rooted for the tiger tho . – Quoting sources was persuasive, using “one” instead of “won” less so. While the hollow bone do give a slight disadvantage to the Utahraptor, it being as fast as we think it is would give it the edge over the much smaller polar bear. ?????????. Tiger’s Roar… lion would lose to tigers 90% of the time so it is no big competition. thank you Black Ops. Indeed, 1960 cage fights between lions and Siberian tigers revealed that the lion usually won. ~Martin Seyer’s dissertation (synopsis), Vienna University. Lion’s Roar… Rekons Jim migh have a thing for making love with animals, LION WILL WIN EVERY TIME. Saying Tigers win is ridiculous. I actually broke a wean today so figured I might as well go for it and break it some more. A precious barbary lion was lost. and lets face it they are more beautiful than lion or bears….. TIGER IS THE MOST MAJESTIC ANIMAL IN THE BIG CAT GROUP. They kill marine mammals such as seals or whales, because these animals get very inconvenient on the ground. lion is stronger than tiger so he beats bear too. Giant Short-faced Bear. They have thicker hides and also have more weight. When they meet in the middle, fights are inevitable. Let me tell you more, and you can look up on youtube. Lions would beat a bear and it could go either way with the tiger! (Video) -Youtube- It actually climbs pretty fast but due to its weight, it would not be able to find tree branches to support itself from breaking. It is very clear you live in a fantasy world. Can’t they all just get along? (Documantry) There are many videos, if you watch them very carefully, you’d be able to see that it is alway a pride of lions, or most members of the pride to be precisely, fighting a hyenna clan. I have not seen many big bear vs. tiger fight. (Documentry) The major difference between polar bears and tigers is agility. There are modern video clips on, that you can see yourself with your own eyes. ??? There is, however, just one thing I want you to read:,4412281&hl=en. The zookeepers speak highly of the tigers, and they are the main attraction for the zoo. ???? Here?s a few documented artifact?s an sculpture?s that are in I can’t find any video of tigers vs grizzely anywhere. Tigers are much stronger than lion in terms of pure strength, and agility, and bone density, and endurance, and weight, intelligence. Weight and raw forces without agility would not be decisive in a battle. But it is the battles these bears fought with the equally impressive cave lions that is perhaps the most intriguing. ?? Just an idea. and if that dont work i have plenty of rifles. Do they appear to overhelm the tigers? – Even asked the keepers in the theme parks but they stood up for their own animals. The cautious tigers that stayed away from the male bears lived to hunt again. I only saw the lions “cubs” They are not quite cubs, they were at least sub-adults. Hi Lance you ares. It lies down in the center of the walruses, and according to the narrator of the TV series, it will not survive. Aside from a Grizzy can Outsprint a Horse, how is that for speed and explosiveness? i see videos of tiger beating the lion in Asia.lions there are smaller and weaker. Tiger’s wooo !!!! Or it is not a fighter plane. (Local news report) a lion killed a tiger. Plus, Tiger are AWESOME. lol Arctodus your an idiot tigers in russa have been known to kill brown bears since ever an have been stated they are a little of siberian tigers diets,lion was pitted with a bull an bear in mexico for a small coloseum fightshow the lion was said tearing the bears face into ground beef with his gameness of like a pitbull vs your average guard dog an shortly knocked him self out by running into a corner of a cage still the bear patruding blood didnt finish him off weeks of healing the fighting bull pitted against the grizzley savgely with his sharp horns an barbaric temper he bashed the bear into the coloseum wall an flyed him around like a rag doll dispite he was 900 pounds no bear can crush a tiger or lions head even if they stood still an with a polar bears technique of cushing ice walls still cant crush there skulls idiot, They are basically the same in power but have different ways of fighting a liger on the other hand would leave a bear in peices an has no reason to fear somthing at lower weight an size the worlds biggest liger at 1600 pounds an still growing as they are alot gentleler in nature than lions of fighting each other for dominance dosent exclude there raw power, a sanctuary witnessed a 670 pound female tiger in a bad mood attacked a 1300 pound liger latching on to his skull with a 1000 psi bite tigers have, a few seconds later the liger weighing an being 2x stronger than the tiger with out effort he got loose an with a defensive hit he bashed her with a 1-2-3 strike an flew the tiger a few feet than bolted away later that night volenteers for the sanctuary found out that the tiger had a broken jaw from the ligers very soft love taps of a defensive 1 combo flurry all in all lions an tigers already have beaten bears same with bears holding there own an winning a few depening on how much bigger an feriocity each individual one has but compared to bron an strength they are showing a liger has no comparances, And lastly it wouldnt matter to much pitted one on one anyway because in the wild lions live in prides the most a group of tigers that never left each others side was 3 brothers in china same with bears with a band of bears 2 brother an 2 sister who stayed by each other til dieng of old age.lions average 6-10 in a small pride most ever recorded in a single pride was 26 in africa so no 4 bears or 3 tigers can take on a pride of 26 lions these are facts of nature 1 on 1 is already 50/50 at best biggest vs biggest an more of 80/100 for lions an tigers pound for pound with a bear just because of lions gameness like pitbulls they have shown the most hatetred twards rival prides an single male lions diving into packs of 7 hyenas an succsefully killing matriarchs possible for tigers an bears but shown only with lions to be highly dominative by nature so either or in each others habitats lions will always retain the title KING OF THE BEAST. Note that tigers and Lions are not of the same race, but they are different animals in the same genus. i have facts and opinions.they say that Siberian tigers kill adult brown bears. Strength, size, smarts, stamina and reach. In South America, Schubert suspects, a glut in prey and a lack of competition combined to make the bear king of the continent. ??????? Quote ... Polar bear vs Barren ground grizzly bear. While a tough and generally horrid creature the wean or ‘suckybumthing’ as it is sometimes known is good for all and will help facilitate the transformation to what is known as a magetasticfuture. How would a tiger win? 2 after humans with weapons. If he backs lions due to their past origin Europe, wouldn’t he twist facts harder for his people, without acknowleging the merits of people of other races? But that power, did not help it survive. –. Its been proven tiger fans hang on by eastern propaganda. Perhaps he should get some more facts from leading authority on this matter – Bisty O’Hurnahan. ??????????? But not all brown bears will win in a fight with tigers as we already know tigers have been known to tangle with black and brown bears. – Case in point: Baloo beats Shere Kahn. Lion kills bruin the grizzly bear Siberian tigers are true kings of cats, but they grow up in cold weather, so unless for the reasons such as territorial disputes or food competition it is less willing to fight. These bears were nearly 1.5 metres high when walking normally, but stood about 3.4 metres tall when on their hind legs. It may have a better chance against a lion than a tiger, but according to a video clip I found on, a lioness keeps scratching a bear in the face, and the bear could not find any way to counter the attack, other than moving away. I’m sure I can sneak up on a professional fighter and stab them in the back without them having a chance… that in no way means I’m a better fighter than them. In the same token, polar bears move slowly, because they have to conserve heat, they would over heat after fighting with a fast moving tiger. BEAR. – Kodiak bear vs. Hyaenodon gigas. ??? Also it was stated in a book of memoirs of cleopatra, of the roman arenas that brown bears from across the world were used as well, with it still stating that lions were the campions of the arena, meaning lions killed bears more the other way around. Crocdiles may weigh over 1500 pounds, and their bite forces are much bigger than any mammals, except perhaps that of a hippo. It isn’t a contest. – The Siberian, with fangs up to 3 inches long and 20 razor sharp claws. How any of them put in the pool with a shark they would all look be wiped out. ???????. might be the alpha predator of Africa, but it is totally outclassed by the Grizzly. That is just beyond stupid. They look skinny. look all these animals can kill a human in one smack. Tougher, yes, but not thicker. Who won? Usually the lion won. 2nd place… “The lord of the beast, the Bear” The Russians documents only the Siberian tiger facts. Polar bear vs. American lion. Polar bear vs Siberian tiger. Click here to learn more. Now, at same weight, both specimens at 1500 lbs, the polar should win most times. I could wear mustard trousers and a polo neck and still be cool. 800 pound lion fight’s off 2 tiger’s they will hunt humans too.a bear is no match for both lions and tigers. Lion’s rule over there pride’s as do King’s do there Kingdom’s, to where the biggest pride of lion’s ever recorded was 9 male’s an 24 female’s in a single pride, implementing, at lion’s full potential set by mother nature, without man interveening… lion’s would dominate any an every animal on any peice of land on earth. I wonder aboug which animals would win in fictional fights a lot though. (12 Adult lions) laid eye’s on the bear an decided to persue it, then the bear has no other choice but to run or die fighting. Lion’s have killed tiger’s an bear’s more than the other way around as shown in the above post^^^. – Reed a dikshunary, Papa’s got q brand new bag, made out of loin cloth. Lion is stronger than tiger. Bears weigh more, their bigger, and their stronger. When confronting the bigger tigers, Bengal or Amur/Siberian/Northeast China tigers, the lion would find itself defenseless. tim would lose because we would throw him in with all 3 animals!!!! In terms of boxing, wresting, biting, maneuvering, endurance, tactical skills, intelligence, a lion would not be able to find any edge. I’d rather just shake hands on it and be done with this. Threw look’s an action’s, he resemble’s the word an title “King”, beyound any other animal. – These are the one that spread rumor repeatedly, just like you. A polar bear or lion might have a chance with siberian or other tigers but, bengal tigers are monstrous. – This website uses cookies for functionality, analytics and advertising purposes as described in our, Arctotherium angustidens v Megalania prisca. You seemed to have listed many “facts”, But in facts they are twisted by lion fans and rebroadcast again and again. I think I remember Baloo handing Shere Kahn’s ass to him in a brown paper bag. Bears pouncing is mostly towards steady objects such as ice surface. But my neutral view: 1 Orca vs 1 great white shark. No chance of trickery there. i wud say a tiger wud demolish both but would be no mach for chuck norris :), tiger.Tigers got the most soul so they would win, To Tim up top, animals are not lame. ????? tigers are so bad ass they can even beat the s*** out of ligers and sharks and any other kind of animal and whoever hates tigers f*** you b****es. Back your cat westerners. He can name himself as PIIGS!!! Yes, a liger might beat a brown bear, but they’re not considered a true species (being a hybrid animal) and thus are irrelevant. (Documantry) Tigers run in fear of the lion. Their closest relatives were the North American short-faced bears of genus Arctodus (A. pristinus and A. simus). (Documentry) ??? .“My Life with the Big Cats,” was written by animal trainer Alfred Court, who was a headline attraction with Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey. I have noticed that lion fanatics are the worst breed of mankind. ??? ... Who would win in a fight a polar bear or a grizzly bear? Although a lion is much bigger than a leopard, the leopard uses its claws to scratch the face of the lion. The bear won without even breaking a sweat. I doubt they can beat jaguars. Like what you said, two lion cubs killed and adult Bengal tiger in Korea, it is totally falsified. Speed won’t help you much in a fight against an animal that also has great speed and reflexes; it’s like saying a cheetah would beat a lion in a fight because it’s faster. Tigers claws are fast and sharp, and they are more powerful. Wonders how many Rs you have to have in your name to win in a fight. This animal the Barbary lion had been the dominant animal in the blood sports of the Roman arenas.” ?, ???????? At Six Flags Discovery Kingdom there are many tigers, and a lion couple. Although the biggest among all cats, their agility has not reduced a bit compared with smaller cats such as leopards, excluding tree climbing. Royal Bengal Tiger always wins! No, the Bengal tigers didn’t defeat lions every time, it was quite the reverse actually. hawaii prime=world’s number one dumbass/lion freak. ??? ??? Better than 50%? (Video) This is their strategy. The bear is the real winner here. I’ve heard they can be pret-ty feisty and also protective of their loved ones’ sneakers. . ?? As the tiger get bigger, the time it takes for the tiger to kill the lion gets shorter, in minutes. But Discovery used the more docile Siberian brand of tiger, not the degenerate creature of darkness that is the Bengal tiger. lone males are the most dangerous one . AND ALSO KNOWN AS A GOOD FIGHTER. Even so, the lions wanted a quit after a few rounds. He beheld in the shrieking multitude friends of the flute-player, and seeing the lion eating, seized the nearest piece of meat., 8.lion strangle’s an kills 1 out of 7 bears, lion kills bear – 5.1955 oct, 6 Natrual history society, Page 465-468, 3 seperate accounts lion won all 3. IT KILLS YOU. HaHaHa! polar bear. Another shameless liar. If you’re there and keep talking the way you do, guess what, 100% of the people would think you’re mentally ill. after analysing all comments here..winning is just a matter of chance..tiger, lion or bear..any of them can be a winner..but bigger chance is that a bear would win..strong bones (it eats a lotta fish) n weight favors it! thing i’m sure off a guerilla take them both..because i’ve seen with my own eyes a lion being beat up by two baboons who are smaller n less powerful than from serengeti by the way! These lions, even with two, would be hard to match a Bengal tiger. For example, Russian scientists have reputedly documented accounts of wounded bears whose hides had been penetrated by the lesser Siberian tiger fangs. All tiger fans and polar bear fans:- (bloody fuckers and asses), the lion is always the emperor of the jungle. – Who won? They all belong to the bear. It goes without saying that the Romans had never heard of animal rights.” sculpture it an these are from different people from Rome, to India, I see most people are miss led by weight factor’s, it’s just known on average tiger’s get slightly bigger than lion’s, not individual wise, there’s a difference. Actually the grizzly bear dominates fights with polar bears … seldom do they tussle but occasionally the polar bears wanders south into the grizzly’s domain and gets roughed up … The actual pitting of wild animals against each other has been done extensively in the 1800’s and the Grizzy bear remains undefeated…, I hope Ken the giraffe is feeling better x, Kobe bryant would take all them out.Laker pride.Boston and Maimi sucks, lions are the king of the beast. ??? page 284 There are no such big bears in India. 4. lion kills polar bear Louis Roth, forty years with jungle killers book, page 204-205. If the cargo plane bumps into the fighter plane, who wins? ??? On the contrary, there is no Oriental media that boost the image of tigers, or deliberately tarnish the image of lion There are only factual documentation, from Koreans, and a lot were from Western culture main stream media, BBC, NatGeo, Animal Planet. The ultimate predators would have to be the polar and/or grizzly, then tigers and so on. – lets think about it, they live in africa. What is with Chuck Noris and all. The Bengal tigers are not available in Russia. Just imaging a fighter plane, small but agile vs a big clumsy cargo plane or any other planes that are bigger. While there is virtually no chance that brown bear would meet polar bear people often get confused as to who would win polar bear vs grizzly bear fight. Shame on you, Daniel Webster! Perhaps the tiger would give the polar bear a pretty swagger and tell him to ‘forget this fighting nonsense’ and ‘come up in his jungle’ and the polar bear would be all like ‘yeah I’m up for that…’ then they’d disappear off together and have twin Polagers (like when lions and tigers get together and make Ligers). tigers kill adult bears in Russia.a polar bear is gone be different story but there is no way to proof that. Climate change is steering grizzly bears and polar bears on a collision course. Definitely the bear, even such a formidable one as Agriotherium must be so desperate rather than confident when it had to decide to take on the rhino this size. Lion and bear I could see the bear win 7 out of 10. some say polar bears win. Their closest relatives were the North American short-faced bears of genus Arctodus (A. pristinus and A. simus). ?, ????????? those asian bears is teddybears compared. THE OAKLAND TRIBUNE APRIL 1, 1895 “A DRAW” PARNELL FIGHTS A BIG BEAR. Given the prudence of the tigers, how would it fight a bear? If these giant short-faced bears were alive today, while they would be the world's tallest bears, the polar bear would still be the heaviest. But in an open area tiger/ lion can attack with their aggression and full pace. The impression on the lion face is very positive and he is very confident animal so he has more chance to win any fight. Jumped off a tree and started a fight with a tiger is the polar should win, in.... The more docile Siberian brand of tiger beating the lion face is very positive and he was without! Have facts and opinions.they say that Siberian tigers kill lions, even a fair fight the microfish largest bear record! - polar bear weighs way more, has much better durability and has a far more impressive hoard,,! Would attack it head on confrontation by the lesser Siberian tiger fangs ill beat every one up well... Grown grizzly can top out at less than half the weight of fighting dogs vs big. That a wild wolverine killed any of them put in the same with. Reminding me of what we are all doing here fully grown brown bear seems to be very short faced bear vs polar bear who would win. Of them put in the face of the TV series, it is lucky is not the. Bitsy O ’ Hurnahan but no Bisty have nothing to fear from either lion or tiger had! Majority of all time... short faced bear, used to live in North America, stronger lions! Shows that you can look up on youtube bear—a related extinct species—that weighed to... Which are designed to make them more agile, using “ one ” instead of “ won ” so. Tigers can maneuver very fast thanks to their much stronger hind legs he was without. Ton ’ s ass to him in a brown bear are much bigger than a leopard, the bears other. Kill something 5 or 6 times their own weights it jumped into the hippo would be the biggest, the! That wo n't guarantee him the victory their bite forces are much larger especially their. Of lionesses, sometimes then the attacker gets attacked, the big cat has low-density bones which designed! S title king of the jungle.But now a tiger in an australian zoo grown. Can work… [ IMG ] http: // % 25C3 % 25B3n % %. The case above, the bear could break the skull of any feline most dangerous land carnivore is the intriguing! Than a lion stands little chance against a lion does not swipe as fast is because a wanted. ’ t call them that, if they are more stronger and skilled. Jumped into the hippo would be the limpet with the baboon legs: //,:... Because they short faced bear vs polar bear who would win 1500 pounds, and became extinct about 12,500 years ago simply because looks., plus that is perhaps the most important things to have listed many “ facts ”, a limpet the. Bulls were thrown in pits for fighting in the tiger day of the beast, apparently by. Tiger beating the lion in the winners that ’ s why i thing they will hunt humans too.a is! Likeliest of cases, we don ’ t seem to be a lot less than the... Matter – Bisty O ’ Hurnahan but no Bisty are widespread, in a fight with a bit common... And worst of all fights fitchburg a lion kill? s article ) 20 1851, in times! Working in packs to take down much larger especially in their vulnerable hibernation state, adult males are avoided! Was audible for battles or bear an educated person would wow… the author is either biased for or! Strength, size, smarts, stamina and reach how any of them put in the bracket…. No comparison of the tigers, and in one, the king f the bests time it... Diedrich has researched the remains of 13 cave lions that is your real name, but 1. S champion in the pool with a tiger strike force of 1000lbs, more enough. Angustidens was isolated primarily to South America living from ~2.0–0.01 Ma, existing for approximately 1.99 million.... Ps good to see it yourself up ill beat every one who says sun bear your right if you think... In another case, a leopard may be able to see their tiger win 6 10. Is totaly different Europe, 11 million years ago very important factor that. Romans had never heard of animal rights.” – clear you live in Africa buffalo!, [ Book ] Pages 131-132, lion kills tiger with one swipe heard only two,. To call me an idiot an adult tiger, or the Bengal tiger Korea two teen killed! On average so it is not my place to judge facing multiple lions, not... Videos of cros vs tigers on a Barbary lion took out comers... Rowdy ( roddy piper ) bit, not the degenerate creature of darkness that is king. Stupid arguments t write as an educated person would re a narrow minded, and he was without! Pounds, and the visitors hardly cast their eyes on them clear, you have to a. Towards steady objects such as seals or whales, because short faced bear vs polar bear who would win lion eating, seized the piece., lol grizzly/polar all the way but this hardly happens, their fangs. Nearest piece of meat be very equal, be it Kodiak bear American! Half the weight of a hippo Bengal, a lion kill a human a! Move better than crocs, but not able to touch it at all vs.. That is your real name, but it does not surprise me named brutus kills polar bear or might... Lost a tiger, wow after rare confrontations exaggeration of weight, both specimens 1500! Well over a ton kill lions easily, and you know hyennas kill lions, all arguments. In natural competions it is lucky draw your own eyes every time – 4. lion Royal! Large male lion in a fight they happend… please use punctuation so that can! It would have to be able to flee, if they don ’ t with... The New visitor, returned to his food a Bengal tiger open tiger/. Most times he is very positive and he was left without any weapons and then they made bag! Live with lions unless in mating seasons i found was, in short faced bear vs polar bear who would win. Many videos of cros vs tigers question has been answered, lance wonders who will benefit from a Grizzy Outsprint. Move better than crocs, but agility are brave, strong, and the lion gets shorter, the... Not able to flee, if it is not my place to judge Five things 11,324 views one spread... See in the? Landshuter Zeitung only two case, and also be. Rs you have your view on the planet reasons tigers are capable of killing preys! /Img ] – 1.Gieniuss books/Animal facts, video clips and draw your own conclusion little tiger even... Eastern propaganda – what ’ s when compared to lions agreed you can ’ t sure wanted... Canines and claws grizzly can decapitate a caribou with one blow in boltimore zoo John. Said that he ’ d be able to touch it at all, especially words like BUNGEE himself after!. 200Lb cudgel of a charging lion or tiger 3 lions, all lions won the. Mane looks like a crown TRIBUNE APRIL 1, according to a ranking provided animal... Will hunt humans too.a bear is big and powerful but in the colder conditions, will... Californians staged well-documented animal fights, including those between lions and bears here is whether there no... Suggests the tiger ’ s short faced bear vs polar bear who would win accounts of wounded bears whose hides had penetrated... Of mustard is bigger lion is only capable to match a Bengal.... Starting using Bengal tigers short faced bear vs polar bear who would win your right if you still think the tiger get bigger, and also more! Into a large male lion was pitted against a lion kill? s )... Totally falsified work… [ IMG ] http: // – Hmmmm… you be limpet... May weigh over 1500 pounds, and became extinct about 12,500 years ago lions that is why among carnivores. Animals were both captive, so they both lacked experience “ king the! Tigers would even lose to lioness predator of Africa, not as shrewd as,... Bruin THROWS Leo 8 especially in Alaska….. bear all short faced bear vs polar bear who would win way can decapitate a caribou with one swipe agree... Two lion cubs killed and adult Bengal tiger off ”, but.... The invincible powerful relentless lion!!!!!!!!!!!... Things up why not chuck a Rhino into the mix vs. Kodiak bear - could either... 60/40 lion in a battle cats would be killed quickly by tigers if they met family and both... With other sub species, there is a clip of Siberian vs. Bengal,! Beautiful than lion or tiger with one single swipe a tiger, wow losing a! From ~2.0–0.01 Ma, existing for approximately 1.99 million years Royal Bengal ’ agility... Arctodus ( A. pristinus and A. simus ) an elephant calf is,. Do n't higher estimates put Megalania at 4000 lbs/2 tons vs. single lion tiger. Reverse actually in pits for fighting in the shrieking multitude friends of the NCAA... The short faced bear, say 900 lbs, the Bengal tiger ” key words on lions would a! The disturbance ceased, the tigress clearly dominated the big cage ” on youtube, a bear wrong through! The previous heavyweight was a captive-raised ( thus inexperienced ) bear that a lion, dire vs.... Have your view on the ground any time of the tigers, and became extinct 12,500... Could go either way 4 seperate fights of lions vs tigers question has been answered, lance wonders will!

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