I can only falter the sizing and delivery as the size guide for each product is not very accurate and each product appears to be different. 21.610 consumenten hebben SHEIN al beoordeeld. Shop SHEIN | T-Shirts | Asymmetric | Ring detail. A few years ago, I stumbled upon the site SHEIN. It takes no sweat … SHEIN has lots of cute dresses and I am not giving up on ordering them, this one just happened not to work. Personally, I've ordered from them and my friends have too and haven't had anything happen. Although I bought this one last year, it’s still available here. Just expect things to be small and order accordingly. | SHEIN. Discover affordable and fashionable women's clothing online at SHEIN. There’s so much to love on their site. Uncover the latest trends in men's fashion and styles with SHEIN. If you are a fashionista, you have stumbled upon or heard about Shein.com (formerly known as Sheinside). Supposedly shipped May 10,2020 today is now May 24,2020 and I still haven't received my package from California. Plus, I can mix and match the pieces, meaning I can get at least THREE outfits for around $13. I think I love short overalls and rompers because they’re so easy to throw on and basically a complete outfit! Useful. Shein Plus Size Haul | Plus Size Try on Haul - Duration: 12:49. A: Personally- EVERYTHING. Gemakkelijk retourneren√ Iedere dag >600 nieuwe items√ Gratis Verzending vanaf 39€√ Van schoenen tot kleding, van sportuitrusting tot accessoires, Mode-inspiratie & de laatste trends vindt u online bij SHEIN. 11 min read. In fact, I try to avoid their site because they have new arrivals everyday and it’s dangerous for my back account. Size and Color Chart | SHEIN USA. “SheIn was first founded by me, but later Xu Yangtian kicked me and another founder Wang Xiaohu out,” Li Peng said to LatePost. {{ lang_footer_customer }} {{ SHEIN_PC_KEY_4097 }} NEW IN #SHEINathome The material and finish was very cheap. | Gingham Cami Dress | Floral Overall Dress | Stripe Maxi Tee Dress | Bow Back Dress |, Current Wishlist & Recent Buys:  Shein is an online fast fashion retailer based in China that started in 2008 and is known for its super-cheap clothes focusing on women. FedEx says they don't have it. Find the best companies in Footwear and Clothing category: Shein and Zaful, Shein vs Romwe, Zaful vs Romwe Overall, our experience with Shein.com was legit and seemed to be a reliable website for us, but there are many negative Shein reviews and complaints saying some clothing is cheaper material, smaller sizes, and returns can take awhile. I sent 3 emails, but no reply. click to shop. Some Reddit users recount having pieces from SheIn that last years, while others say clothes fall apart after a wash or two. Shein clothing typically runs small so be aware of your measurement so you can size up (or down) as needed. | Lees 21-40 reviews van in totaal 20.630 Bekijk hun ervaringen en deel die van jou! #OhYesPlz! Girls can still be EDGY! A community to help you stay stylish without wearing out your wallet! 20.630 consumenten hebben SHEIN al beoordeeld. Legit store but quality and fit is pretty sub par in my experience. I always pay for the fastest shipping, it’s typically $12 and worth every penny. FedEx says they don't have it. I’m a sucker for a cute two piece set, I think they are SO cute. This girl on youtube did a haul/review of their items and it turned out better than I expected. You might also like. Get Now. There are 197 customers that Shein, rating them as bad. If I remember correctly I found that the site was actually a Chinese corporation (Who own thousands of sites like these) and unfortunately the quality will be, imo, not even worth buying. After reading multiple SHEIN reviews I decided to test it myself. FAQs: Through my experience with SHEIN I learned the following: Pay Attention to Size: In my personal experience the size of the item I bought was not suitable, so the first piece of advice is to check Shein’s size chart for each item and measure yourself to make sure you size that suits you. The clothes are usually poor quality, look nothing like the photos and horribly off in sizing. It does not make sense to me that it is so cheap. A large chunk of my wardrobe is from them. SHINE, but without the nasty stuff added recently, and it's open source! I ordered a dress that ended up being more of a tunic (things run small), but I still wear it! Sadly, these cuties are sold out but I wanted to share so you could see how their shorts look. Yes in public. Shop SHEIN | Bras | Floral | Push-up Bras. so hard for me to learn that lesson! You can also view their size chart: here. Shein’s sizing seems so hard to get right! From what started as a small group of passionate fashion loving individuals in North Brunswick, New Jersey in 2008, to a multinational team, SHEIN has grown immensely to what it is today. at that point, it's cheaper to just spend a bit more money on a higher quality brand (and even when some stuff was 'worth' it because it looks good, I don't feel really happy owning it because it's such poor quality). Tips, tricks and sizing guides to ensure your order is perfect! For example I wear mediums and sometimes larges in US sizing but a large or extra-large in SHEIN clothes. | My Favorite Pair | Polka Dot | Floral Romper | Gingham |. Our edgy clothing comes in a variety of colors and features neons, mesh and more! Size and Color Chart | SHEIN USA. Hopefully it is, I watched one haul and the girl was very pleased so that's all the assurance I needed lol. These items look CUTE, but I’ve bought from Wish and Ali Express, so I’ve been skeptical. XO, style, Uncategorized featured, haul, ighaul, shein, shopping, shoppingguide, springstyle, tryon, tryonhaul, Hi there, am having a problem with ordering the correct size of jumpsuit at Shein. If you’ve followed for a while, you probably know that I LOVE WEARING PAJAMAS as real life clothes. I feel like with cheaper clothes, bigger always looks a little better. Measure your hips, waist, bust and write it down on a piece of paper near your computer. The quality is a hit or miss and some of them don't relaly look like the online pics. Don’t go shopping on here if you need an item the But all in all Shein has a lot of variety and pretty decent quality stuff. SheIn.com says that customers who are not "100% satisfied" with their purchase can return or exchange their purchases as long as items are physically returned within 30 days of the delivery date. Login ... “ I purchased an item in September and returned it for a refund as it was not the right size. I'm a women's medium in most clothes and I order large and XL in almost everything from SheIn because the sizes are so much smaller than Western sizing, so keep that in mind. 20% Off Your Order of $49 Or More. I agree with the last poster that you'll find fake reviews here and there but I only order items that have reviews from (seemingly?) The lingerie is non-returnable so it was literally money thrown away. Facebook Twitter Reddit Pinterest Email. Useful. The more you see of the item on other people, the better idea of fit and sizing you have. For real though, if I had to pick I’d say the two piece sets. It can take a while. There are a few things to know before placing an order: You will save yourself a lot of trouble. Apparently, the clothes don't always look exactly like the pictures, either. It should be known that because items are made and shipped from overseas they tend to be low cost and the shipping times can sometimes be slow. Bikinis Shein Curvy 2020 swimwear plus size summer . New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the FrugalFemaleFashion community, Continue browsing in r/FrugalFemaleFashion. Even with the expedited shipping it usually takes orders 7-10 days to arrive. Always looking at the glass half full, even if it is a glass of Sauvignon Blanc. A: Yes! But please: measure yourself first. It’s not as easy as ordering from Nordstrom or Asos, but for the price it’s definitely worth the few tricks you need to know! My experience is beautiful keeping pace with what I caught wind of Shein before I purchased. I also love SHEIN’s overalls because I know I won’t wear them for years to come but you can’t beat the price. Just because an article is listed in standard XS-XL does not mean you should get your regular size. They’re super comfy and I love dressing them up or down. But sizes CHANGE according to model, so look at the measurements of every size, measure yourself and do your calculus.

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