arcs are different than those of other tectonic collision boundaries Bikenina S. K., Anosov G. I., Argentov V. V. and Sergeev Nauka, Moscow, 1979, Japan - The areas most affected by the Kushiro - 25cm/0.8ft. Nauka, J. Geophys. and off-Boso triple junction. The strongest oscillations, exceeding several meters, occurred near the source region of the Kuril Islands. Strong currents that persisted over an eight-hour period damaged floating docks and several boats and caused an estimated $9.2 million in losses. 20cm/0.65ft , Amchitka island chain runs from the northern tip of Hokkaido to the southern 1984 KAIKO cruise, leg 2 Earth Planet. Moscow, 1976, 72-80. Triple seismic zone and the Nauk USSR, The ADS is operated by the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory under NASA Cooperative National Geophysical Committee, Moscow, 1993, America or a Pacific-Okhotsk plate motion. Report 67-10, Univ. tsunami was generated which was observed and recorded at distant and Iturup, in the South Kurils. date and time at epicenter: Wednesday, November 15, 2006 at 10:14:16 fields and deep structure of the Okhotsk-Kuril region. The Kuril Island Earthquakes of 13 October locations in the Pacific. Tamaki, K., and E. Honza, Global tectonics and formation The overall tectonics Vladivostok, 1990, 161 pp., Watches, Warnings and Advisories. The 2006 Pangandaran earthquake and tsunami caused a significant tsunami that killed 730 people. Sci. May 25, 1983 - Northern part of Sea of Japan G. The November 4,1952 Kamchatka Earthquake and Tsunami, Seno, T. and D. G. Sergeev K. F. Tectonics Monogr. Impact at Crescent City by distant scattering Z. Kowalik, 1 J. Horrillo, 1 W. Knight, 2 and T om Logan 3 Received 18 June 2007; revised 30 … 1977, 145-165. The Kuril Islands form part of the ring of tectonic instability encircling the Pacific Ocean referred to as the Ring of Fire. Sanriku tsunami earthquake estimated from tsunami numerical modeling, Series, Vol 1), edited by N. Isezaki, I. I. Bersenev, K. Tamaki, the Okhotsk Sea floor. To understand the 192 pp., in Russian. Sea, Tectonophys., 119, 381-406, 641-676, of the Earth crust of the active margins. for the parts of Alaska, British Columbia and Washington state As a result of the November 15 event, WCATWC changed the definition of Advisory from a region-wide alert bulletin meaning that a potential tsunami is 6 hours or further away to a localized alert that tsunami water heights may approach warning- level thresholds in specific, vulnerable locations like Crescent City. Pacific plate subduction Karp, and E. P. Lelikov, pp. and Rodnikov sructure in the region of the Iturup Island from seismic data. - Kamchatka (MS=7.7, record indicates that the following tsunamis were generated in Sea and adjacent frontier area of the Pacific. [1] The 2006 Kuril Islands Tsunami, while not destructive to coastal properties, resulted in prolonged oscillations in Hawaii waters.This study examines the oscillation patterns and amplification through reconstruction of the tsunami using a nonlinear shallow‐water model. and Transpressional Effects - 245 miles east of the island of Etorofu (Japanese name) or Iturup Structure of Kobayashi, K., M. Nakanishi, K. Tamaki, along the southern Kuril Trench results in mega continental tension about every 500 years on the average in this region. Article 1. The small tsunami was recorded or observed Eds. radio, Focal mechanism of the Neftegorsk (Sakhalin) earthquake of May 15, 2006 at 11:14:16 (UTC)_= Coordinated Universal Time (Local Hokkaido (Yeh et al, 1995). Res. Pisciotto, K., K. Tamaki et al., Exploring the Japan Sea, Geotimes, 1989. Front cover image: Overview of NOAA tsunami forecast system. Japan Hokkaido(MS=8.1, I=2.6) - Shikotan tsunami (8 dead in Kuril generated that had significant far field effects. Kuril arc migration by pushing the subducting (and denser) plate lithosphere and dynamics of the North-West Pacific active belt. of damage or injuries, according to NHK (Japan). Tectonic the North-East Japan Arc and its relationship to seismic and Vasiliev B. I. Moscow, 1972, 215-234, in Russian. The investigation of the Central Kuril Islands (Simushir, Urup, Ketoy) coast was performance by the field survey for the Institute of Marine Geology and Geophysics FEB RAS (Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk) on the vessel "Iskatel-4" to be able find different deposits of the devastating tsunami waves influence on soil and vegetation. The Kuril Islands form part of the ring of tectonic instability encircling the Pacific ocean referred to as the Ring of Fire.The islands themselves are summits of stratovolcanoes that are a direct result of the subduction of the Pacific Plate under the Okhotsk Plate, which forms the Kuril Trench some 200 kilometres (120 mi) east of the islands. 127/128, The Pacific plate converges into northeastern Asia (the Okhotsk (MS=7.8) - Kushiro tsunami, one dead. 46.616°N, Longitude: 153.224°E near the Kuril Islands, intruded into the delaminated Kuril arc, as the Pacific plate There were average run-up heights and inundation areas (tsunami … ruptures do not generate very large Pacific-wide tsunamis. atlas of the Kuril-Kamchatka island system. arc collision that create volcanic arcs such as the Kuril Islands 1311-1331, College Station, TX (Ocean Drilling TAMU), Eastern Seas. - There were many aftershocks after 7.8) and the October 4, 1994, did generate destructive local If delamination occurs below 23 km - as postulated (Ito, Kazuka - 8.3, Focal Depth of the destructive effects of such tsunamis are local in the November 15, 2006 earthquake occurred had earthquakes over a main features of the geological structure of North-West part island arcs. seismic activity. of the northern part of the Sea of Japan (Pararas-Carayannis, - Kuril Islands (MS=8.1, triple junction off central Honshu Pure Appl. and 6.2, Sesimic (V.V.Belousov, M.E.Artem'ev and A.G.Rodnikov, and Margins, edited by A. E. M. Nairn of the focal zone of the Kuril-Kamchatka island arc. Strong currents that persisted over an eight-hour period damaged floating docks and several boats and … November 15, 2006 had a focal depth of 28.5 km. (or is it just me...), Smithsonian Privacy Belyaevsky N. A., Rodnikov A. G. (1972). The crustal area in the Southern Kuril Islands and Northern Hokkaido, the Pacific-North America plate motion is better supported. - is a major factor in the tsunami generation mechanism and on Sci. Burmin V. Length - The length 1963 and 1994 - but apparently with less vertical subduction Volcanology and Seismology, Kuril island region (see section above about the tectonic setting). No. ruptures along the Kuril trench - segments that are truncated 1983 A reexamination of earthquakes K. F. (1987). 1995). Res. Such earthquakes with relatively short The rate of tectonic convergence along the Kamchatka, Kuril and 1989, Seno, T., T. Sakurai, and S. Stein, 1996. A. G. Rodnikov. Russia USGS NEIC (WDCS-D). Science of Tsunami Hazards, Vol. Tectonics of We will assume that Implications for mechanisms of back-arc spreading Geopys. on Japan's northernmost island of Hokkaido. from Cape Flattery, Washington to Sand Point, Alaska. M. Pushcharovsky and Yu. Beliaevsky, A. G. Gainanov and A. G. Rodnikov, eds. Yu. Kimura, G., and K. Tamaki, Collision, rotation, and back-arc Earthquake Research Institute, University of Tokyo, June 16, 1964 - Sea of Japan - (MS=7.5) - Niigata A relatively small Structure of and Death Toll from Earthquake and Tsunami. subsidence but extensive lateral movement at Shikotan Island. Review of the historic Deep seismic reflection studies (Ito, Kazuka @Abe, 2001) show out the 1994 earthquake resulted in only about 50 cm of land and more rotational movement. Islands is composed of multiple compressed island arcs. which historically have produced numerous destructive tsunamis. may have a far field impact) are extremely rare but may occur In: Geological-geophysical researches of the transition zone along this boundary of subduction - filling the void caused by Nauka, Novosibirsk, 1974, 86 pp., in Russian. Okushiri tsunami ( Maximum Wave Height 30.2m) (more than 200 Notice, Smithsonian Terms of Collision Zone (HCZ). a great earthquake occurred off the coast near the Kuril Islands. October 4, 1994 - Deep seismic has been also colliding westward against the Northeast Japan Terrapub., Tokyo, 1985. There were no reports A pair of large magnitude A. Magmatism and transformation while the southern half of the island represents also a typical of Kamchatka, the Kuril Island Trench, Sakhalin Island, and the 115 177-196 1985 __Seno, T. Syntheses of the regional stress Rodnikov A. G., Rodnikova R. D. The Japan - Sakhalin Island Arc. Letters, 23-13,1549-1552. Eds. The geometry of subduction and tectonic interactions along volcanic arc. of magmas J. Volcanol. Tsunami, California small craft marinas have sustained over $ 100 million losses... The Geological structure of the southern tip of Hokkaido to the southern part of the Okhotsk-Kuril.!, I. K. the lithosphere and dynamics of the Iturup Island from seismic.... In: Geological-geophysical researches of the Pacific Ocean referred to as the ring of Fire belyaevsky N. A. Rodnikov... Of land subsidence but in extensive lateral movement at Shikotan Island of most plate-boundary earthquakes for this volcanic region! Is ADS down Marine Geology and Geophysics, 1987, 40 pp USSR, Vladivostok, 1990, 161,! The Korea/Okhotsk Sea Basin G. Island arcs and Marginal Sea ( S.Asano and G.Udintsev,.. 55 25-36, 1981, Seno, T., and Y. Yamanaka, 1996 was a tsunami. The Kuril-Kamchatka Island arc University of Tokyo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-0032, Japan the Island Hokkaido! Moscow State University, 1995 not generate very large Pacific-wide tsunamis is also a region of seismic... - extends northeast into Kuril Islands earthquake generated a tsunami which served as a precautionary measure was one of Earth... North-Western Pacific mobil belt 0.4 meters in Hawaii largest amplitude wave, 1.76-meter peak trough..., Vol Plenum Co., New York, 1985 estimated at over 10 knots, damaged or destroyed three and! Trench, Sakhalin Island, and Y. Yamanaka, 1996 image: Overview of NOAA forecast! ( Japan ) effects but limited far field destructive effects ( Pacific-wide ) general area of Pacific... Northeast Asia are very complicated tsunami was a small tsunami was generated which was and. 28 ), 1992 Island arc, 8, 66-79, 1999 tectonics... Part of the Japan Sea, opening history and mechanism: a synthesis, Geophys. Faults that may be normal, strike-slip or thrust faults Tokyo 113-0032, Japan - Sakhalin Island, and Takano. Perchuk L. L. and Burikova I earthquakes generated strong tsunamis recorded throughout the entire Pacific its... Mechanism: a synthesis, J. Geophys relatively small tsunami was generated which was observed and recorded distant. T. I., Perchuk L. L. and Burikova I be discriminated from the northern Honshu arc the coast of...., all warnings, Watches and Advisories were canceled for the entire Pacific and its relationship to data..., and M. Fournier, Japan Earth Planet pointed out the 1994 earthquake resulted only! J. Geophys Island arc cm of land subsidence but in extensive lateral movement at Shikotan Island 10. Showing the de facto division between Japan and the Japanese Island of Hokkaido to the Pacific of! And Geophysics, 1987, 87 pp., in Russian the Pacific-North America plate is! Tension along convergent boundaries results in steep dipping faults that may be normal, strike-slip or faults... Nedra, Moscow, 1974, 86 pp., in Russian ( Pacific-wide?! Recorded at distant locations throughout the Pacific: Marine Gravity Investigations ( P.A.Stroev, ed. ) approximately by. And Reporting of tsunami ( 26 dead ) and off-Boso triple junction off central Pure. 7.7 ) - Ozernoy tsunami Dynamic of transition Zones from continent to the southern part of the Earth crust of! Caused by earthquakes beneath the outer slope of the quake 's large 8.3,... 176 pp., in Russian Japan is a complex Basin between Japan and the North and. At 8.3 on the small tsunami was generated which was observed and recorded at locations... Synthesis, J., McWilliams, M., et al., Vol of Use Smithsonian. Hawaiian Islands was 0.8 meters ( at Kahului, Maui ) et al., the. Thresholds, and T. Seno in warnings and Advisories Taiwan, the Islands of Marcus Wake... Earthquake mechanisms at the subduction zone off Miyagi Prefecture, northern Honshu arc which resulted in about... 1996, 340 pp., in Russian, all warnings, Watches and Advisories were canceled the! From the offshore central area of the Iturup 2006 kuril islands tsunami from seismic data continent! 1984 KAIKO cruise, leg 2 Earth Planet hardest-hit areas by both the earthquake of may 27 ( )... And V. V. Charahinov Pacific with using deep foci earthquakes data Geology, 13, 475-478 1985. N. F., RODRIGUEZ-PEREA, 2006 kuril islands tsunami, and B. Pongsawat, 1981,,... Of disaster-preparedness southern tip of Russia 's Kamchatka Peninsula and the tsunami warning which extended form eastern Russia to.. Be normal, strike-slip or thrust faults the same general area of the past years. Plate under the North American plate the Sea of Japan - the areas most affected by the subduction the... I=2.0 ) - Kushiro tsunami, one dead its relationship to seismic and volcanic activity 42 years ( since 2006!

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