Pending State certification of the election results and a tie-breaking process overseen by the Wayne County Board of Canvassers, incumbent Sarah Prescott has been elected to a second four-year term on the Board of Education, with Board of Education candidates Lisa McIntyre, Lindsey Wilson, and either James Mazurek OR Kimberly Campbell-Voytal have been elected to four year terms beginning … "I mean, these are judges, and they were satisfied with the result of one draw," Mazurek said. © 2021 Northville School Board Candidate Profile: Michael Barrett - Northville, MI - Barrett is one of five seeking election to the school board in November. Kulkarni: Alleviate community concerns of hitting breakpoint between COVID-19 safety, student educational needs and – paying for it while sustaining economic impact. "Mr. Mazurek is the only candidate who presented a certificate of election for the fourth vacancy, prior to the start date of the term of office. Blake Mathie for Northville School Board. Northville Public Schools community votes November 8 on . Sherrie Winfield, works in human resources for Ford Motor Company. McIntyre: Northville Public Schools offers an incredible array of academic programming, beginning with early childhood education through high school. I thought it was over at that point. I have been on Northville Parks and Recreation Commission as well as the Northville Senior Advisory Commission. Roughly 25% come from families where English in not the native language. Emails to the Board of Education are disseminated to the Board of Education on a weekly basis, and may be sent to: Northville Public Schools 405 W. Main Street, Northville, MI 48167 Phone: 248-344-3500 Fax: 248-344-3506 Mazurek: Our focus on Best Practices to deliver Educational Excellence. Finally, is the overarching focus on the “Culture of Learning and Leadership”. I am running because I intend to make a positive impact on behalf of ALL of kids. My teaching and professional practice in disease prevention will make an important contribution to navigating these forces. It will also require that we support the resilience of families as we work together to educate our children. Winfield: I am running because I possess essential and relevant skills that uniquely qualify me to be a strong advocate for all our children. Don't be surprised if Northville Public Schools students are reading about their district's 2020 school board election in an upcoming edition of "Ripley's Believe It Or Not" or a yet-to-be printed civics textbook. The school board has searched for candidates and there are seven citizens who have … View 9/29/20 Board of Education Candidate Forum sponsored by Northville Council of PTAs. I am excited to begin this next journey and work with these dedicated community servants, to keep Northville Township the vibrant, beautiful community we love. Three seats were in play on the Northville Public Schools Board of Education. Northville Public Schools voters will be asked on Tuesday, November 8, 2011, to renew a previously approved 20.91-mills Non-Homestead Millage that comprises $8 million of the school district’s annual operating budget. McIntyre: I want to help the Northville community of students, parents, educators and administrators evolve and excel during the next four years. McIntyre: As a leader in the Ridge Wood PTA, I have demonstrated the ability to identify areas of need and collaborate with my team to implement fun and innovative programs while engaging the community toward a common goal. I worked through the District’s tough times in 2010 and participated in making the difficult decisions to help us become one of the strongest districts in the state. Prescott: Our strength is in our community commitment to public education. Improving early identification of individual learning styles with regular opportunities to evaluate gaps between potential and performance will provide timely intervention. Please email them to Please email them to Candidate's Forum: Northville School Board | MyLO Students should also have opportunities to engage with other students in well-considered action. Establish facility at school to bolster current technical programs.Currently counselor have little time to guide students properly to select proper subjects necessary to build future career of their choice. She earned her BS in Management and MBA from Tulane University. Voters graciously aid us via millage votes, giving us resources we need. If a candidate’s name or official site is not listed, please contact our webmaster to request a candidate be added upon review. Hosted by Northville PTA Advocacy Committee. Apply skills for the safety of community and to raise school standard bar. Those that exceeded the limit were cut off. If elected this will be one of the key areas I focus on. Northville High is part of Northville Public Schools in Northville, MI. Most recently I was the Citizen Chairman of the 2020 Sinking Fund Advocacy Committee. As the board votes on policy and provides leadership during this pandemic, it is crucial that they hold the safety of students and staff as their first priority. During her eight-plus years on the Northville Board of Education, she served as president, vice president and on the policy, instruction and finance committees. Reminder - Board of Education Nominating Petitions Due Today Board ... of Education Election - NOMINATION FORMS DUE BY MONDAY, MAY 11, 2020 NYS Executive Order 202.26 waives the requirement for Board of Education candidates to obtain signatures on their nominating petitions for the June 9, 2020 election. It is a skill we need to bring back to the daily discourse in our society. supervisor write-in campaign after primary loss, Election 2020: Lundberg faces write-in challenge by Banner for Northville Twp. While I have been happy with the academic standards of the school system. Kulkarni: Demonstrated application of technical and interpersonal skills to lead team of experts to optimize design of products and processes and to implement in manufacturing plants globally. All rights reserved. Prescott: My Board experience will help us continue to improve on the Covid plan and other priorities without delay.

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