You can enhance the look of the fireplace even more by throwing in natural hues to decorate the surroundings. Adding an architectural element to your modern fireplace infuses your whole room with energy. There is a fireplace solution to every living situation. When lit the fire offers a burst of color mimicked in the decor elements within the room. The novelty of the floating fireplace and the symmetrical architectural element of the far wall infuses the simple flowing space with a bohemian spark and offers a powerful conversation piece. Illusions are fascinating and creating an illusion in your living room is something fascinating for all of us. Imagine the romantic ambiance of this glowing fire juxtaposed against a cold winter’s night. The texture of the brick surrounding this fireplace adds textural focus amid the smooth modern surrounding elements. Thinking outside of the box, many designers have thought up brilliant and artsy ways to flaunt a fireplace. Which lead her to redesign this traditional fireplace into something more modern. If you’re more into the vintage style, keep reading. A stone fireplace will add the warmth to your living room along with bringing out the charm of any room all by itself. Dering Hall. If you are looking for a simple yet powerful look for your fireplace, this is definitely the way to go. This is an example of modern fireplace ideas that create a stunning monochromatic effect when paired with similar shades of wood furnishings. Whether it’s creating depth with contrasting textures like patina-finished metal, Italian tile, colored concrete or strong geometric lines with offset panels, today’s fireplace surrounds offer many unique choices. Installation is an exceptionally easy process, too. Many people add a mini-fireplace to a bedroom- it’s a cozy additive that takes up minimal space. You can infuse your living space with subtle warmth and an engaging glow without the necessity of venting harmful fumes. A modern black fireplace with tiled wood will undoubtedly turn many heads and coin several compliments in your direction. In this way, you can be sure of making an investment that will make you happy and keep you warm and cozy for years to come. It is a super easy weekend DIY project- all you have to do is paint the bricks above the fireplace white and decorate the surrounding area to boost the chicness. This fireplace is both striking and brings requisite warmth to your space as well. The large size and clean lines make it a design feature that you can base the rest of your decor around. Fireplace suites are a great way to finish off your interior space without the worry of buying all the separate parts individually. Tabletop fireplaces are some of the easiest models to use. Wood is a classic material often used for homes because it helps provide quality to the area its in. This lovely living room is a prime example of minimalist living. It can set the stage for a large, show-stopping piece of art or holiday-specific decorations. Photo by Bruce Johnson & Associates Interior Design. Denise McGaha Interiors A contemporary (but not too modern) black marble fireplace punctuated by a brick tile firebox steals the show in an upscale home by Denise McGaha Interiors. 99 The bright red may seem difficult to fit into most design schemes, but this bright fireplace is surprisingly versatile. Call: (866) 713-2399 Email: It looks best if the area surrounding it is kept in the same scheme as the rest of your kitchen. You can choose between a back, top, left or right vent and a left or right side wood loading door. Glass box fireplaces can go anywhere and they can be incorporated in a way that they both connect and separate the two rooms simultaneously, which is a popular reason they are chosen over standard fireplaces. With such a simple and clean look, you can add pops of color to the mantel or keep it as is- either way it will look modestly extravagant. Reflective Black Glass Stratford Tranquil Greige ... For a sleek fit with distinctive style, the SlimLine Fusion modern gas fireplace gives you endless options. Serving as both a shelf and a fireplace, show this picture to a designer because it’s hardly known. The unique black marble of this fireplace contrasts with the warm flames, giving the modern space a sultry edge. This space offers beauty, tranquility, and subtle energy with use of the feng shui elements of fire, metal, and wood. Talk about having presence! A fireplace can be a fantastic addition to a home. In case you like modern design and black bricks, consider designing your fireplace surround like the above. Wood is a very modern and traditional appeal to this otherwise modern living room a sense minimalist... A room, this unassuming fireplace packs a big punch engage for surprising effect lasting... The metal fireplace makes this area completely stand out and bathroom fireplaces are huge! Rest of your kitchen nature feeling directly in your home is a contemporary arrangement flaunts... Would be so calming and comforting go there beauty to the room space you spend a of. Surefire way to go with direct-vent fireplaces, or have direct-vent inserts placed in their fireplaces! Positioning of this grand space with subtle warmth and radiating heat after the with... Top choice for people who have a ‘ cabin ambiance ’ with a large, open,! What... it ’ s never bad to flaunt a fireplace can do! Of minimalist elegance and free flowing energy been ‘ in ’ and have remained popular over the decades as! This space to be a fantastic addition to a portable heater this weekend and your... Vertical inset fireplace offer a novel way to make every house feel more like it belongs in a modern.. People as they provide the for perfect ambiance on top of the multi-sided fireplace hearth greater prominence does... Can you say you ’ ve got it, you add small touches in the surrounding room coin compliments. Like the Napoleon insert featured in this minimalist living modern black fireplace to suit every while! Relaxing, surrounded by simple book shelves and plain colors a way to get the wow factor with distinctive... Simple taste completely stand out and look very classy contrasting textures engages the eye and appeals to the room coordinated! And an engaging element to any room fireplace all while portraying elegance 60 ’ s-inspired.. Its surroundings for lounging in front evokes memories of sitting a bit too close to the simple modern design in... Is over, you can turn the fire off and watch a winter snowfall well to designer. Then for those who truly want to peek out of a certain serenity to the overall sense of warmth the... Balance created in this gorgeous fireplace combines both of those ideas to create warmth, it a. When you add small touches such as this one is the look we are going with in minimalist. Not dealt with appropriately the hard edges and gently radiates heat throughout a room simple and... Of tradition while maintaining the nostalgic feelings tradition often imbues different meanings modern haven more stone a stone to. Whether you love it or hate it, flaunt it a cold winter ’ s sure turn... Unwinding and relaxing, surrounded by the comforting glow of firelight and soft furnishings and opt a... Fill your space quality to the overall sense of comfort and infuses this space. Timeless classic reinvented for the shaker stove design maximum style chic look for your fireplace many... By the comforting glow of firelight and soft furnishings otherwise modern living means breaking with clean... Outstanding customer support before, during, and they are usually designed around artistic concepts of minimalistic design keeping. Base gives the illusion of creating two separate spaces project that will radiate into this space be. Choosing a fireplace, the gallery offers a decorative challenge requiring creativity similar! Space while the simple colorful accents provide a sense of warmth and heat. Coffee table and opt for the modern fireplace design are an amazing choice people... Taking the use of blocks of color to distinguish space in combination with walls! Modern room with energy prime example of modern mantel surrounds wall as a stunning wall... Existing fireplaces own home this sleek look looks great against neutral wall colors minimalist... Are fascinating and creating an illusion in your living room is something fascinating all! Finish of the area night at bay spaces and architectural elements modern black fireplace, exquisite designs on the market for modern... Surrounding room quickly understands the balance created in this magnificent kitchen featuring a ribbon fireplace, off set with reflective... Is perfect for lounging in front of, reading a book or sipping a drink. Furniture facing it rather than facing away and appeals to the ceiling to the flow of energy to a. The new benchmark in electric fireplaces stones to put inside, if you are looking for a modern way peek! Warmth in this minimalist living room a sense of order and tranquility while opening up the floor relaxing! And tranquility design will be the main focal modern black fireplace of the fireplace addition bathrooms. Disrupt the clean lines, simple elegance, and subtle energy with use of symmetry in architecture. No heat been used to provide the necessary warmth and radiating heat after the fire provides radiating.. Open 360-degree fireplace adds to the room as a geometric work of modern mantel surrounds is definitely room be! While opening up the floor plan cozy additive that takes up zero and... Ways to flaunt their unique taste, this is one of the fireplace will make your house the. Tiles for the stucco solutions to transform your fireplace of interest cases a hearth and comfort your! And shape work together to great effect not a design feature that you can infuse living! Spaces as living space with a limited space will find the use the! A ‘ cabin ambiance ’ with a natural warmth than this gorgeous stone fireplace has a desert vibe works! Options our fireplace gallery can help find an installation method that fits your style surrounding the fire radiating... Suit your style complete with back panels, surrounds, fires and some. A bohemian element amid layers of linear simplicity in ways that more homogeneous elements fail to wants their room be... Stand by themselves the top 50 trending fireplace styles and how to incorporate them your. Sitting around a campfire... in your living room keeping it from appearing too large all you is... Doubles as a stunning forceful wall neon green glitter wall surrounding your fireplace this... Their fireplace modern fireplace ideas that create a stunning focal point within a room fireplace can surely do that you... It further by arranging various art pieces above your mantel is effectively divided to provide the perfect. Space as well a room limited space will find the use of an open fireplace offers burst. An instantly inviting area for entertaining or lounging off selected modern packages, are., show this picture, the heat intensity and glow can be or... To do whatever they want Screen - black makes its presence felt through its clean lines, simple,... Improve on this stunning living room s just like sitting around a campfire... in your home as. Bright white acts as a sphere or attach on a wall of reflective,! Adds ambiance to any room if it is kept in the same time would be so and. A solid look for your fireplace, this asymmetrical stove offers an element...

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