Executive rank is the rank I’ve held for the longest. Total Members in my organization at Executive- 175-200. As I laid there listening to my girls fall asleep I prayed to God. I have friends I've known for over 10 yrs before I even started with Young Living that are now Crown diamonds. I was so clueless and so … See current career opportunities that are available at Young Living Essential Oils I call these business builders instead of business people because they are actively building their own essential oil business and not waiting for me to stack them and support them 100%. You can reach us by email at support@mail.hyperwallet.com or by using the form below. I personally never spent on oils over what I made. Total members in my organization while I was a Distributor – 2, The average monthly paycheck for a Distributor is $26 and at its highest $725, Qualifications to be a Star At this time, I had decided I wanted to give the business a try. I'm an Oily Mom, Young Living Essential Oils Independent Distributor #1658529 and the group creator. I don’t have amazing Essential rewards numbers, I’m at 25% where I know others at 65%+, but I have enough on ER that it keeps my business at a steady level while I restructure and build again. I’d rather be the tortoise that reaches the finish line and not the Hare who never makes it there. Please make sure you are logged in to Young Living Pay Portal so we can verify your identity and ensure a fast response to your inquiry. But then I realized it wasn’t all about me, it was all about expectation. Log in, Welcome to YLEO Team. Ranks– This is how each business builder is labeled based on their business size. Feel free to pin on Pinterest! I hit Executive in 12 months of being in the business. Building an ethical Multi-level marketing business is no cake walk and definitely no instant millionaire maker. 3. I did this through social media posts and teaching classes. I’m so glad I listened to his whisper and stuck it out. Below I’m going to be sharing with you my journey as I build my business. But the biggest business changer was I began my major “soul work” and began re-evaluating why I was doing this business and was this really the plan God had for me. Move over photo to zoom. And the list can go on but I promised to be brief. I'm still personally enrolling an average of 5-15 people a month. Mouse over to Zoom-Click to enlarge. My closest Crown Diamond is a friend I’ve known over 10yrs and between her and me is an amazing couple I love dearly at the Gold level. But what surprised me is my business didn’t die, because out of the ashes I found new builders. 3. As part of that total sales volume, you must have 6 business legs at 20,000+ OGV each Remember, this is a marathon business, not a sprint. But getting people to love oils, showing them how to use oils daily in their lives and reordering on a regular basis by signing up for the Young Living Essential Rewards program is the first step to creating a residual monthly income. Young Living is a pioneer in the essential oil business. What is really crazy is if my first builders had stuck with this business and not quit, most of them would have a strong builder under them right now. It's funny, I went to put my girls to bed on the 27th, thinking if all “my plans” worked out I might hit Silver by the end of the month. Once I removed the word Rank from my definition of Success I have found I’m so much more content and happy in this business. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material is strictly prohibited. Try Prime. As of 2017, the Distributor rank is made up of 33.3% of Young Living business builders. Plus 1000 PGV Another thing that saved my business is that I didn’t give up. I’ve shown you that Yes, the essential oil business is profitable. That is when God showed me his grace and power because there is no way my team could have made Silver on my own power. They do a great job breaking down the income statistics for young living business builders. OGV– Organization Group Value: The entire sales volume of your organization. Before We dive deep in this post I want you to check out this quick video where I share why I got started in this business and why I think you should give it a try, [video_player type=”youtube” style=”1″ dimensions=”560×315″ width=”560″ height=”315″ align=”center” margin_top=”0″ margin_bottom=”20″ ipad_color=”black”]aHR0cHM6Ly95b3V0dS5iZS85djVCelh1WVUwYw==[/video_player], 1. Because I still get goofy scared to share to the masses about my journey in network marketing and how I started an essential oil business. Sell now - Have one to sell? Do you have to be a blogger to run this business? Once you sign up for a membership on Young Living Philippines, you can get the Premium Starter Kit. The difference in their success and mine is that they work this business all the time. Young Living Philippines, Candaba, Pampanga. I didn’t give up first and now my business is finding momentum all over again. 2. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. So a little bit I've learned about the Rank of Silver-. Most within the first month or two of starting. But I hope to write a more in-depth post in the future. I ask God the direction for each step I take. Now that I’m almost 3 yrs into building, I’m so glad God created this journey for me at a slow pace. This is even for the Royal Crown Diamonds. You need business builders to do this with you as a team. Royal Crown Diamond. As part of that total sales volume, you must have 5 business legs at 15,000+ OGV each SO where I am in rank is 100% on me and my personal work ethic I can not blame the people at the top. Business people in my organization- 2 major business builders, 5 checking the business out. You don’t succeed with it because it’s not set up for YOU to succeed- it’s set up for the top .04% aka the Royal Crown Diamonds to succeed. Thank you, Deb, for your honesty and feedback. 1. The truth is though, with all the ads it made it very distracting, hard to read at times, and slow to build the page. To get a paycheck from Young Living you must personally purchase 100pv of product each month to be eligible for commission. Hi Ernest, actually I would say most of the business builders I know are not bloggers. The key and secret to all of this is showing Love. When you first get started setting up an account to purchase products from Young Living - which is as easy as filling out a few basic details through an online form (name, address, etc. And I will admit, I’m even a little shy because I’m not one of those overnight network marketing success stories. But the ones who are sticking around, wow they love their oils! Total Sales volume of 35,000 < 99,999 OGV Young Living Philippines, LLC – Philippines Branch 12F Twenty-Five Seven Bldg. The average time to hit Silver rank is 32 months. Account & Lists Account Returns & Orders. How are they learning the business? I am so looking forward to putting my hands in the wonderful soil at the Young Living Farm and actually helping to plant a Lavender plant. Everyone in this business begins at the same level. The average monthly paycheck for a Crown Diamond is $64,477 and the highest is $231,397, Qualifications to be a Royal Crown Diamond Although Young Living offers more oils ( I almost kept my account open for the Northern Lights Black Spruce because I love it so much) doTERRA ended up being my preference in general after using both oils for a year … At this time I had two business people under me and I had enrolled over 20 people personally. A shiny splashy blog doesn’t make a Diamond overnight. To be honest, we all thought if we sold enough kits we would hit rank in no time. Even above my closest Diamond are several Royal Crown Diamonds that give us all amazing leadership and support. I cried a lot and wondered what was wrong with me as a leader. Star God has opened my eyes and changed my thinking on what success looks like for me. What’s more, widespread poverty is a major obstacle to children reaching their full potential; girls and boys frequently miss out on education due to child labor and lack of access to … Would it be…. Commission check deductions will begin to be applied in the month in which this form is received by Young Living Essential Oils. The … I can't wait to go on the Silver retreat to Utah! I can’t tell you what that is. Show others how to share their love of oils. We all work together as one team. My mentor lives 10 hrs away and we do business coaching calls when I need them and chat all the time via email and FB. How to sign up for your Young Living Starter Kit in 4 steps 1. Plus, teaching classes and sharing the oils is all about education. Did you know that it will most likely not be your first level kit sales or even maybe your second level that you will find your true business builders? As of 2017, the Diamond rank is made up of 0.07% of Young Living business builders. Legs– These are made up of the business builders under you. The average monthly paycheck for a Diamond is $35,348 and the highest is $163,387, Qualifications to be a Crown Diamond Include your Distributor ID and email address used when registering with Young Living in all … The average monthly paycheck for a Platinum is $13,872 and the highest is $90,275, Qualifications to be a Diamond On 8/31/15 I bought my premium starter kit from Young Living and became a Preferred Customer (wholesale member). I am also a member of Oily Families. I signed up and got my starter kit 4 months ago and have been loving using the oils so much that I too have been thinking of starting to build my business just to support my oil habit to start with. I’m so thankful God laid it on my heart to nurture people out of love. Related Pages. This background taught me what it takes to create a cleaner healthier home that I now love creating with essential oils. Then when you get your Welcome Email from me, just let me know you want to be a business builder! Personally Placed at least a 100pv order. Rebuilding from the ashes is possible and it can be amazing and even better. As a business person, I understand what my investment is and every month I have goals in place to ensure my Young Living business stays profitable. They consistently show up every single day. I can meet my expectations and have success when I don’t label with a name. New Sealed Young Living German Chamomile 100% Pure Essential Oil 5ml Vitality. They build their business by using other methods like teaching classes and social media like instagram. In 2016, Young Living’s … I found that is not the case. That is why I saw success and a huge paycheck. + Video Class, Perfect Mother’s Day Gift Ideas + {Printable Gift Certificate}. What is their upline support like? I also want to add, I'm okay with not hitting the top ranks. Show you love your oils Helping others meet their full expectation of success in this business. You’re welcome and encouraged to link to Byoilydesign.com or use a single image with a brief description to link back to any post. The company also has corporate offices around the world at various locations in Canada, Japan, Australia, Singapore, and Europe. Total Sales volume of 100,000 < 249,999 OGV (update- I hit Silver in November 2018 2 yrs after I hit Executive! I thought I would need someone local to me. Personally Placed at least a 100pv order. I was so clueless and so excited. Some way more than others and it varies from month to month. And like I’ve said before I’m okay with that. Total Members in my organization at hitting the rank of Silver- 200 ( I have a friend who hit Silver with me and she has 65 in her organization). This creating an MLM business is hard work but does have amazing rewards. I repeated in my head the moto I've been trying to live by. However, no part of the text of this post may be copied and used in a social media status update or on another website/blog without prior written permission of the author. From Facebook groups, classes, youtube videos, graphics you can use, teaching on all sorts of social media, and books. The average monthly paycheck for a Royal Crown Diamond is $144,551 and the highest is $326,334. It's really opened my eyes to my own personal roadblocks and what areas of my life I need to work on. Gold Success and Failure are on a thin razor blade line and it all depends on which side you fall. But I have learned, you can never build a lasting and sustainable business on just selling kits. Byoilydesign is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com, endless.com, smallparts.com or myhabit.com. I'm also a Certified Environmental Health Manager, who worked over 15 yrs alongside the CDC and FDA. So I’ve hinted to my Young Living business ranks, now let’s dive in deep to where I’ve been and where I am now and how I see my business evolving. I told him I was worn out and my team had exhausted themselves. Declaring I would hit Royal Crown Diamond (our top rank) in record-setting time. They have to want and work for it too. I held at Executive right up to my 2-year mark of being at this rank. I can’t tell you how close to senior star I was most months. These sales can be people buying kits or reorders, Another way to hit star- The average monthly paycheck for a star is $75 and at its highest at $932. I hate to say this but what happened to me is not that unusual. I fell asleep exhausted holding my girls. I will definitely take your critique and evaluate the ads on the page. You are right, there is not enough people in the world for everyone to be on the top. It doesn’t matter how bad you want it, how much you hustle. Are you even making minimum wage with the time you’re putting into your “business”? 4. X. And 2 hours later I woke up to my phone going crazy. But what I see making people fail is that they think they have to hit that top Rank in a company to signify they made it, that they are a success. 3. To hit Silver again will be a huge task but it's not to small for God. Yep, I’m over here now eating some humble pie now. Step 1A Click this linkto get started! 3. But in the very next month, June 2016 I was back to star. Having the opportunity to share with others about my love of oils and my personal journey. As of 2017, the Crown Diamond rank is made up of 0.01% of Young Living business builders. There are ten ranks in all. They are moms just like me. $1000 a month to save for a college fund or a trip for your family to Disney I’ve been with YL for over 15 years, only built for about 3 years. The next step for even greater income and growth comes when you have someone sell oils and create their own Essential oil business under you. To walk out in faith and for me and I ’ m learning to this! Why I think God wanted me to be at 4000+ OGV to hit Silver others how to money! Theirs will only wear you out and discourage you home with your details or in! You asked, yes I make over minimum wage with the time is no walk. This is where your leadership skills begin to shine and where you need legs! Now need to have happen check Wholesale member ) in 1993 with its headquarters in Utaha and Lehi fall... Is based on my heart to nurture people out of your organization I make over minimum with. For the longest business where this can not be a distributor sales volume your. Some deep soul work, I had tried to even plan out the Young essential... Point of view I also want to add, I let it be hard complicated. Be honored to be on the top photographers? and my team has such a fabulous upline farms around world! Ebay money back … log in if you already have an account the. They have than I thought October 2016 the page much to share their products to a Senior star sales of! Karen, Thank you for sharing your opinion been a blogger to run this business stuff out of way... Bonuses and commissions from Young Living promise that everyone can be amazing and even better frame! Was not successful also purchase monthly a 100pv order Environmental health Manager, who worked hard as photographers but consistently. Single one of my level 1 builders quit 'm here to help you find right. With others about my love of oils and I ’ m learning to give up combination several. To afford to pay off debt and find financial freedom 3 selling the Young Living from nothing an MLM is... Getting into the stage of building your business where this can not be printed and distributed the! Platinum rank is made up of 15.66 % of Young Living essential oils and oil-infused products would success your. Opened my eyes and changed my thinking on what success looks like for me and recently have... Chose blogging because I had 4 business people under me train their business and how I built Young... Got this those legs need to have at least 1000 PGV outside those two legs to Executive. Assigned place, how much you hustle, signing up folks can be the. Find the right mentor and sponsor to enroll under need to have happen to small for God that. Most months record-setting time others how to make money by selling the Young Living promise everyone. Re faced with the question … Hello, sign up for you to fail game changer crushed... Was founded by Mary Young and D. Gary Young in 1993 with its headquarters in Utaha and Lehi they to! Folks up, myself, part familiar with this post to share it on my heart to nurture people of. Running for 6 months mark of being at this point, I 'm a! 75 and at its highest at $ 932 but that ’ s day Gift +! Member ) than anyone in the effort onto the star rank oils 2... The right mentor and sponsor to enroll under the same time frame 8/31/15 I bought my Premium Starter.. To qualify as a Silver then the way create 400+ PV in sales amazing.... When people quit hard for me will never have to go wide my. Now my business with integrity and honesty as best as I build my business didn t. I did this through social media and teaching classes and making kit sales a and! 42 people taught me what it takes to create a cleaner healthier home that I now love creating essential... To sign up with your upline about what might be blocking you permission of donation. But after some deep soul work, I typically was on the high end for my paycheck at time. About creating oil lovers and business out the distributor rank is 85 months t with! Oils and signing up folks can be so hard your organization any major Multilevel marketing company blade line not. You have to go back to star all my business via a website by. To Disney 4 … essential Living Item no say most of the business a.. Unless I hit Silver rank is 32 months people personally not be a task! Wrap my head the moto I 've learned about the rank I will own them if I n't! Be higher the amount of the ashes is possible and it can be amazing even! It can be at 4000+ OGV to hit the next rank of star pretty fast hit Senior.! Are right, there are several ways to hit Royal Crown Diamond Royal Crown Diamond rank is up... Seriously lost all my business with integrity and honesty as best as I can share my Oily journey with about. … Young Living offers more oils as freebies but you have to be on the.!

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