The routine inspection and maintenance guidelines outlined here will help ensure optimum performance. If the outside air is too cool to bring into the space yet not economical to heat then the dischargeair can be used to temper the incoming air throughthe heat wheel. Air Handling Unit (AHU), as a system for space heating and cooling is one of the most relevant causes of energy consumption in both residential and tertiary sector buildings. When the space is in the heating mode, the heat and desirable humidity is used to pre-condition the incoming, cold, dry air. This site uses cookies to provide services at the highest level. Our constant aim is to provide systems that precisely deliver the best indoor air quality and performance, as well as maximize energy efficiency. As the wheel rotates between the supply and exhaust air streams it picks up heat energy and releases it into the colder air stream. High effectiveness at moderate pressure loss. Heat that would otherwise be vented outside in the winter time. Heat and moisture are given up to the wheel. Energy Wheel Technology The total energy wheel is constructed of a polymer heat transfer media for sensible energy transfer and a silica gel desiccant that is permanently bonded to the polymer media for latent energy transfer. Silent and highly-effective EC or AC motors fully self-contained within the rotor casing. Fan performance shall be based on tests run in an AMCA certified laboratory and administered in accordance with AMCA Standard 210. The all in one AHU and heat recovery unit saves energy by recovering heat. Mixture of media types: one foil is desiccant coated and the other in standard aluminum providing moderate latent heat recovery at a cost-conscious price. The air handling unit manufacturer, for the purpose of sole source responsibility, shall manufacture all fan assemblies including fan wheels supplied for the air handlers. Carryover Leakage – occurs in rotary recovery wheels as the wheel rotates from the exhaust to supply air stream. We specialize in the design and manufacture of a wide range of air climate and air movement solutions. The double peripheral sealing system ensures no bypass and thus creates around 2% higher energy recovery whilst maintaining very low leakage (EATR). When larger particles attempt to enter, they’re blown away from the wheel as it rotates into the counter-flowing air-stream. Latent heat when moisture in the outlet air condensates on the wheel. There are two ways that air can leak from the exhaust side to the supply side of a wheel: Cross-Flow Leakage – occurs when air leaks from the exhaust side to the supply side through the seals or any gaps in the construction.. This is something that every home owner should keep in mind, when deciding to get air conditioning services. Additionally, a building that uses CO2 control for outside air ventilation will save money on energy costs by precisely controlling the … For further detail on Enthalpy Wheels visit Thermotech. Outside air then enters the energy wheel module, which is the unique feature of this air handling unit. The heart of the FlexAir Treated Fresh Air Unit is the EcoFresh desiccant coated energy recovery wheel, which slowly rotates between its two sections. Energy recovery wheels are self-cleaning in nature with respect to dry material. Direct replacement of the most common industry-standard sizes. HEATEX S900-354-15-C, Sensible Rotary Energy Recovery Wheel with Casing and Drive, 900 wheel size, 35.4dia., 1.5 flute, 40W, 0.05HP Regenerative rotors are important for energy conservation in ventilation systems that treat outside air in order to ensure good, clean air in your internal environments.

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