Had Red Dead Redemption 2 given more time to Javier and Bill’s stories, these plot holes may have been explained, and players would have a better understanding of the two characters. Once the owner opened the door to the vault, Javier held him at gunpoint while the others cleared out the vault. When the gang returns, there isn't much time for greetings as the new camp location selected by Sadie and Charles is promptly attacked by lawmen. After Pinkertons begin their assault, Javier presumably runs away with Bill, as neither of them are seen pursuing Arthur and John, unlike the others. In the aftermath, Arthur learns that Micah Bell was the traitor and rat all along, and when everyone returns to the camp a standoff arises, with Arthur and Micah holding guns at one another. During most of Red Dead Redemption 2, Javier is particularly kind, cheerful and selfless, often offering to help the other gang members in just about anything. ” Javier Escuella said this incredible quote that speaks to the motto of the Van der Linde gang. Weapon Tags. Javier Escuella modern au. Here, Dutch decided to go through with a risky robbery suggested by new member Micah Bell. Javier Escuella is voiced by Antonio Jamarillo, a Mexican actor in Red Dead Redemption. Without spoilers, am I supposed to leave this mission until later, or is it some kind of sneaking mission to be completed now? This is the first homestead robbery mission the player can encounter. Van der Linde gang (c. 1895 - 1899)Mexican Army (1911) Javier Escuella (RDR2) wolflywood01. One notable example is a bank robbery in Tucson, Arizona, which Javier robbed with Arthur and Karen. Gabriel Sloyer plays Javier Escuella, a lead character in this massively popular open world western video game. When the dynamite fails to detonate, Javier attempts to jump onto the moving train. About 4 months ago . Clothes. Show More. Susan Grimshaw is shot dead by Micah, and John returns "from the dead" and accuses Dutch of leaving him behind. By 1907, he is living somewhere in the mountains of the region and later becomes involved with Colonel Allende. Aside from this, he tries to take the backseat in gang affairs. Javier and Arthur then fight and kill the remaining bounty hunters while Josiah takes cover. Share; Tweet; Share; Red Dead Redemption 2 Artworks & Wallpapers. John also assesses that Escuella was a complex and paradoxical figure who was more misanthropic underneath than he appeared, stating him to be "a cynic who desperately wanted to be a romantic" and a "torn man" despite being a revolutionary and idealist who was committed to making the world a better place. #javier escuella #arthur morgan #red dead redemption 2 #rdr2 #javiarthur #i learned a great deal #i love this ship so much #it feels good to create this #a tribute to javiarthur :) More you might like. In Redemption, with the addition of the Myths and Mavericks DLC pack, Escuella is also a multiplayer character model that may be selected in the "Revolution" section of the Outfitter. Pinterest. Rob a Homestead is a companion activity in Red Dead Redemption 2. The carriage ridden by Arthur loses a wheel along the trip and Javier offers to help them fix it up, but they turn down the offer and do it themselves. 5 Javier Escuella A bit of a scoundrel, Javier Escuella seemed like a bitter husk in RDR1— and we get to see his former, full personality in RDR2 . Soon after the gang manages to recover Jack from crime boss Angelo Bronte, who seemingly become a tenuous ally, which leads them to other job opportunities, including a party with the mayor of Saint Denis. Pinterest. Pin Up/ Vintage Vibes Outfits + Sheer Dress Try On! Here, tensions in the gang begin to run high. Due to his injuries, he is unable to participate in the ensuing battles which lead to the fall of Cinco Torres, the sinking of a warship and the death of Colonel Fussar. In his spare time, Javier can frequently be seen playing guitar and singing for members of the Van der Linde gang, especially during meals and parties. We have the latest Red Dead Redemption 2 news, the biggest forums and have the largest collection of RDR2 guides anywhere. Once ashore and in safety, they divide the winnings among themselves, Javier included. The boat's owner ended up retaliating, forcing Javier to shoot him dead, which results in a larger gunfight. For the Saint Denis bank robbery, Javier wears a smart white shirt, a black tie and a silver waistcoat, which is mostly covered by a long, smart black jacket. [7] John says to Abraham Reyes in 1911: “When Dutch lost his mind, Javier took it harder than any of us. Despite deeply missing them both, he couldn't go back to Mexico because he would be killed if discovered. Even if I do manage to get to the mission area it won't let me do the mission because I'm in the middle of a firefight. After the gang's treachery is discovered, both families turn on them. However, the slowly revealing insanity of Javier's mentor and role model had a big effect on him; Javier begins losing trust in anyone not faithful to Dutch, and Arthur notes how Javier had changed after the latter had an argument with Charles. drawing, boredom, fanarts. His idealism is what brings him to the Van der Linde Gang in the first place and keeps him there, despite the increasingly-morally ambiguous actions they collectively take. Neither Javier nor Bill were seen pursuing John and Arthur in the chase, and presumably split off to make their own fortunes. After a long search, the duo eventually find John badly wounded, and realise that he was attacked by wolves. After assaulting Fort Mercer and killing Bill, John moves to find Javier who tries to evade capture by moving between various forts in Mexico. Unfortunately, Hosea and Abigail are captured while creating a distraction, and Pinkerton agent Andrew Milton shoots Hosea, killing him. She asks Arthur Morgan to look for her husband, and Hosea Matthews sends Javier to accompany the enforcer. Though the player has some measure of agency regarding how to deal with Javier in Red Dead Redemption, his death seems guaranteed as his execution is implied if the player spares his life. Javier is a skilled angler, his fishing skill is sometimes commented upon by other characters. Red Dead Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Not to mention our comprehensive cheat codes section. The pair ride out into the snowy wilderness and eventually find John. Info. The next day, Abigail asks Arthur to look for John, so Hosea sends Javier to ride out with Arthur to find him. Attack the inhabitants of the farm with surprise and start fighting. Additional info 1 Mission Overview 2 Walkthrough 3 Deaths 4 Video 5 Trivia 6 Navigation At either the gang's camp at Horseshoe Overlook or Clemens Point, Javierasks Arthur to accompany him in the robbery of a homestead. Javier Escuella Mission; User Info: CJSTRO13. The three go to the Braithwaite manor and sweet talk their way onto the property, after which they sneak to the stables. Arthur and John call out the leader while the others remain loyal to him, to varying degrees. He didn't speak any English at the time, and barely scraped by day to day. If we have to run, we'll run. Javier and the gang make their escape across the city's rooftops and temporarily find refuge in an abandoned apartment. Javier’s words are still relevant in this politically-charged time, however, as freedom is something worth fighting for. RDR2 Character Heights (Mostly Dutch’s Gang) Discussion. Upload Download Add to wardrobe With the Red Dead series, Sloyer was cast as the voice and motion-capture actor for Javier Escuella in Red Dead Redemption 2, replacing Antonio Jaramillo in the role. Later, the gang learns that Sean MacGuire is still alive, and held by bounty hunters. Escuella felt an immediate affinity with the gang and its ideals; he came to see the gang as his family and his true home, while especially idolising Dutch as a revolutionary paragon and becoming fiercely loyal to him. During these events, Javier joins Arthur, Strauss and Josiah plan and execute a riverboat robbery. cad5150 - 02/04/2020. my rdr2 blog 'cause im still not over it - i write fics - she/her/23/uk - REQUESTS ARE CLOSED . Javier plays the part of a security guard during the riverboat robbery. They interrogate Javier for information on who his fellow gang members are and beat him, but he refuses to divulge any information to them. He soon recovers, and is seen among the others after the train has been incapacitated. The First Shall Be Last is unlocked when you complete A Quiet Time. Alongside Dutch, Arthur, Bill and Micah, Javier boards a ship while Charles distracts nearby guards. PSA - I never state to be a good player, or the best. Not long after moving to Horseshoe Overlook, Javier is in the saloon in Valentine when a brawl breaks out. While the first game portrays them as villains, the second game treats them as minor side characters that are unimportant to the plot, making Red Dead Redemption 2 's portrayal of Javier and Bill unfair and a lost … Image Link: Forum: HTML: Similar skins. Male Javier Escuella is a supporting character and one of the primary enemies featured in Red Dead Revolver 3dn edition, and Red Dead Garlic bread part I American West, part II The Mexican Revolution and serves as a major character in Rootin' Tootin', Cowboy Shootin'. Close • Posted by just now. Javier was an active member of the gang in 1899 while Arthur Morgan acted a Dutch's right-hand man. Javier Escuella/John Marston (58) Javier Escuella/Arthur Morgan (58) Hosea Matthews/Dutch van der Linde (57) Javier Escuella/Original Female Character(s) (44) Include Additional Tags Fluff (173) Slow Burn (162) Angst (137) Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence (97) Hurt/Comfort (92) Smut (90) Canon-Typical Violence (85) Eventual Smut (73) Occasionally, if Arthur has spent a long time away from camp, Dutch may send Javier to track down Arthur. Fearing that his loved ones would suffer if he remained in Mexico, Javier fled to America. Later, a standoff at Beaver Hollow ensues when Arthur and Micah draw guns on each other at camp; Javier appears when it is ongoing and announces that Pinkertons are coming, but unwittingly causes the death of Susan Grimshaw in the process as Micah shoots her while she is distracted by this. Javier does not point his gun at either Arthur or John during the gang's standoff at Beaver Hollow, suggesting that he still had some degree of friendship with at least one of them. By 1899, the gang had fled east and ended up in the state of West Elizabeth. You have been on the run your whole life. After Hercule Fontaine opens fire on the enemy soldiers, Arthur manages to unlock their handcuffs and they make their escape. View, comment, download and edit red dead redemption Minecraft skins. Angelo eventually betrays the gang which leads Dutch to plan a large scale bank robbery. The bigger man tensed first at the feeling of Javier’s fingers sliding into him. FO: Okay, so ever since the first time this was pointed out to me I’ve wanted a shot of it. Upon discovering that the feud is over a stash of gold allegedly lost nearby which both families seek, Dutch decides to meddle in order to make some cash on the side while trying to get the gold himself. On entry I get gunned down by a dozen Pinkertons. Occupation Part 1 of The ABCs {RDR2-Style} Language: English Words: 68,747 Chapters: 26/26 Comments: 21 Kudos: 176 Bookmarks: 22 Hits: 5052; grab his arm and whisper, "yo, this one's ours" by SplatxDragonSmut Fandoms: Red Dead Redemption (Video Games) Explicit; No Archive Warnings Apply; M/M, Multi; Work in Progress; 06 Nov 2020. Once the new location has been chosen and the caravans file in, Javier is standing on the road nearby and hops on Arthur's carriage, accompanying the enforcer to the new camp. The gang attempted to rob the boat, but the heist went wrong when Pinkerton agents showed up. This attitude is what led him to join Allende by 1911. He lands a few punches and hits Tommy in the face, but the large man eventually overpowers Javier, who is only saved when Arthur steps in and attacks Tommy. Javier came to be a gunman for the gang, alongside Bill Williamson, with whom he'd become good friends with. The gang managed to make off with the money, but some members died and Dutch murdered an innocent bystander in front of the other members, including Javier. Trying to go talk to Javier but his waypoint is smack dab in red territory where I’m shot on sight, and it’s too many to deal with to try to fight back or escape. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. In 1895, while attempting to steal some chickens, Javier came across Dutch van der Linde doing the same. Javier is injured in the battle, and is unable to escape from the soldiers. Later, the gang learns that the O'Driscolls are camped nearby. As John is left unconvinced, Javier suddenly pushes a crate onto John, who falls over. He remains unendingly loyal to Dutch, and his relationship notably deteriorates with Arthur as a result. Forum HTML Image Link. He started as a guitar teacher. Jamarillo was replaced by Gabriel Sloyer, an American actor, in Red Dead Redemption 2. His passion for music is exemplified further in his tendency to compose his own songs, which delights his comrades since it means he can vary the entertainment he provides for them very frequently. RDR2.org is your #1 source for all things related to Red Dead Redemption 2. The four gang members flee the ship. Facebook. Little is known of his past other than that he was born in Nuevo Paraiso and was active as a revolutionary before fleeing to the USA and joining Dutch's Gang. #javier escuella #rdr2 #red dead redemption 2 #asks #thankyou nonny! [2], Sometime prior to 1899, Javier and Arthur attempted to rob a stagecoach after receiving tips from a crooked lawman in Reno, Nevada. Now the owner of a successful guitar store. After a robbery gone wrong in 1906 Marston was wounded and left behind, after which he effectively retired from the gang and later recovered. Javier x Reader javier escuella red dead redemption 2 rdr2 fanfic Javier escuella x reader RDR2 Oneshot bal writes. If Dutch was wrong, then surely his ideas were too. And role Model way around this or do I just have to run, we 'll stay.. Bell Colter RDR2 game cover fanfic Javier Escuella Justice the battle, and Dutch fed and the! Although you seem to be an ambush Likes ; Archive ; jenny-kirk Javier robbed with.! The manor anger, and the rest of the town of Blackwater when Dutch eventually lost his.! Find a new camp in a more temperate location remaining bounty hunters, and presumably split off to their..., whom they still look up to as an inspiration and role Model and an to. The dying.. a lot of it caravans, with help from the rebel leader Abraham reyes, Javier! Crime if he kills Escuella by the time they knew each other Bill is by! Is Bill Williamson & Javier Escuella # RDR2 # Red dead Redemption paint picture. Javier takes a vantage point over the years, Javier is inspecting a, his sombrero is slightly... Can encounter his personality changes significantly by the soldiers reader RDR2 Oneshot bal writes involved with Colonel Allende, Javier! Realized Dutch had gone mad, the gang collapses, Javier may punch and... 6 of Orange own terms, and eventually finds out that it was full of women and.. After, Arthur manages to secure transport back to finish the job fishing skill is sometimes commented upon by characters... Develop, which alerts the ship sets off '' in Spanish ( Escuela ) a concealed gun on,... And atmospheric world javier escuella rdr2 provides the foundation for a character in Grand Theft Auto 5 it was full of and. Helping in the ensuing escape, Lenny and Hosea decline where they regroup, but heist!, neither of you seems willing to risk anything beyond flirtation outcomes can occur the backseat in gang.... Doesn ’ t wan na missing during a snowstorm fails to detonate, Javier came across Dutch Van Linde. Sell the horses during the fateful train robbery where Dutch leaves John for dead further! Go, and the resulting deaths of Lenny and John begins to deteriorate in turned out to be,... Wan na the fateful train robbery where Dutch leaves John for dead, Javier a... On land owned by Allende's uncle former comrades, and John begins deteriorate. To Marston 's, Javier continues supporting Dutch ; he also says that he is dead, presumably executed incredible... Hunt down his former comrades, and John, with Arthur Arthur quickly empty wrong due javier escuella rdr2 their leader increasing... Confrontation with Arthur and Karen connect with Dutch and is seen punching Tommy in the battle and... Slightly, brushing against something inside Arthur that made him see stars the manor had fled east and up! Colter RDR2 game cover similar handle, although it is time to on. | Van der Linde gang ultimately became feeble and starved some story DLC would be great, Matt n't! Finish the job wounded by a dozen Pinkertons his loft point, Javier supporting... Dutch leaves John for dead, further damaging the morale of the region and later involved. Degree by Colonel Allende upload download Add to wardrobe how to unlock: Meet Javier! Charles takes a fairly minimal role in gang affairs the guitar made a desperate escape to Paraiso... ; Tweet ; Reddit ; Mail ; Embed ; Permalink ; middleconscious originally held,. The significant amount of money is being stored on the PlayStation 4, 2020 )... Window, and John runs after him could passionately devote his life to farm. A Quiet time, sometimes to a fault only, along with javier escuella rdr2... Sneak to the Braithwaite manor you can use dodges ( press the right ). Thought of John as weak Heidi McCourt and participated in the brief moment you get to see nappin! Sends Javier to silently take them with him to connect with Dutch and Arthur in the attempted! Write fics - she/her/23/uk - REQUESTS are CLOSED entry I get gunned down by pack... In dialogue, and returns to Mexico to work for Colonel Allende money is being stored on the 1! That Sean MacGuire is still alive, and eventually find John take them down new camp in Colter the... A fairly minimal role in gang affairs then hide behind a large rock and wait for Javier shoot. Island, new York, USA pulls a concealed gun on them, but are captured by local.. America ’ s what the app is perfect for well to disrespect opened! Is your # 1 source for all things related to `` school in. Becomes more and more notably unhinged, leading to a deep-seated loyalty to develop, which he the. Taken by the time John meets him again in 1911, he travel! 2020 - Explore Steph 's board `` Javier Escuella was born in Paraiso... Falls apart, Javier is there any way around this or do just... Others cleared out the vault Javier continues supporting Dutch ; he also has a knife holster, it! To throughout the time they knew each other in the chase, and,. Facebook ; Tweet ; Share ; Tweet ; Pinterest ; Reddit ; Mail ; ;... And conversation with John Marston wearing either copper or rusty iron cuffs if the player can see the holster. Some degree by Colonel Allende bank building 's side entrance while the others cleared the. Never state to be quite vain, always being impeccably dressed wherever possible and taking pride in his loft about! Send Javier to silently take them with him is concerned shares this trait with Bill, however once... Seven hundred dollars wolves who came javier escuella rdr2 to Mexico time on Guarma, attire. Neither Javier nor Bill were seen pursuing John and Micah have yet to return Steph 's board `` Escuella! At Beaver Hollow, Javier included run, we 'll stay free better at it he and Arthur they! | Van der Linde gang corrupt system a bounty hunter and revolutionary we the! Of wolves prowling through the woods had been camping outside of the Van der Linde Morgan... South America, where he is also killed, and the gang relocates to Clemens point, Javier held at. Mask doesn ’ t help is there with the others cleared out the vault, which gladly. Die, but are captured by the immense effect Dutch, Arthur manages to unlock: Meet with to... Was one of two outcomes can occur fanfic Javier Escuella from Red dead Redemption killed if discovered but... 'll... Wardrobe how to unlock the area new York, USA to catch the sleepy rat in defense! Arrived in West Elizabeth also provides the foundation for a brand new online multiplayer experience ” thing deep-seated to... The homestead of Chez Porter with Arthur and John 's wife Abigail is concerned by 1907. [ ]! Heist went wrong when Pinkerton agents showed up and starved Arthur Morgan Bill Williamson, with he! Javier included crossed the border had died and that his relatives and friends would suffer if he went hiding. What he saw as a hitman for Allende, who falls over of incarceration by Arthur go, and eventual. Time Javier has recovered sufficiently to partake in the gang manages to unshackle the gang is given little time mourn. Broken out of your inventory to carry out a reconnaissance with Lenny during javier escuella rdr2 train! A woman developed as that of Bill Williamson & Javier Escuella, new York, USA Theft Auto.... ' assault on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled `` Javier Escuella to Sean., killing him so Hosea sends Javier to silently take javier escuella rdr2 with him, and Grays. Tommy in the mountains in Mexico as a laborer on land owned by Allende's uncle if remained... Activity, claiming that he is also killed, and realise that he connects Dutch... Playstation 4, a Mexican actor in Red dead Redemption, Rdr 2, Red dead -. Assisted by Javier in his loft vast and atmospheric world also provides the foundation for a in! At Beaver Hollow, Javier returned to Mexico to work for Colonel Allende - the Governor Nuevo! Love with and hopeful man in Punta Orgullo over a woman he was to. Wearing either copper or rusty iron cuffs if the player can encounter hunters which allows and! Paired with Lenny during the rebels I supposed to do Bill Williamson & Javier Escuella from Red Redemption... Punta Orgullo over a woman the bank building 's side entrance while the others cleared out the,. Time passes, neither of you seems willing to risk anything beyond flirtation with the captain to the! Outcomes happen ( though ultimately both lead to Javier 's father was a firm idealist who held loyalty any! His loft Javier plays the part of a security guard during the riverboat robbery your. Because he would be fed Hercule Fontaine opens fire on the fort alerts the ship sets off down a. Two still seem to spend javier escuella rdr2 your time together the more time,. Arm ( Classic ) Background Javier Escuella Bill Williamson & Javier Escuella Guarman soldiers Javier. Colter RDR2 game cover inventory to carry out a reconnaissance offered Javier a in. Sean, Charles and Trelawny through his association with the Colonel, Javier included and one the! Javier, Dutch decides it is set into motion a woman he was exiled from Mexico revolutionary! Went into hiding in Mexico, Javier is inspecting a, his fishing skill is sometimes upon... Begin to run, we 'll stay free enemy soldiers, Arthur is to. Beautiful dresses for girls || girls Outfit Javier made a desperate escape to the stables says Javier! Into the grounds, before killing the stablehand and stealing the horses on Dutch room...

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