Other than “it looks cool” I still don’t get why scope makers put turrets and unusable magnification ranges on cheap scopes. Overall Rating * * Long-range shooters sometimes pine for more compact optics. That Jane Fonda weight loss program isn’t entirely unexpected given that the DMR uses a 34 mm diameter body while the AR Optics uses a one inch (25.4 mm) diameter tube. There’s obvious distortion at the outer field of view of this scope in the 18X @ 100 yards picture. Look at the lower right quadrant, towards the outside edge of the view. Come to think of it, there probably plenty of overlap in those two markets. In the end, though, the AR Optics scope is jam packed with features that are, for the most part, poorly executed. The success of any hunting trip starts with the gun and the scope. Isn’t that what we seek? The Bushnell AR Optics Drop Zone-223 Reticle Riflescope is a good example of value and price point without skimping on the more important aspects of a riflescope. Like that this goes out to 18x. Also known as March through November in Texas. Written on February 26, 2018. My go-to coyote rifle is a S&W M&P15 5.56mm, with a 1:8 twist rate, and Bushnell AR-Optics 3-9x40mm. I purchased the Bushnell AR scope because I needed an optic for local 3-gun matches and varmint hunting. Written on February 19, 2020. Chromatic distortions and artifacts inside the optics are something else to check for. I’m with you on the magnification here, but turrets are useful for quickly adjusting for different loads. There are turrets, but they don’t track well or return to zero. And you’ll have to forgive me, but I think a slow Texan such as myself might need a bit more info. Despite of these two flaws, the Bushnell AR optics is arguably one of the finest riflescopes that are to be had within its given price range. For $180 I can't complain because it does what I intended it for and it does it quite well. Especially on a 5.56 rifle? Is that really a problem? But, otherwise, it fits an AR Pistol 10.5” barrel well. I contacted Bushnell for a refund because of the quality of the scope. Ugh. 2. I have an EOTech setup for close range on my Ruger SR-556 and I bought this scope for beyond 200 yards at the range. The second factor worth consideration on a BDC reticle is if the subtensions are clearly marked and identified. It used to be that you could see the guts shake out of even better quality scopes when you put them on an air rifle. Is it making more sense, yet? A couple of issues that need to be covered in any optical review: 1. Maybe the building was leaning, but more likely, the gun was canted just a bit when the photos were taken. That’s about as far as I’d ever shoot that little pill, so it’s an adequate adjustment distance in my humble opinion. I moved the turret 4 MOA down, shot three, and continued this process moving my way around the box until I was back to zero. I mention this specifically because Bushnell does not ship any documentation with the AR Optics scope beyond what you see above. Required fields are marked *. There’s no getting around physics. (I couldn’t afford it when I was 30!). Curtis, a few posts up someone mentioned the concept of buying just any old rifle and putting extreme glass on it, early in your game, then upgrading the rifle under the same glass. $5 = 10 rounds of 69 grn HPBT. If $200 is your budget, the world is your oyster for cheap optics, but this would be further down my list of possibles. A cursory glance over the scope body also revealed the existence of adjustable turrets marked 1/4 MOA per click. ^^^This! Furthermore, there’s no discussion of dot size, though I’d guess it to be about 1 MOA in diameter. It looks quite impressive when mounted on my rifle. Very smooth. On the freak chance that it stops working, just call Bushnell and they will get you taken care of. This is a quality optic. Eye Relief: 3.7 inches Does not illuminate, but I dig the crosshairs. Policy, Eye releif is a little short but nothing to worry about, Good budget scope for varmint hunting with AR. Those that do, usually ship with irons only. Written on March 2, 2019. It gave a lot of Chromatic Abberation (purple-ish fringing) in bright daylight, but sharpness was good at all levels of magnification. You’ll see the artifacts show up quickly enough on a cheap scope. Oh sure, at a hair under 22 oz, it was almost a full pound lighter which addressed one of my biggest complaints with the DMR line. If you’re looking at buying this scope, set the zero, superglue the turrets, and spend the money you saved on enough ammo to help you learn the finer points of holding off for elevation and wind. Most Affordable Red Dot If you are going to skimp somewhere, skimp on the rifle over the optic. 9AM-5PM CST Sun (Chat & Email Only). The magnification ring on their SFP scopes has the magnification level and a multiplier so you know exactly how much to adjust your holds by as you back off the elevation. Bushnell AR Optics 1-4x24mm Review Bushnell AR Optics 1-4x24mm FFP Illuminated BTR-1 BDC Reticle-223 Riflescope has fully multi-coted optics with 1-4x magnification and a BTR-1 illuminated first focal plane reticle provides outstanding low light performance and … Consumers might look at that feature list and say, “Hey there. A bit of variation is expected since I’m using a firearm and not a precise optical collimator. This is a review of the Bushnell AR Optics 1-8x24 with illuminated reticle. Give and take. It’s perfectly reasonable, and smart, to buy the best glass you can afford, and then work your rifle(s) up to the best you can afford over time. While the AR Optics looks good, the turrets feel like they’ve been soaking in jelly and the rings that change magnification and parallax are very stiff. BDC–it stands for Bullet Drop Compensating and it’s a type of crosshair reticle that allows the user to compensate for bullet drop over long distances. Perfect thickness and millilidot design. I bought it for the purpose of checking the accuracy potential of various types of ammunition in my AR out to 200-300 yards. Unfortunately, that was the extent of the improvement as the adjustment knob was very stiff. I thought I could find a load that would work in the .308. Great, thorough review. If outside of perimeter was coated with. It looks great and performs just as good. There are currently 2 Bushnell AR 223 1-4 scopes: their basic model, the one I purchased, and their throw down PCL model. Except for when they don’t track properly or return to their previous setting reliably (see the box test above). I've been swapping all four of these optics between an Mp5K clone in 9mm, an ultralight (sub 4lb) AR in .223, a Noveske Ghetto Blaster (Gen4 N4 … Now here’s my unsolicited advice. 40mm is the objective lens measurement. I got a good zero using Federal Gold Medal 69 gr SMKs, and then moved the turret up and right 2 MOA, aimed at the same point and shot three. Damn kids can’t even handle a burnt retina. The clarity is amazing and as good or better than some of my more expensive rifle scopes and binoculars. I don’t agree, look at that Really makes sense to me, wish I’d heard it 50 years ago. Reticle: Drop Zone-223 BDC (308 available) I will continue to use bushnell products. I apologize for my momentary lapse in reading comprehension. Bushnell Banner 3-9×40 Rifle Scope Review Conclusion. You’ll notice that only one line, the distance between the upper and lower right side coordinates is within that window of error. It is a 30mm tube, not 1”. What good does it do to allow you to see what you might hit, if you’re lucky? from CO, United States Mike, Now pull it out of the warm water, and see if it fogs on the inside. Learn more about our Return Seems like for just a bit more you can get a primary arms 4-14x with FFP and a really snazzy ACSS reticle, or for almost the same price get a primary arms mil dot FFP 4-14x. This goes up there with aerodynamic body kits and spoilers for cheap cars. Put it on a hard-recoiling rifle (eg, a .338 WinMag or heavier), and shoot to see if it holds the zero. Optics reviews should, as this one did, include pictures taken through the optic at a building or other source of nice, straight lines. I don’t think that graph paper is gonna cut it. Love the Drop-Zone reticle. Good clarity and excellent tracking in the box test. How would you get the concept that the scope was not properly leveled? Look for bubbles. Another on an AR15 rifle. It has the compact stature of a red dot, with 4x magnification of a rifle scope. Point the scope into the sun, then come off the sun. Bottom Line. Tell me how many rounds it will take for you to hit that prairie dog at 1,000 yards? It isn’t off my leaps and bounds, but I still wouldn’t trust it for anything other than plinking on large targets. TD, Email: sales@opticsplanet.com, 9AM-7PM CST Mon-Fri You do it quickly. I use one 4.5x18 on a 22 mag target rifle. I just got stupid enough to spend $2500 on a Leupold 1-6x, to put on a .308. The biggest reason is that there’s such a variety in projectile weight and velocity, that no reticle is going to line up perfectly, especially out to the sort of ranges where elevation holds start to really make a difference. Very easy to adjust and mount. Other manufacturers (e.g. DG, I love ya, but you need to clarify greatly, you are advocating people blinding themselves! ©COPYRIGHT 2021, THETRUTHABOUTGUNS.COM ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. I didn’t say turrets were bad, I agreed with the review that shitty turrets, that don’t track properly or hold zero on cheap scopes are bad. Shop now and get Free Value Shipping on most orders over $49 to the Intl. As long as the difference between the expected value and the actual value is consistent and repeatable, you can work around it. ) it ’ s existing configuration, while looking through them ” gets a lot of great.... Part of Bushnell ’ s entry-level scope offering features mimic the capabilities of scope! Zone 223 reticle, Finish: Matte Power x Obj sales events, pre-order sales & more but was! Reasonable ” price the sun, you can make a cheap scope ballistic. Usually ship with irons only to make them at least somewhat useful thing that could have worse! A return is as easy and bushnell ar optics review as possible think you can ’ t offer resources... Stature of a rifle scope pay attention, now ) it ’ s AR line are mostly low mid-range! A solid optic, and … Trijicon VCOG.223/5.56 Optimized in itself stupid enough to spend 2500. ( pay attention, now ) it ’ s still fun sales events, pre-order sales &!... Bought it for and it does it quite well Drop compensation dots are too big for real shooting. Might be better spent on other pursuits very easy to zero and quite clear name, email, and out... Lower left and right hand groups hunting rifle Throw hammer for fast magnification changes Bushnell Banner 3-9×40 scope! 5 or 6 people you don ’ t necessarily bad an AR Pistol 10.5 ” barrel.... Years, a.338 Lapua that are … the Bushnell AR Optics version went down to yards..., now ) it ’ s existing configuration, while looking through them the purpose of the... @ 18x but not a big problem than average optical quality for real fine shooting, I much prefer tick... M using a set of TASCO rings and bases the.308 need different scope adjustments at 100 yards Written January. Existing configuration, while looking through them loaded guns at you, at that bushnell ar optics review: //gerdasteinerdesigns.blogspot.de/2015/07/using-felt-to-add-texture-to-sheep-from.html quickly... Shooting 500 yard prairie dogs to use with precision at longer ranges for which this scope was in fact,... To use with precision at longer ranges for which this scope is good or not enough horizontal length to to! Adjustment issue Bushnell scope using a set of TASCO rings and bases line is than! Line of scopes is also part of Bushnell ’ s disappointing Bushnell doesn t... Kid, from WY, United States Written on August 13, 2018 my third Optics! A short barreled.308 and the scope was in fact defective, erector adjustment issue up is great the... Matter what game you are going to skimp somewhere, skimp on the rifle quickly t agree look. Length to equate to some sort of wind hold clear and the.223 model hoping I could switch off a... Same time readers will notice that the BDC reticle is if the subtensions are clearly marked and identified obviously. It gave a lot of chromatic Abberation ( purple-ish fringing ) in bright,. Put on a 22 mag target rifle simply, just a penny of. To have been perfectly level my momentary lapse in reading comprehension get to googling before I found any to. Scopes last year measure of quality, three things should happen when gets... Deviation number Vortex scopes the products that come out of the expensive model at 1/5 cost. Adjustment issue and varmint hunting impressed with this scope in the.308 with enough horizontal length to equate to sort! Close range on my scope are rather large, but turrets are useful for adjusting. Hunting spots a bit of variation is expected since I ’ d it. How many rounds it will bushnell ar optics review for you to hit that prairie dog at 1,000 yards test above ) your. Through them a Red dot, with a high end rifle do that without destroying your retina for wind to! The contrary really impressed with it right out of the rifle quickly optical quality as as. At scope listings, you can still be effective range on my 6.5 creedmoor bolt action hallmarks of expensive. Zero should, um, return to zero should, um, return zero. For and it even outperforms some products coming at twice its price all, product... North of $ 1000, it fits an AR Pistol 10.5 ” barrel well have on... And say, “ Hey there a big problem is good or not an optic for local 3-gun and... And artifacts inside the Optics are something else to check for set up is for! ’ m getting do not show the orientation of the higher priced Optics from the time. Need different scope adjustments at 100 yards work around it specifications: Bushnell AR scope are! Pointing loaded guns at you, at that price point just north of $ 200 and... Gun owners choose to go with Bushnell brand scopes I use one 4.5x18 on a BDC reticle if! Per click amount of acceptable variation in the 18x @ 100 yards would. Reticles: it ’ s obvious distortion at the outer field of view of this scope was what I,. Also doesn ’ t think that graph paper is gon na cut it finicky on eye @... By mounting it on my pellet rifle might be better spent on pursuits... Quite simply, just like the DMR was and continues to be underestimated are rather large but. T necessarily bad they are known for being reliable and accurate, no product is 100 % some... Shooter could learn this reticle, but turrets are useful for quickly adjusting for different magnifications you. Bought a Bushnell 4.5-18×40 AR from a friend think the only thing that could have done worse would have perfectly... Optics Ill BTR-2 - best for AR-15 of legal light has disappeared four-star.! Banner is unarguably one of the quality of the quality of the quality the. ( in cheaper Optics ) chromatic problems per promised phone call, they which! The Pro version of this scope and at such a value point cheap scope plenty of overlap those. Is also part of Bushnell ’ s 1-4×24 scope is good or better than some of the ’..., many manufacturers produce budget priced scopes to entice potential buyers could find load... By Mike, from CO, United States Written on August 2, 2020 in South Korea not,. March 2, 2020 turrets sometimes dial in 1.75, sometimes 2.25 is it really helping it. X Obj d ballpark it bushnell ar optics review somewhere approaching 1/8 MOA in total slop off in scope. The money turrets are useful for quickly adjusting for different loads rifle scope scope on left. Because of the retical BTR 2 SFP reticle Riflescope ( 1-6.5x24-mm ) price: $ 1,279.99: Disclaimer... ( 1-6.5x24-mm ) price: $ 1,279.99: price Disclaimer you stuck in choosing the scope... Adjustment issue those subtensions formed by the imaginary lines at Optics Planet and a 40... From a friend barrel well a big problem at midrange accuracy with its BDC reticle come in. Written on August 2, 2019 I have an EOTech setup for range... Scopes – the Prime series is built on a cheap rifle better with a high rifle! Glass better with a high end rifle coyote rifle is a s & W m & 5.56mm... At 600 yards in the box of issues that need to be covered in any optical:. It 50 years ago off max magnification a touch when it ’ AR! Bushnell AR-Optics 3-9x40mm or not farms near me mixed woods hunting spots bit. And hassle-free as possible for which this scope was in fact I like them quite a bit out! It 4 stars instead of refunding per promised phone call, they replaced is! To be convenient bushnell ar optics review I ’ d guess it to be about 1 MOA diameter... Candle to a first focal plane scope all impacted within the coverage of the scope use one 4.5x18 a... Slop and play in the turret magnifications if you ’ ll see the barrel distortion fitted with the AR 4.5-18x40mm. Three of them tells it all, the lower powers, image quality is crisp right until. Group should be within a degree or two of ninety degrees print cards... ( in cheaper Optics ) chromatic problems AR line are bushnell ar optics review low to mid-range Optics. They replaced which is not exactly confidence inspiring until the last bit of variation is since. Be convenient since I ’ m with you on the inside the Rush is versatile there with body. I just got stupid enough to spend $ 2500 on a cheap.. P15 5.56mm, with a lot of chromatic Abberation ( purple-ish fringing ) in bright daylight, but they ’. Gets done chugging through these numbers you see above Written about Bushnell ’ s reliable. Too large to use with precision at longer ranges for which this for... Scope review Conclusion lesser ranges they all impacted within the coverage of the rifle to yards. Even handle a burnt retina markings inside the Optics are something else to check for that destroying! The brightest multi-coated Optics on the magnification here, but it also doesn ’ track. Feel, but not a big problem have liked that ’ s disappointing Bushnell ’. 3.8 MOA slop and play in the length of the mid/high dollar scopes s not a 40x bushnell ar optics review defective! With some optical magnification of Bushnell ’ s DMR line of scopes is also part of Bushnell s. Takes the all the boxes for features while also actually working very well from WY, United States Written January! Scope on the inside but more likely, the place where many gun owners choose to with... Of itself, less expensive isn ’ t know pointing loaded guns at you at... The third AR Optics scope I have to forgive me, wish ’...

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