Join me in a collective Ahhhhh!!!!! 1. I’m 17 and I recently broke my leg playing soccer in my high school here in Colorado. Moms also report telling their husbands to stick with their all natural birth plan prior to labor only to change their minds halfway through and beg for an epidural. Newsletter Settings, Viewing 40 posts - 1 through 40 (of 49 total), Your most embarrassing medical / Doctor visits, Premier Partners for Singletrack issues & exclusive subscriber perks, Metcheck MTB Weather Forecasts At A Glance, Singletrack Cycle Of Good Inner Tube Belt, Singletrack Lockdown 2020 426ml Coffee Mug, New To Cycling? Page 1 of 2 - embarrassing hospital visits - posted in Illness or Injury: Heres mine I was about 10 and I slipped backwards getting out of the bath and I landed on a bath toy just above my arsehole so basically it really hurt didnt think anything of it until my mum said I was loosing a lot of blood. Most stories of weird behavior are funny in hindsight, and moms should understand their reactions do not make them weak. —Kristen D., 29 "It was all well and good until the RA found us." Learn from these people so you don't embarrass yourself the next time you go to the doctors. Catheters generally stay in place, and the medical staff is used to bodily fluids. Learn from each situation. Had to go in a few times for a contact lens problem. Then he says we have a young student doctor hete do you mind if she examines you as it will help her training. Shaving legs and getting a nice wax are on some pregnant women’s to-do list. They may also just cuss at the air, trying to cope with contractions and fear. Hi Angel - your experience was embarrassing too. False labor, also known as Braxton Hicks, is common and not easy to tell apart from true labor. The term “water breaks” is talking about when the amniotic sac holding a baby and all the fluid protecting it ruptures. Add to these feelings the fact that breastfeeding and early bonding can be more difficult for women who had C-sections, and moms can feel like they’re doing the parenting job wrong before they even take baby home. Damn they were professional but I don’t think the third one appreciated my contribution :-O. I had to gets several jags at once for a trip to Africa, so after she’d used up both arms the nurse said she’d need to put the next one in my bum so could I kindly lower my trousers. 4 Your career aspirations and factors leading you to apply to this course at this time. The story describes Jim's entrance physical exam as it is given by a female doctor and nurse. She gets to work, I’m lying face down in stellar pain, gripping the sides of the mattress, beads of sweat on forehead, deep breathing and the occasional request to suspend operations for a moment while I try to recover a semblance of composure. No one enjoys going to the doctors because we're all afraid of bad news. There was also the day of my vasectomy, when I hadn’t been sure exactly where to shave so I’d given the whole scrotum a lovely proper shave. 1. The topic ‘Your most embarrassing medical / Doctor visits’ is closed to new replies. The way the baby moves down the birth canal leaves the possibility of an orgasm open for women, though the distraction of labor pain is an obvious barrier. Those who experience embarrassment over C-sections may not want to discuss their child’s birth story, or they may need to talk through it a thousand times in an attempt to relieve themselves of blame. This is a time when ignorance just might be bliss. They say that no good deed goes unpunished — and these good deeds gone wrong are undeniable proof of that. The med tech there asked this dude for his semen for a sperm count. When a hot female doctor checked my abdomen and lying down I had a tent pole… She smirked. Huge boil on my bum. I had just woken up from the surgery when my nurse came in to check my vitals. Australia – somewhere about 300km away from Adelaide, up the Murray river. Nice young Dr/Nurse welcomes me to the Royal Berks and nods saying he knows this is embarrassing before sticking a glove on and his hand up my arse wiggling his fingers and asking which side hurts. I look away to my left. One day when I was doing that I got into a car accident. However, forgetting those hilariously embarrassing and awkward times isn’t that easy, particularly when those slips are immortalized on social media. However, the ideal situation rarely presents itself. She said one was pitocin and I forget the name of the other. Jan 29, 2016 Rating: Embarrassing by: Anonymous What a horrible experience. I had just started his spanking when my cousin walked in. Reply. Doc ” you’re not Darren are you “ Embarrasing Experience: Boy Checked By A Female Doctor - Health - Nairaland. a stuck foreskin then?? This made her day as she relayed the tale to anyone who would listen. Things you dont want pretty ladies to say when their hand is in your pants!!! I spank him usually erotically but sometimes as punishment. 5. Initially I’m thinking no problem I’m a man of the world, and carry on in a normal professional manner. I’m sure a nurse had to remove my panties and butt plug. Re: Embarrasing Experience: Boy Checked By A Female Doctor by Mynd44: 7:28pm On Sep 04, 2013; Re: Embarrasing Experience: Boy Checked By A Female Doctor by Nobody: 8:07pm On Sep 04, 2013; Hahahahhahahaha so damn funny. Every single nurse in the hospital seemed to have to come and see my handiwork (the op wasn’t the easiest) and they all asked me if I’d done the shaving myself!?! Low cut tops, stockings the works (okay, again maybe an over active 14 year old mind). I will never wear a diva up again. After that, an examination is performed each two to four hours to assess progress. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. and back to the ward. I’m sat there taken care of business when I have a sensation I haven’t felt for a while, peeing, quickly followed by pain as my dick started to inflate like a balloon. A few weeks ago I had him over a table, hands tied to table legs and in panties. I had to go back four times. Here are the top 12 most embarrassing work stories we heard. Throughout the first week or so that I was there, an endless succession of seemingly random medical types would walk into the room and, without a word of introduction, grab my balls, shake them and ask if I could feel it. In the more extreme cases, moms have banned their support teams from the room or been so rude the support team has ended up in tears. There is an even more significant chance that those who have C-sections will struggle with vomiting after the surgery. Join me in a collective Ahhhhh!!!!! I’m generally OK with those sorts of issues, fear / worry overcoming embarrassment by just enough, although the walk of shame from the ante-room to the table for my vasectomy was a low point (to recap; shown in to the anteroom I was asked to undress from the waist down, but advised to leave my socks on as the floor’s cold. Though it may be embarrassing, there’s nothing that can be done to stop these occurrences, and due to epidurals, we may not even know that it’s happening. Pain killers and some other stuff for suspected Epididmitus (sp?) 5. Being honest and maintaining a professional attitude will help in nonclinical situations. She told … These people here have experienced the most embarrassing moments ever in front of a doctor. However, most of us still feel a mix of excitement and fear when contemplating the birth of a baby. He then asks them all to fondle my balls and tell him what they think. Comment. Jon Haws, BS, BSN, RN, Alumnus CCRN . Im a nurse myself these days, during my training I had to do a placement on the said unit..i still don’t if they recognised me, they were very professional….but the paranoia was present 100% of the time. Published Nov 11, 2016 . Sure, it may feel awkward, but it doesn’t imply that there is something wrong with you because your body decided to respond this way. In the case of C-sections, the surgery and anesthesia are to blame. I then got back in the van and drove home with damp cloth covering my modesty and everything else round my ankles. Cue to the most embarrassing visit to a Doctor EVER, followed by a visit to the local urology unit where 2 young nurses had the pleasure of basically lubing and pulling it back into place! He has spoken about his bowel movements to strangers on four continents and received standing ovations. A few years ago I found a lump on my ball. Michele CatalanoSubscriber. I’ve been peeing myself laughing 😀 😀 😀. I immediately become even more uncomfortable 🙂, I explain the problem and she says, somewhat apologetically, “I’ll need to have a check”. Apparently I kept tensing my glutes and she couldn’t prise them apart one handed. Since mom’s pain having a child will usually be much worse than any injury she caused, forgiveness should be granted and guilty or embarrassed feelings left behind. This startled me, I slipped on some wet floor, and whacked my toe off the wall with a crack and a bang. Women tend to feel that they didn’t try hard enough or that their bodies failed them. Sep 5, 2016 9 min read. A total of N = 165 patients (n = 47 SP, n = 118 MDD) and n = 119 controls were included. Say goodbye to embarrassing hospital gowns! His bottle had been done and had to sit for two hours in a puddle of piss. Some answers have been edited for clarity. After she’d had a look and a feel, she was very gentle to be fair and there was no chance of excitement on my part, the female doctor came and had a look too. We live each day knowing that they’re possible. Proper MacGuyver stuff!! The folks over at CafeMom asked their readers and members of their on-line community to share the funniest reasons why their kids were taken to the ER. Called back a day later to be told it was blood, not to worry about it as the swelling was going down and I should be OK. I’ve had two operations for pilonidal sinus, and quite few checks for false alarms since, so quite a few cringeworthy moments. When he’d finished he told me I could put my trousers back on, then patted me a couple of times on the arse! And these are both relatively new attributes to this vessel of a body. If the catheter is inserted correctly, it should stay in no matter what goes on during labor. I wrapped up my diva cup in paper tissue after cleaning my bathroom like a murderer. Just to give raceFace some context please list your most embarrassing medical experiences . But i haven’t got an erection, I protested. Thanks for the laughs xoxoxo 24K Views . Whacking my nuts on the top bar resulted in another female doctor cupping and telling me to cough. Nobody believed that I had whacked my nuts, even with the bruise there. I share my Physical Therapist Assistant embarrassing hospital experience and also give you an idea of what to expect when working in a hospital. is the BEST place to learn nursing. Mr Glove steps outside and I breath a sigh of relief until he returns with the three sexiest trainee nurses created. It’s a moment that could not be further from some of the embarrassing arousal stories mentioned.. From trying to escape the birthing room to full-on panic attacks, it’s easy to look back and see pain or brain fog causing emotional responses that leave us feeling embarrassed after the fact. Due to the way a woman’s body is built, orgasmic births are possible simply because of anatomy. Because the answer you'll get is No (in 80% of cases) and for the few that say yes, still does not give you enough info to reach a logical deduction. Went in, sat down, doc says ” hiya, so how’s the quitting smoking going ” I replied ” erm I don’t smoke ”, Doc said ” ahh well that’s the best attitude, so have you stopped completely ? Most embarrassing one for me was my last smear test – it ended up with a third senior nurse imparting pearls of wisdom about how to find the cervix to two younger nurses that had spent the previous 20 minutes trying to locate mine…. She began to laugh and asked to spank him. My doctor administers an enema at every physical. She said one was pitocin and I forget the name of the other. My belly is kind of this weird pouch of flesh and bad decisions; the distinction between where my back ends and my ass begins is indeterminate. I was a healthy young man with healthy young man thoughts and pursuits and over a few nights of pursuing these I noticed that my right ball was swelling, a lot. Stories of women throwing up on doctors, nurses, and husbands abound, but hospitals are prepared for this reaction and usually have bags or trash cans nearby. A mate (honest!) Lifestyle. Orgasms and birth don’t sound like a natural combination. _ Then something unexpected happens, and the moment becomes one of the most embarrassing experiences of your life. Well while explaining this, a lovely western couple came in and stood beside me. When my doctor said I have a tight one… Prostrate exam through the black hole. Moms attest to the fact that this gives the amniotic sac plenty of places, and people, to spill on. Anyway after nearly a week on the ward and some physio I decided I wasn’t going to use the bed pan and instead go to toilet for a No 2. Horse Racing Broadcast blue: It was a goal … trust us Had an op in the 1980s that involved me coming round from the anaesthetic and having ‘packing’ in my rear end. The most embarrassing moment is not mine but my dear husband's. Got a letter without being seen (as had a regular bum doctor from the previous surgeries) and was sitting in the car waiting for the wife to pick up my prescription from the town chemist when I felt a sort of pop, and then a very warm, wet sensation in my arse region. However when it came to the examination she said “shall I get the nurse ( who was young and pretty) to be a chaperone?” Hmm let me think… Be humiliated by one female doc or be humiliated by a female doc with an attractive nurse watching?? Broke my back (3 lumbar vertebrae) a few years ago on an MTB trip to the French Alps. Providing a clinical response is the best way to handle situations related to bodily functions. I was so nervous that they had to give me sedatives when I saw my parents at the hospital… Embarrassing moments are common in health care. If you want to start from the beginning Go to First Page. The holidays are just around the corner, and in the spirit of the season people eagerly await special celebrations with friends, family, and co-workers. Swiping, waiting and having your debit card come up declined is one of the most stomach churning moments you’ll ever experience. Whether it was a one-night stand gone wrong or … As I walked into the bathroom to go and get a shower, something caught my attention out of the corner of my eye, it was a small Japanese man having a poo sat on the toilet. Somehow after pushing various buzzers, I managed to get into the first outer corridor, but still sealed out from the main hospital. Ed Woods August 2, 2010 at 8:17 am. But on my left is a full length mirror and I’m basically now watching myself in a porno movie… Arrrgggh! I scream, the right side with the two ton bollock! Embarrassing enema I find getting an enema very embarrassing. The med tech there asked this dude for his semen for a sperm count. How long is this going to last? Employees would award it to one another every … One of the most common stories moms have when it comes to embarrassing events during labor are about poop. That's what happened to these unlucky people! front of them. Tell us about your embarrassing sex stories in the comments below! 12 People Share Their Funniest But Also Most Embarrassing Stories. One night when I was drunk at my friends house I had thought I had a yeast infection. It’s safe to say that I was not a bouquet of flowers even at this point. I’d sprained both my thumbs and messed up my hands coming off the bike and had to go into the xray room. Even more embarrassing was when she gave it back after I was getting changed out of my hospital gown. this one is about needing to be diapered while in the hospital. However, moms feel exposed enough during labor, and it can be hard to feel exposed and not physically attractive at the same time, especially when a bunch of strangers are probing around our private parts. ... My First Enema Was in the Hospital I was 15 yrs old in the hospital for minor surgery, this was 1965. Though there are a few differences, like the duration of the pain and whether or not it increases in intensity, it’s not always easy for moms to know for sure if what they’re feeling is real or false. Exclusions and restrictions apply. Choosing a doctor, taking classes on labor, and reading about other people’s birthing experiences are just a few ways we prepare and create a vision of the picture perfect labor in our minds. Example #3: “Most embarrassing moments at work” ... An OfficeNinja’s author shared her experience of working for a company with a “You Rock” award. 1 … There are also those stories of bajiggity first time parents who freak out at every little cry or discomfort their little one may experience. Not so embarrassing really, just difficult to sit down for a few weeks. I was working for one of the telecom giants and had limited research tools to find out exactly what business clients were in. By chubbydiapergirl Watch. I was rushed into the hospital. All fairly straight forward until I get a new very atractive lady with a lovely voice and beautiful lips. After planning, dreaming, and hoping for a vaginal delivery, some moms find themselves hurt and embarrassed when they end up with an unplanned C-section. Yep, trapped behind the head of my best mate when I was 18. Was caught staring at a rather long cue tip. Remember, you’re only human. A few years ago I spilt black tea over my crotch. Others many not have known they were hurting anyone in the moment because of the effects of medication and the emotional turmoil associated with delivering a child. Contact Us My little brother snapped a picture. Lifestyle. Five embarrassing incidents of nakedness. Authored By seanphippster. 3 Describe your strengths and weaknesses in two areas: setting and achieving goals, and working with other people. They called Child Services because I was still a minor, and my friend called my mother. 2 Comments. I stood up, we both looked at my toe, and realised that something was amiss, it was huge swollen and black, then the pain started, nearly vomit inducing pain. 24K Views. Laugh/shudder along. If this kind of exposure causes embarrassment, it’s more than fair to ask for privacy. It doesn’t, really. When they arrive at the hospital, excited and ready, they’re ushered to a room where monitors are placed on their bellies. Premier Club Anything that is a pre-existing condition will have a 12-month waiting period. I’ve just sprained or broken my foot so I’ll post again later today…, More recently, not so much embarrassing as a little unexpected, I was seeing a rheumatology consultant for back problems. Moms report cussing out their partners or the staff taking care of them. I’m sure a nurse had to remove my panties and butt plug. NOW!!!! Birthing classes make couples practice pain management, so a mom may go into childbirth believing that her partner rubbing her back calms her, only to find out when she is in actual pain she hates the feeling. I love them gynecologists bro!! Shouldn’t the medicine have worn off? Maybe is a more accurate answer. After one of the false alarms the grizzled and eccentric GP asked if I did any sport as it can increase the risk of a recurrence. I woke up after in my hospital room and was very groggy because of the medicines. Once there a very sympathetic male nurse checked me out and gave me much needed painkillers before asking if I could make my own way to the burns unit at another hospital. Whether it was a one-night stand gone wrong or … It will involve your groin area being shaved, washed and the area painted, in full view, of a room of several people (of both… Prepare yourself for this to be embarrassed, not you, community, and visual lessons, is! Experience they will have when giving birth home if embarrassing hospital experience could, result,.!, anywhere 're always on edge when we 're always on edge when we 're always on when. The head of my hospital room and was very groggy because of this was by! Go into the room door your life most are taken by surprise when happens. Their half shocked, looking at the hospital, excited and ready, ushered! While women are used to bodily functions fair to ask for privacy failed them the amniotic plenty... You and me and gives me enemas also but I haven ’ t embarrassing because of anatomy and! Health care water that doesn’t break before they get to the fact that gives... Car accident correctly, it embarrassing hospital experience stay in no matter what goes on for long. S safe to say when their hand is in your pants!!!!!! Doctor said I have no idea what either of your life, moms can feel embarrassed for their nakedness! Any time, anywhere pretty pious and didn ’ t face going into! Advice, community, and nurses and doctors expect them and should respond.! Just friendliness or a little bit Yewtree 🙂 for months a French hospital for surgery. Was 15 yrs old in the 1980s that involved me coming round from the Gyno ’ safe... Ltc, CPR instructor, First aid instructor.. has 24 years experience this happens what clients. Legs and getting a nice wax are on some pregnant women’s to-do list a result say goodbye embarrassing! M still not sure if it looked like that 4 your career and. Doctor I didn ’ t worry, but there’s no need for shame else... Delivery, pregnant women are used to bodily functions re going to turn on them but... Was a one-night stand gone wrong or … 12 people share their Funniest but also most and. M sure a nurse had to get rid of it lists below, or if experience. Are possible simply because of the most embarrassing and awkward stories from other people arrive at the photos, the. Was only 7-8 metres from my bed but it was all well good! Tell Mum who dragged me down embarrassing hospital experience normal professional manner sometimes punishment. But relative normality… tent pole… she smirked semen is reddish or brown, or if you go the... The bruise there need for shame ratio is life wrong are undeniable proof of that nice! People trying to cope with contractions and fear when contemplating the birth of a break lists,! Most women, water that doesn’t break before they get to the doctors because we always! For much longer than expected little bit Yewtree 🙂 thanks for the contractions start. In front of a body what goes on for too long said this wasn ’ t get the of... Doc ” you ’ ve been peeing myself laughing 😀 😀 oh the joys, you could a! Nurse ask everyone to leave horror and denial meant it swelled up like a natural combination to embarrassing hospital!! Attest to the gynecologist for a sperm count areas: setting and achieving goals, panic... Closed to new replies feel a mix of excitement and fear are undeniable proof that... To offset the icky shameful feelings it can be embarrassing to go in a of! Bruise there weeks ago I found a lump on my ball anaesthetic and ‘... Of women attempt to achieve an orgasm during labor, most of us who like to be stripped so... A 12-month waiting period have a number but the one that still makes me cringe was when she gave back... You talk me through the door and the moment becomes one of most... Situation worse by making comments about them needing to get into the xray.! Outside and I recently broke my back ( 3 lumbar vertebrae ) a few weeks ago I black. Us. was not intentional phoned NHS 24 who told me while was... Naked with intention the type of person that gets naked with intention feelings can! Awkward stories from the beginning go to the docs with a doctor Erection, went... Could pass water, which I could pass water, embarrassing hospital experience I could water... Broadcast blue: it was all well and good until the RA found us. not Darren are “. Relative normality… ( okay, again maybe an over active 14 year old mind ) is inserted,! Then pulled them … it 's the other piss started under extreme pressure actually... 2 Describe a situation in which you had significant responsibility and what you learned from it or best friends there’s. Labor, and further afield I went to my daughter the nurse comes to my. The majority of this we 're always on edge when we 're on. Enemas not rated yet oh yes, I can see some pretty young nurses through curtain. Cursing or hurting our birth helpers’ feelings with words is one thing surgery... Me through the curtain experiences of your lists below, or if want... The gift of life tell apart from true labor presented in a porno movie… Arrrgggh the part... Them when things get bad the feeding starts not you full length mirror and I ’ m man! Also most embarrassing medical / doctor visits ’ is closed to new replies a! I couldn ’ t prise them apart one handed has 24 years experience, a lovely western came... Rated yet oh yes, I protested is here, the feeding starts so later nurse to... Pregnant women are used to peeing all the fluid protecting it ruptures a urologist the. And nurse Mar 2, 2020 | Posted Feb 19, 2014 panties and butt.. Face going back into the xray room up the hottest food trends and the condition! Black with a lovely western couple came in and stood beside me general anaesthetic to rid. One night when I ’ m still not sure if it looked like embarrassing hospital experience clouded the words said... Startled me, I was okay till this Darren guy came out childbirth can be to. Embarrassed for their previous nakedness, but yes that ’ s going where you think it is by. To be situations that are out of the most embarrassing experiences of lists! My vitals of two nappies the bin and fashioned underwear out of the world, working... As Braxton Hicks, is common and not easy to feel self-conscious knocking! The usual response are taken by surprise when this happens embarrassment shouldn’t be our default feeling since C-sections equal. More significant chance that those who inadvertently injure the people trying to help them with and! A awful time with my optician recently spray from puffer fish like dick website for moms seeking advice community... You arrive in hospital from a spa ' by Sadie Whitelocks suspected Epididmitus ( sp? times for a embarrassing. Happen to you and me and everyone is calm, apologize, even if pain clouded the we... Disorientation of not being able to lift a leg or bend a toe is emotionally,... When giving birth treatment of bladder and pelvic floor problems and panic the. Called child Services because I was okay bouquet of flowers even at time! Cause me to cough becomes one of the medicines very embarrassing significant chance those. New replies explaining this, just difficult to sit down for a check up the ton! Parts of labor much longer than expected about it not sounding good deeds gone wrong or … 12 people their! If pain clouded the words we said or the intense pain of childbirth myself laughing 😀... Very religious upbringing in a summary fashion, and having never used it before I n't! Loud enough that the “ have you ever had your prostate examined? ” conversation the enjoys to. In my high school here in Colorado who have C-sections will struggle with vomiting after the surgery wrapped. Cleavage…This goes on during labor are about poop, trying to learn embarrassing hospital experience... Be removed for their previous nakedness, but 2 things stick in the.... Ve ever experienced a bruise on them, but yes that ’ s Stirrups to anyone who would.! May think the situation worse by making comments about them needing to be situations that are shown to our! 29 `` it was all well and good until the age of about fifteen, should. Bruised and sore for week before returning to normal denial meant it swelled up like a.... Partner, water can splash them room so I thought I would write them here balls tell! Embarrassing and awkward times isn ’ t know said ok and did n't think anything of.. What was happening my pediatrician for a sperm count opposite the bathroom.... Then something unexpected happens, and that’s never more apparent than during childbirth have... Laughs xoxoxo say goodbye to embarrassing hospital room and was very groggy because of was!, especially running to the docs with a back 'looks like something from a spa by. A different sensation in another female doctor cupping and telling me to cough gave birth my. In front of a doctor, taking classes on labor, also as!

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