY CNC router designs as well. Have a Shapeoko 3 CNC of your own? TRUEZ Z-Axis Upgrade Kit for Shapeoko Standard, XL and XXL in Markforged Onyx . Die leistungsstärkste CNC-Maschine ihrer Klasse. The old spindle was a cheap rotary tool (like a Dremel rotary) which was very inaccurate and loud . The Shapeoko is made in the US and comes with a 12 month warranty. I chose to go with the 800 W which is within 10% of the HP of the Dewalt router that I had been running on the Shapeoko for the 2 years. There are a few versions of the X-Carve, ranging from an upgrade kit to the Shapeoko 2 to a fully loaded kit with a square meter of machine space. Other than that, all three routers (and more) have been used successfully for all kinds of jobs on the Shapeoko. Shapeoko XL; Shapeoko XXL; Recent Upgrades: Shapeokos now ship with the HD eccentric nuts; Shapeokos now ship with steel-core belts ; Extrusions now machined to length in-house to be as square as possible; Shapeokos now include the Sweepy Dust Boot (69mm, DeWalt) Z-Plus upgrade; The Z-Plus includes: Stepper motor with integrated leadscrew; Custom made anti-backlash nut; Twin HG15-style … That being said, there are a few modifications that can be done to greatly improve the machine. This was on a Shapeoko 1 or 2, so I'm sure the SO3 can handle a larger spindle --- the concern is about wear and tear on the V-wheels due to the increased mass (that was one of the arguments against mounting the machine on end or side and adding a counter-balance to the spindle … For any combination of these properties, one thing remains constant: your bit must be sharp. Luckily, the spindle can be updated easily, and there are tons of different options. Brand New. * 4. Another option which needs to be fitted into the above is doubling up the motor mounting plates for the X/Z plate assembly and increasing the number of bolts used so as to create more rigid torsion box as the eShapeoko does (though its is also taller) --- this upgrade has since become standard in the ShapeOko 2. Item Description Qty A X-Axis Proximity Switch (2675mm for XXL, 2350mm for XL, and 610mm for Shapeoko 3) 1 B Y-Axis Proximity Switch (2540mm for XXL, 2220mm for XL, and 712mm for Shapeoko … The power cable included in this kit is designed for the United States National Plug Standard. Type directly $35.00. Check out our full line of upgrades here All of these upgrades were developed by us and are in daily use on our machine! I am currently thinking about the upgrade to a china spindle but i am a little bit unsure about which one to get. (use with earmuffs only !). Shapeoko upgrades can be categorized into four major categories: The eShapeOko (European / Extended) marketed by cvoinescu includes a number of upgrades by default as well as a number of options at order time. Originally, I was going to start using my Shapeoko again for other projects after having completed the last batch of upgrades. --- DIY Rotary Table Controller. outlet via power cord (shown on right) green is earth (ground), white is This project's Bill of Materials is not complete. Have a Shapeoko 3 CNC of your own? Emergency Stop buttons are used to stop all motion in an emergency, for example if a finger, hair, jewelry, etc becomes entangled in the machine. There are several options. What is my machine capable of? Who we are; Blog; Contact us; Products. Type S2000 for a slow speed or S8000 for the maximum speed of the spindle. We do not offer a 7W without a shroud. Buy It Now. I recently upgraded my Shapeoko 2 CNC to the new X-Carve using the upgrade kit sold by Inventables. Lawrence owns both a Shapeoko 3 and a Nomad Pro. by Lawrence in San Jose, CA. BRM Combined Filter. 6 posts • Page 1 of 1. ajacocks Posts: 35 Joined: Mon Feb 10, 2014 7:14 pm. Mir ist nicht ganz klar, was ich dazu alles benötige. Dual Y drive (either Drive Shaft or Dual Motor) 2. there's no intrinsic reason to upgrade from NEMA17 motors. Caleb Peters 3,104 views. Watch; Dust Vacuum Hose Boom for X-carve / Shapeoko ... CNC Machine Parts Aluminum Alloy Shapeoko or Other DW660 Router Spindle Mount. See Spindle Overview for more detailed discussion. Discussion:, [16], KREG PRS3100 Multi-Purpose Router Table Switch [17], c.f., Feed hold: Materials have a lot of properties that matter both for your design and cutting (hardness, density, size) as well as just for cutting (how does it chip? That my friends is the TinyG. Shapeoko 3 CNC Laser Upgrade. [3], Andrew Spurgeon's spindles and mods: (pdf)[4]. Each Shapeoko XXL has a cutting area of 838mm x 838mm x 75mm (33" x 33" x 3") and an overall footprint of 1137mm x 1023.62mm (44.8" x 40.3") It uses a 1.25hp spindle and NEMA 23 stepper motors for motion control with an accuracy of about 0.005". Let’s quickly go through each of these and what they mean. What material am I cutting? in the command line to turn the spindle on and off M03 (on) and M05 The 300 Watt Quiet Cut Spindle from Inventables works great with the Shapeoko desktop CNC. When the gShield is hooked up correctly th, Learn about Milling: The "Inside Corner" Problem, Shapeoko Upgrade - Quiet Cut Spindle with gShield and Relay, Shapeoko Upgrade - Quiet Cut Spindle with TinyG. shapeoko laser attachment Getting started with an Endurance 10 watt laser and Shapeoko XXL 3 CNC machine. Skip to content. Not at all difficult, but definitely time consuming. It has the $20 Dremel style spindle which I'll take but probably upgrade pretty quickly. Posted on July 18, 2016 July 18, 2016 by Frederico. Let's dive into the problem with inside corners and illustrate strategies to fix it. Yet another option is to add additional sets of wheels mounted to a secondary carriage as done on Marty's Shapeoko2 Deluxe. From € 235,00 excl. Combine that with having more choices of bits than materials, and choosing the right bit can be quite a difficult task. Upgraded Z-Axis for enhanced performance. Add three pins to gShield used to connect to the relay circuit. 48VDC wires on left go to speed controller. I am doing a lot of wood (hardwood) at the moment and it would be great if anybody had some information if the 1.5 kw spindle can handle this. The Quiet Cut Spindle has several features that make it perfect for this application. I’m not opposed to a super PID - but they are $150 + parts and shipping, a whole new spindle is $300 but I can sell the old router and get the benefits of an er20 collet 1 … 30 watchers. All three work well on Shapeoko. The Shapeoko uses our Carbide Compact Router or you can provide your own DeWalt DWP-611 or Makita RT0701C as a spindle.

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