The weakling of an elf was, not only still unconscious, but also leaning on his shoulder. There is also a crimson headwrap. Barbarian Hero 33 L Advanced Most of the shirts are rather modern looking, but the dark trousers are utilitarian and the pinkish-brown dress robe manages to be feminine, cute, and modest. Available in black and brown. Despite the name, there’s nothing about it that stands out as mage armor. You can make up a matching set for any of them with a Bandana or Fur Hood, or an Armored Fur Hood or Mantle for Heavy sets, or a Padded Fur Hood or Mantle for Light sets, or with the Mantle of the Silver Hand. Akaviri Samurai 42 H Ebony Grace Darklings Elven Scout Armor (and Diviner Robes) (UNP) - standalone, hi-resLocated in a chest in High Hrothgar, in leveled loot and merchant lists, and in qasmoke.Adds 2 different outfits: 1) the Elven Scout Armor, a short-sleeve light armor chain shirt over dark leggings in 8 color variants, and 2) The Diviner Robes, a retexture of the Cultist robe in muted forest shades of gold/brown/green. It comes with some useful enchantments for conjurors, as well. Using map Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch.esp-map.txt . People, don't upvote my comments, upvote TeaMistress's so that the list stays in order! Saber Dress by Hentai - standalone, hi-resCrafted at the forge under the “Leather” categoty.This is a pretty blue and white dress that rocks the Disney princess look with its laced bodice and poofy shoulders. Check out this mod for black/blue, black/grey, and black/red. )Light Elven Armor Recolors offers a choice between grey or purple. Looks great! Very sharp looking for a battlemage. Dwarven Mage Light Robe 29 L Dwarven Crimson Archer 33 L Advanced The result is a dark mash-up with the Vagabond gloves, Ebony boots, and black hood, all accented with glowing runes. The outfit itself is an asymmetrical black dress with crisscross leggings, boots, bracers,a wolf’s head pauldron, and a glorious fur-trimmed hood (hoods with hairs optional). Fur Mantle. Dwarven Mage Unarmored Robe U Dwarven Optional file to add to leveled lists.Another great mod by the author of the Common Clothes mod listed below. Witchplate - standalone, hi-resCraftable at the forge under the “Glass” category.Takes the vanilla steel armor and runs with it. (Must install original mod. A nice design, but if you find the rust color uninspiring there is also a recolor mod that offers red, violet, and grey. For The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Anyone know what fur hood this is? Includes blue hood and blue/brass gloves and boots. *Heroic Imperial Armor requires Membership in The Imperial Legion at Quaestor Rank (at least). Glacial Crystal Heavy 46 H Ebony Fur Hood/Mantle U ), Imperial Investigator Armor (UNP) - standalone, hi-resCraftable at the forge under the “Leather” category.This very cute outfit is a sleeveless wrap coat over a white shirt and dark leggings. Want more color options? Bear Trap iii. The Wt column shows H for Heavy Armors, L for Light Armors, U for Clothing items with no armor value. the Roadstrokers Rogue Sorceress Armor - standalone, hi-resLocated in a barrel near the guard gate in Riverwood.This is a nice looking outfit with a white blouse, brown leather corset, cuffs,and pants, and a blue half or hooded cloak. Ashara Princes of the Woods for UNP and Male - standalone, hi-resCraftable at the forge.Adds over 100 pieces of clothing and accessories with a woodsy theme. *Plain Bandanas are made at any Tanning Rack. While the ones you mentioned are clearly well-made and metal as f**k, they're not an aesthetic I find appealing. There’s an optional retexture file, but no pictures of what that looks like. Unintentional example. (Must install original mod and HDT Physics Extensions for the dark version. It's hard for me to recommend a specific armor for a playstyle. *Buckler & Shield of Ysgramor require completing the Companions Quest - Glory of the Dead. Boiled Chitin Heavy 40 H Dwarven There’s also an optional file to greatly increase how many NPCs have the new clothing. The exception to this rule is the Daedric Lord Armor set which cannot match with them because that would be inappropriate and contrary to Immersion. 25 Feb 2017 00:11 . Light Target Shield 19 L Steel+* Just want clothing? Vampire is a blue/black corset over stockings or trousers with a crotch you’ll either find charming or awful. Tali Armors - standalone, hi-resLocated in barrel in Whiterun or craftable at the forge.This set is inspired by the Tali character from Mass Effect. R18Pn 00 - Leere Armor for UNP and CBBE v3 - standalone, hi-resCraftable at the forge.This is a black plate-look armor with optional light armor stats. RR Skyrim Seifuku for UNP - standalone, hi-resLocated in a chest near Whiterun’s entrance.While this schoolgirl-type outfit isn’t particularly lore-friendly, it offers a mix and match assortment of blazers, skirts, and kneesocks in 12 colors, as well as socks, shoes, and some accessories. The Ninja Project - Beta - standalone, hi-resCraftable at the forge under the “Leather” category.A simple dark pantsuit and masked hood based on the vanilla Reguard attire. Make sure to download the female version update file along with the main file. It’s an elaborately carved bronze-brown plate cuirass with an embroidered silk skirt and matching thigh-boots. Inquisitor Armor Compilation - standalone, high-resCraftable at the forge under the “Steel” category.This is a fantastic set inspired by the character of Van Helsing, the vampire hunter in Dracula. It consists of a Harbinger Helmet, Harbinger Chestguard and Harbinger Greaves. Brigand Dwemer Breastplate 33 H Dwarven I cannot tell if the original mod is required. Check out this Royal Retexture (requires original mod). It’s vaguely military in appearance, which is enhanced with the plate-look knee boots. This offers a craftable version of the fantastic original white/aqua/crimson set, as well as 7 other color variants. This mod makes you choose between the red, blue, purple, green, woodland, black, and white variants. It’s a black and silver bodysuit with mix and match items. I haven't touched the game in months and my favorite armor outfit no longer worked because the modder deleted the files (after the paid mods fiasco, apparently). Blades Hakama - standalone, high-resLocated in a sack outside of Sleeping Giant Inn in Riverwood. You can also check out this retexture mod for a different look, as well as the great Ashara Elven Archer Armour Revisited (UNP). Until the 1.9 patch, a bug sometimes caused the courier to make his deliveries wearing nothing but a hat and a loincloth. Nordic Ranger Outfit - standalone, hi-resCraftable at the forge under the “Leather” category.This is a rust-colored tunic and pants over a dark chain shirt with a black hood. Light Spiked Kite Shield 26 L Advanced+* Karliah Armor 2 (UNP) - standalone, hi-resCraftable at forge.Same author as the above armor, this standalone is an open black cropped leather jacket over a fairly skimpy white leather shirt with black trousers. Major timesaver, so a HUGE thank you TeaMistress! They were all Nords, wearing leather padded chainmail and warm looking blue wool wrapping. Steel Buckler 15 L Steel Different Designs are chosen at the Painting Rack. Nord Mail Shirt 28 L Steel Using resources from the Dawnguard armor, this is a long duster-type jacket ensemble with gloves, boots, and a wide-brimmed hat. Winterhold Battlemage Shield 27 L Ebony You have a few options, the Worker Scarf, Wanderers Scarf or the Short Mantle though I think the best pick here is the Worker Scarf (Again for the colors go with #16) Arms Again there’s a few different things you could choose, you can have nothing, the Checkered Gambeson Short Sleeve, Bracers or the Rolled Cloth . Toolbox c. Other Wild Hunt Heavy 46 H Dragon Costume Viking Viking ... Savage / barbarian / fur and leather legwraps or perhaps (if padded) greaves. Stormlord 44 H Ebony+* So let’s get on with that, shall we? There are plenty of other retextures, though, if you want more color options:Tru3Magics Light Elven Armor Retexture offers 11 color variants - choose 1. Orcish Buckler 18 L Orcish Cod-piece Fabric covering for the groin, latterly padded. Fingerless gloves and boots with knee-high legwraps complete the look. Comes in 12 colors and also contains a short duster-type mantle and a wide-brimmed hat. Check out my other list: I Feel Pretty! The Scarf can be made at any Tanning Rack. The base outfit is a chain shirt over a charcoal skirted outfit, with lots of leather straps and scarlet accents. Warchief Light Bulwark 36 L Advanced+Orcish Want it in red/gold? Plague Doctor armor is a craftable Hardmode Thrower armor set crafted from Silk, Souls of Light and Souls of Night. Bosmer Reinforced 36 H Dwarven the Roadstrokers Alvin Hews Annika Outfit Set standalone, hi-resCraftable at the forge.Adds a nice assortment of modest pantsuits with jackets, vests, knee boots, and 2 backpack styles in a variety of colors. Tona - Anchorite Outfit by Nausicaa - standalone, hi-resCraftable at fore under various categories.This is a flowing white pantsuit with nice scrollwork embellishment and black trim. Update: 1.5 changes the way the hoods are crafted, see the instructions below ... Once you have enough fur scraps in your inventory, several new hood recipes will appear: including padded, armored, and scarf-less versions. This is a somewhat skimpy plate/cloth ensemble with a pleasing leaf design in the chestpiece and an elaborate feathered headpiece that resembles Thor’s helmet (Whoa, nice feathers…) Comes in 4 colors and 2 coverage variants. The Witcher 2 - Iorveth Light Armor - standalone, hi-resCraftable at the forge under the “Steel” category.This armor is inspired by Iorveth’s armor from The Witcher 2 and is a skirted cuirass in shades of muted greens and blues with crimson and chainmail accents and leather straps and pouches. Bandana U * Must acquire craft book from Anise’s Cabin.Not gonna lie, this one is pretty skimpy. The first outfit closely resembles an all-black version of Apotheus Armor. This will allow you to craft a white version and then dye it 7 different colors. Dragonbone Ebonsteel 48 H Dragon+Ebony I only installed UNP last night, along with a Triss outfit (I used this one because it's specifically designed for UNP -- does the CBBE one you posted work just as well?). Nomos Ranger Armor - standalone, low-resCraftable at the forge under the “Leather” category.Adds a greyish-green dress with black leather pauldrons, bandolier, bracers and boots. Gilded Doublet - standalone, hi-resCraftable at forge under “Leather” category.This is a nice brass-studded wrap tunic over black pants combo with knee-boots and gloves. Heavy Spiked Body Shield 30 H Advanced(or Orcish)+* *Imperial Knight Armor requires Membership in The Imperial Legion at Legate Rank. As with the other list, if you’re looking for super sexy revealing outfits you won’t find them here. Falkreath 38 H Advanced I wish that the author would have adapted the male version for female use, as I greatly prefer it. The Bard Armor is a lovely Witcher 2 Ves-inspired studded blue jacket over white blouse and grey pants with brown and red leather accents and a fine feathered cap. Don’t want to have this in just one color? Also available in Red/Black, Deep Black, and Steel/Purple (all require installation of the original mod.). Shrouded Armor - True Assassin - standalone, hi-resCraftable at the forge under the “Leather” category.A standalone ninja-style reimagining of the DB Shrouded Armor. )Light Elven Armor - Thalmor Variant offers a black/gold retexture inspired by the Thalmor robes. It comes in 7 colors plus an optional red pyromancer retexture. ), Demon Hunter Armor (UNP) - standalone, high-resCraftable at the forge under the “Leather” category.Adds a carved leather sleeveless pantsuit. Knows-Sky-Height (Corners of Skyrim mod) is wearing black Vampire Armor, Boots of the Old Gods, Bosmer Hooded Helm, Bosmer Reinforced Gauntlets (to protect his hands from fire and lightening spells), Bosmer Shoulder Cape, Fur Collar, leather vial bandolier, book holders and vial pouches (mod), brown fur backpack (mod). Tribunal Light Robe/Mantle 38 L Arcane+Glass Like the look of this but want something darker? Boiled Chitin Light 32 L Elven Summary: Follow Luthien, Dunmer Dragonborn as she makes her way through the harsh province of Skyrim. Gildergreen Heavy Aegis 36 H Daedric* Northgirl Armor UNP - standalone, high-resCraftable at the forge under the “Hide” category.This is a long-sleeve knit sweater with tight leather pants, filigree patterned gloves and boots, and a fur shawl. It takes a total of 42 Harbinger Catalysts to craft a full suit. Dragon Knight Light 42 L Dragon+Glass The camp itself can be used as a player home. You people do know that you can look at actual naked women with big boobs on the internet for free, right? *Apotheus Armor requires reading Ulag's Journal & is made at the Skyforge. (Must install original mod.) Wanderers and Cutthroats: leather, fur, and the glint of steel: A Perfect Assassin - standalone, hi-resLocated in chest within the Dawnstar Sanctuary.A sleek non-studded red/back bodysuit with matching hood, gloves, and boots. Fur Collar U Outfit is current an all-in-one, with optional hooded or hoodless version. Crimson Ranger Armor - standalone, high-resCraftable at the forge under the “Leather” category.One of my favorite armors, this is a brown and black leather set with touches of scarlet accent throughout the design, with a scarlet cloak. Spellbinder 42 H Advanced+Arcane From shop UKetsyshop. Tribunal Mask U Arcane The laced boots are cute, too, but you must install HDT HighHeels System in order to utilize them. They are both quite similar, but the patterns differ a bit and V2 offers optional ultra HD versions. In a fit of divine inspiration the author looked at the Dragonborn Cultist armor, the vampire boots, and the Assassin’s Creed clothing and thought “I can make this all work.” The end result is a 10-piece mix and match armor and accessory ensemble in 6 colors - black/red, white/red, slate/red, brown/white, crimson, and dark blue. Comes in sky blue, brown, red/brown, and dusty purple. Common Clothes has some robes that have padded tunics that look much warmer than your vanilla robes. MorSit Armor UNP - standalone, hi-resObtain via console.Another take on the Mord Sith theme, with another bodysuit with gold buckles in your choice of red, white, and black. 3) Ves - Blue/gold studded quilted jacket over blue/cream striped pants, plate knee boots, and leather straps. (Must install original mod.) LARP Costume Set Blue - Assassin. LeatherBound Huntress Armor (UNP) - standalone, hi-resLocated in a chest across the river from Riverwood Trader and craftable at the forge under the “Leather” category.Despite the name, this outfit is not particularly kinky. Want a miniskirt version of this retexture? Tribunal Heavy Robe/Mantle 44 H Arcane+Ebony Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for. It’s magnificent. This mod offers 4 dress styles in light armor and cloth in 3 color variations (blue, red, black/gold), matching shoes, and arm-length silk gloves in red, black, and blue. Some items may be available to craft before the rest of a set where this would be appropriate. So much good stuff in here I haven't seen yet. 1 Head 1.1 Warrior 1.2 Ranger 1.3 Mage 1.4 Rogue 1.5 Druid 1.6 Other 2 Torso 2.1 Warrior 2.2 Ranger 2.3 Mage 2.4 Rogue 2.5 Druid 2.6 Other 3 Arms 3.1 Warrior 3.2 Ranger 3.3 Mage 3.4 Rogue 3.5 Druid 3.6 Other 4 Legs 4.1 Warrior 4.2 Ranger 4.3 Mage 4.4 Rogue 4.5 Druid 4.6 Other 5 Cape 6 … Primitive Nord Heavy 39 H Advanced New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Welcome to /r/SkyrimMods! Crimson Twilight Armor (UNP) - standalone, hi-resCraftable at the forge under the “Ebony” category.This is a very finely-detailed leather and steel armor with ornate steel accents at the chest, pauldrons, and boots. (Make sure to read the mod description. Battlemage Armor - standalone, hi-resCraftable at forge under “Leather” category.A rust/black-colored mashup of thief leather and male mage robes. :), Press J to jump to the feed. I don’t care for the fresh killed rabbits hanging at the belt in the main file, but there’s an optional file to remove them, which I recommend. The outfit draws on assets from the various Imperial armors and the College mage robes and produces armor that looks official and attractive. The long lace coat is simply gorgeous. How about a brown ranger-type version? Check it out. I think it looks kind of silly, but it’s so popular and has so many retextures that I felt it should probably be included. While these are generally just black recolors of existing outfits in the game, they're done very well, and having the matching black accessories are a nice addition. Also the Silver Knight Armor has a male+female all-in-one version. Glacial Crystal Light 40 L Glass For a slightly different look and 2 more color variants, check out this retexture (Must install original mod.). If you don’t want to bother with the camp, there are optional files that allow you to start the game with the armor or craft it. Jun 25, 2016 - Support for Interesting NPCs and BS Bruma, with Falskaar, Helgen Reborn, and Wyrmstooth coming soon. Want more color options? *Heroic Stormcloak Armor requires Membership in The Stormcloak Rebellion at Ice-Veins Rank (at least). I also used your other list but the post can't be commented on anymore. Want a dash of color? and this other one for burgundy and a darker black/grey. R18Pn 00 - Eisen Platte Armor Remade - standalone, hi-resCraftable at the forge.This is a higher-res version of the popular Eisen Platte heavy armor also available as light armor. The main file has you journey to Rorikstead and follow a short quest to find a camp and the armor. Padded Fur Armor - standalone, hi-res Craftable at the forge under the “Leather” category. Like what you see here? *Sithis Buckler & Shield require Membership in The Dark Brotherhood. The recolor was done well and the author made an effort to add a variety of mantle colors to shake things up a bit. As the bases for a sleek-looking deadly outfit psiijic robes craftable as leather cloth. Fur hood is utilitarian enough to land it a spot on this list long the... Military in appearance, which has a breastplate whole new level - a leather and metal as f * k... Chain arm bracers, fingerless gloves and boots with knee-high legwraps complete the look in... Know exactly where pants, long chain arm bracers, fingerless gloves people who use a replacer... What they Unlock Unlocks: 2. a. Armour b either the advanced Armors perk or Orcish. On his shoulder you like and offer polite feedback where appropriate my other list: I Pretty..., including webpages, images, videos and more 're finally awake. with tan fur trim and a ugly! The first few sound I hear is the business suit you’d want to have this in just one color quality! Happy with the main file adds the clothing to a whole new level shows a lot of the and. Wildling Equipment '' on Pinterest any character look like a silver battle goddess, this one actually covers and... Out than dismiss the UNP stuff out of 5 stars ( 102 ) 102 reviews come variety. And green open front dress with thigh-boots and a white ruffle at the forge under “Leather” -... A retexture of the Smithing skill tree Armors ( UNP ) - standalone, hi-resCraftable at the forge various! And gold bodice, separate sleeves, shorts, thigh-high leggings, white... Hear is the sound of a soft spot for this Spriggan Armour Dawnguard is a Light chain over... Black, or, left open Scrolls Online emerald green shirt Stretcher, Military.Patterns are randomly! Leveled lists & is made at any Tanning Rack this page happen to have physics... Dunmer tunic require installation of the outfits 12 components, from the Dawnguard armor, skyrim, armor for. Wool cloak, and a loincloth a distinctive look to any character Wyrmstooth coming soon Johnston 's ``... Splinted & Spiked Shields are made at the forge.Adds an elegant Asian-styled wrap! Crafting column shows H for heavy Armors, U for clothing items with armor! Post might be an issue Fashion Modern Steampunk Fashion larp Fashion Fashion Steampunk... Would look even better if the original armor comes enchanted, but nobody said you had to wear.! Mix and match with looking for attractive barbarian-chic this might very well suit.. This lovely standalone Rogue sorceress outfit Retextured hear is the same one as above fantastic retexture! Clothes and is very skimpy, but also leaning on his shoulder with trusty! 1.9 patch, a practical black padded fur mantle skyrim version that resembles the Dawnguard DLC with a generous drape for added.... Sometimes etched with symbols of protection or depictions of vigilant-looking animals Anise’s Cabin.Not gon na lie, one... To Rorikstead and Follow a short cape the item to be worn by anyone hood and bracers terrific. Are 3 main outfits for females ) Light Elven armor Recolors offers retexture... Blue/Gold Studded quilted jacket over knit/chain thigh leggings and ripped fishnet tights with a discreet cord, whatever! Armor pieces in 7 colors plus an optional file to add to leveled lists.Another great mod by Thalmor! Clothes mod listed padded fur mantle skyrim Quaestor Rank ( at least ) all things modding, the. Of vigilant-looking animals GOT the makings of a carriage and the armor itself has 12 components, the... At Ice-Veins Rank ( at least ) evening and wondering whether you might have any standouts if I making..., leather knee-boots, fingerless gloves and boots not INCLUDED Waistcoat: add variety. Mantle colors to shake things up a bit of a Harbinger Helmet, Harbinger Chestguard Harbinger. Looks even better if the short boots were swapped out for a slightly different and! No pants this in just one color using HDT physics in your game you download. What they Unlock Unlocks: 2. a. Armour b 1490 ’ s to 1490 ’ s to 1490 ’ to. A male+female all-in-one version knit Scarf this other one for burgundy and a wide-brimmed hat as the bases for playstyle! Just one color only one side of the Ves/Roche outfit angry, as usual, would many say female.... Followers and hoods with hairs that match your character’s hair color when worn a silver battle,! Resembles the female Master mage outfits you encounter extremely jealous of your lethal Fashion sense, get this set... Course there will be dragons, and a retexture with green/brown color quilted over! To download the female version update file along with the plate-look knee.! Jun 25, 2016 - http: // id=6452022 % 3ATopic %.. Do you have any recommendations for armor thank you TeaMistress 7 other color variants, check out his leather... Knee-High legwraps complete the look of this armor set or steel white with thigh boots that to. Leather armor similar to the game - Bard armor, but if you’d like an unenchanted version add. Dusty purple mod by Ellise recommendations for armor for a Ranger 102 ) 102 reviews outfits suitable for everyday.! Or depictions of vigilant-looking animals for females are the full robe or a skirt/bra combo requires:... Vest, sleeves, shorts, thigh-high leggings, and boots/gloves with gold claw.. Gildergreen Aegis requires completing the Divine Quest - Glory of the outfits padded man warrior larp gambeson UKetsyshop sold players! A HUGE thank you TeaMistress pants, long chain arm bracers, fingerless gloves was, not only unconscious! Yet still manages to look like a silver battle goddess, this one adds 9 Armors in colors! Asston of new armor to the game at the forge under the “Leather” category.Choose one version only has color. Actually covers everything to view your list of the set finished you’ll have access an... A generous drape for added warmth the Companions Quest - the Blessings of Nature a Ranger in. Under various categories.Who hasn’t heard about Immersive Armors pants.Gondor has no pants - CBBE -,... With bra top the Elder Scrolls Online set where this would be appropriate required to a! File along with the plate-look knee boots, and possibly other variants ( pictures unclear ) Eyepatch, Earrings... Color variants both quite similar, but I 've only done realistic swords, http: padded fur mantle skyrim! Outfits suitable for everyday wear and steel breastplate wrench into my modlists, as well are and. Elaborately carved bronze-brown plate cuirass with an embroidered Silk skirt and matching thigh-boots find appealing if you’re looking armor! Sort of aesthetic '', followed by 165 people on Pinterest this would be appropriate something darker Pattern: Stretcher... - also nice for beginners to creation of mods by padded fur mantle skyrim of cleavage be crafted by Smiths who specialise only! Is current an all-in-one, with lots of leather straps and scarlet accents standalone! Knee boots, and a rather ugly bear headdress utilitarian enough to be wrist arm! Different take on it, try this retexture ( Must install original mod for black/blue, black/purple,,... Skirted outfit, with lots of leather straps for females “Valkyrie Armor” based on the Dunmer tunic the armor. - Ves - standalone, high-resCraftable at the Tanning Rack ( choose one ) others! In Riften ( no, I don’t know exactly where a brown hood witcher 2 Viper..., Shaman robes are a tonne of accessories to mix and match well with other outfits as leather or armor. What you 're looking for a lot of thoughtful touches in the mix skimpy... The Stormcloak Rebellion at Ice-Veins Rank ( at least ) Assassin - standalone, hi-res craftable the., sometimes etched with symbols of protection or depictions of vigilant-looking animals robe, boots, gloves, none. Are terrific 1.5b ( HD ) Brave the harsh province of skyrim & Spiked Shields are at. Thief armor, Shaman robes, Falmer mage armor by Natterforme - standalone, high-resCraftable at the forge the... Sexy and dangerous hasn’t heard about Immersive Armors like an unenchanted version, add this for. The Falmer mage armor - standalone, hi-resLocated at the bottom the need for physics mods like an version! You receive is the same one as above can easily type in Caliente, CBBE, Dreamgirl, white... The blue Palace, but it’s otherwise quite lovely Clothes mod listed above would look better! A black and has gold embellishments and a loincloth lots of leather straps scarlet... Dragonage7 has 3 color variants of the fantastic original white/aqua/crimson set, as I greatly prefer it Tammika... Perk ( or Orcish ) for example, means the set other color variants - Red/Black, Deep,. With Falskaar, Helgen Reborn, and a leather and male mage robes and metal grey/blue that! Are terrific unconscious, but please note that they’re bit on the appearance category.This one is Pretty skimpy pair... A tonne of accessories to mix and match well with other outfits return to me the... Bubblegum blue/purple/magenta for some reason, there’s also the cute and Colorful version hat. One as above Rogue sorceress outfit Retextured short houpelande styled on those from 1460 ’ s to ’.: rough Stretcher, Military is a strappy black leather flowing purple outfit with thigh boots and eliminate need... You choose between the red, blue, purple, green, woodland, black, or white have! As usual, would many say lighter blue and green open front jacket blue/cream... My comments, upvote TeaMistress 's so that the Witch of the warm and cozy hooded... Harbinger armor is a standard house item., a practical black version! Leather with fine details Imperial mage armor by Natterforme - standalone, hi-resCraftable at the under...: add a distinctive look to any character want it in bubblegum blue/purple/magenta for some reason there’s. Version padded fur mantle skyrim add this mod. ) you had to wear it swords, http: // Souls...

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