I wanted to make this comment too. So the USGS came to Gunsite in 2000 for help. And dogs can and are frequently encountered in urban environments. we need more advice about using firearms to deal with smaller feral or rabid threats that most folks are more likely to encounter than bears. What is more, you can't replay the fight right after your death. Another alternative to a revolver for those who feel more comfortable with a larger capacity handgun is a 10mm semi-automatic loaded with heavy-hitting hard cast cartridges like those from Doubletap Ammunition. In summary, only take broadside shots, prioritize getting two holes, aim about four to five inches back from the shoulder on a broadside bear, and don’t shoot too low. And actually, much like our ancestors, they are Hunters/Gathers (opportunists) in their daily lifestyle. We all know that. viscious not viscous. I dispatched one for killing my ducks a dozen years ago. Griz, think jaws “bigger boat” comment. eventually stop a bear and even kill it, but maybe not fast enough. At self-defense distances, the shot pattern is very small, not a wide cloud of shot. It's very hard for one person to kill a bear unless you are somewhere the bear can't get you like in a house shooting out windows or on top of something. off, making a nasty cut, but not stopping the bear. Killshots x Jersey Guy Bear Collab Jersey RED $74.99 - $84.99 Quick Shop. They may be carried slung or may have been set down to free the hands for some other task. I also trained with the excellent Mossberg 590A1 Magpul shotgun chambered in 12 gauge. That’s why a good handgun may be Healey said Thursday a … Shot directly through the heart, that bear can live for over a minute, and wreak great havoc upon your person. There are a few items with which I disagree. DO NOT shoot one in the chest and expect it to drop, because it probably will not. Depending on the shotgun, the ammunition and in cases of buckshot, the choke, a shotgun can fire slugs up to 200 yards, and buckshot to almost 100. To get this finish, contact one of the shops listed below. Black bear kills dog in Pennsylvania backyard during second attack in 2 years By Joshua Rhett Miller. Rarely see them. Shot directly through the heart, that bear can live for over a minute, and wreak great havoc upon your person. To learn more about stopping bears, a group of gun writers recently attended a predator defense class at Gunsite Academy, arguably the best – certainly the oldest privately owned – gunfighting school in the world. This information is passed on to the reader to stimulate thought and a desire to get the best training possible. If attacked, the stop must be instantaneous because even if 11. Woodman was at the time stalking a bull moose he’d seen earlier. The trainee was expected to wheel around, whip the gun off the shoulder and hit the target nose on. While bears are probably the most robust and most difficult attackers to defend against, dogs, coyotes, wolves, and mountain lions are also a dangerous threat. You can always kill in self defense if your life is in serious danger* from the animal or even person you're shooting, e.g. The gun I carried had been customized by Gritus Precision with a superb trigger job which reduced the double-action trigger pull by about three pounds to around ten pounds and made it extremely smooth and easy to shoot accurately. . There was a one page article in Outdoor Life written by John B. On Kodiak Island nearly all the problem bears had healed over 44mag wounds where the slugs were lodged in the fat or muscle layer. On the east coast, I have not heard of nor seen black bears stalking humans. Two shots are fired inside while the alarmed newborn cubs shriek in despair. A 30-30 will work on bear. or Brown bears, are more widely dispersed and live in some of the northern Brown bear incidents have occurred in their native range spanning Alaska, Northern and Western Canada, and portions of the Rocky Mountains in the United States. LARS SKINNER: “They also allegedly can’t run downhill(?)”. So a double action revolver would be my recommendation in a shoulder holster so it is reachable with either hand. A video showing bears being shot while roaming around on top of a Russian nuclear submarine has gone viral, sparking swift criticism even as the Russian Navy defends their actions. Bears are tough. They are tougher than nails, and don't leave much of a blood trail, so putting a quick killing arrow right through the boiler room will help ensure a speedy recovery. But if there’s no time to spare and the shot needs to happen now, this placement will kill the doe almost instantly. Buy and Sell on GunsAmerica! So spend the The same is true of bears facing right at you, or directly away from you. In summary, only take broadside shots, prioritize getting two holes, aim about four to five inches back from the shoulder on a broadside bear, and don’t shoot too low. A Black bear can run very fast, so there is little time to respond to an attack. I would say shoot for the front legs, breaking the bones and temporarily dumping the bear. Somewhere in my Library I have a book on Bears, it relates the story of a Montana Wildlife officer tasked with killing a Mankiller Griz that had been shot but not killed. I like and carry a 6″, .41 mag Smith, but truth be told if I were in bear country I am thinking a short barrel .12 ga with OO Buckshot would be my choice of close quarter work. A stake at the 15 yard “do or die” line indicated when to start shooting. On my family’s property was a large sand pit which served as our target range.Our “bear” was a 55 gallon drum that once contained asphalt. Snow addressing “how to practice taking down an animal in a do-or-die situation.” It was from the August 2016 edition. Absolutely it could kill a black bear....but im thinking at pretty close ranges...but yea you get all the pellets into the vitals...yea sure it will die, but to do that your probably not more the 40 yards away....and buckshot can be sporadic, and a pissed off bear can cover 40 yards pretty damn quick. One was clearly a miss. the best place for such a shot is the brain. I didn’t find the bear information credible. hard to penetrate. A black bear’s heart and lungs are positioned a bit more forward than in members of the deer family. Handguns and shotguns were both studied and used in training. Not sure how hollow point bullets or 10 mm semi-auto’s fit in to the hard cast (works as a “solid” for penetration) argument. We go camp in Northern Arizona. You’ll need to aim slightly farther back on a bear than an ungulate, because bear vitals are farther back. The thinnest part of the skull of a bear is between the eye and ear. This is a kill shot compilation of our bear hunts over the years. Finally I toss my camera into a snow back and run to the truck, sliding under it like a runner going into Home Plate. Also, a neck shot is an excellent kill shot on a bear. Remember this! We didn’t have any spare bears around so we came up with an idea. But, the shot struck the bear, which moved about 30 yards into the neighbor’s driveway, collapsed, and eventually died. Important and good information on training need to be prepared for the situation. Bears are tough. Two dogs are buddies having fun; three is a pack. I would consider a .454 Causull as a minimum revolver caliber for a Black bear. A bear was shot and killed as it was eating human remains at a national park, wildlife officials said. Pure BS…. This is a kill shot compilation of our bear hunts over the years. I had a 1970 pickup with a 4-speed trans, I was in 3rd gear, going 35 mph, downhill and was just staying up with the bear. I moved to Alaska in 1982 and spent decades installing electronics in remote areas, places hundreds of miles from the nearest town. After a black bear was found shot and killed behind a home in Astor, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission have doubled the reward for information leading to an arrest. “That bear’s been shot at since it was a cub,” Myers said. A training aid was a bear target mounted on a remote controlled mobile target stand with which the instructor could simulate a bear charge. That’s probably because victims that are successful in defending against a bear attack are more likely to have a handgun immediately accessible. a better choice. He has completed hundreds of hours of firearm and self-defense training provided by some of the finest world class gun fighting instructors and schools. There may be a few gifted individuals who can TOP 30 BEST BEAR HUNTING KILL SHOTS. Double-lung shots with two holes are king. While it is possible to kill even a bear with one shot, this is a function of scoring a "critical hit". Some misguided people want to reintroduce them though, so stay vigilant. I say BS to that. They can also kill a bear with a bow and arrow but that is very … i most often solo day hike with a 22lr handgun because i am most accurate with it and i can carry more ammo in a lightweight setup. Because let us be honest, we all desire of taking down a big game with a single shot. My girlfriend Mary (now my wife) and I were part of the crowd that quickly gathered to look at/admire this magnificent creature. It was impressive and a bit unnerving at the same time. can all be very dangerous. Equip Arthur with a repeater (a better idea) or a shotgun before you get there. Even if you know where that is. As for rifles, a lever action makes for a great bush gun. Create a save to solve this problem. My kill shot on my first black bear. Create a save to solve this problem. Bears are very dangerous and live in almost every state. . It means you kill 1 bear at a time each killed with a single shot. But the best advice I’ve read is that you shoot either front shoulder joint, which will prevent them from continuing their charge. The Victim, a Deer Hunter survived, but not in good shape. The best hunters can kill a bear with one shot but that takes skill and if you are reading this then you don’t. Anyway, I always read the comments so I can try to glean more useful information out of them. thanks. springs from behind a bush, but probably not. I watched him run diagonally across the field and into the hardwood forest across from our cabin. , Can that finish be applied to a 1911 pistol and how much would it cost. Just my thoughts so love it or leave it. We watched it from inside until it left. On the east coast, I have not heard of nor seen black bears stalking humans. …you…ahem…you lassoed a running bear whilst driving a pickup at 35mph…I need to put on my rubber boots folks…this is getting deep…. While such shots are possible, not many hunters can make them with any consistency. Self-Defense. 44 mag handguns where the worst in hits made. An XS Sights rail with aperture sight was installed on it and I added a SIG Romeo4 red dot sight to make target acquisition and aiming extremely fast. He wrote this on the forum at bowsite.com: I have guided (or helped guide) 15 bowhunters so far this season, most of them for bears ‘ first-timers. About the author: The bear target seen in the above article can be purchased from Action Targets. so, how effective would 3-4 hits with a 22lr be compared with 1 maybe if i’m lucky 2 hits against an aggressive feral dog that maybe part of a pack? given the stress and short time interval until you become lunch. Severing the spinal column might work, but While at Gunsite, I carried and trained with a Smith & Wesson Model 629 .44 Magnum revolver. Bears are much tougher to put down than other North American game species and knowing where their vital shot placement should be is critical. I thought it was a great article. A video showing bears being shot while roaming around on top of a Russian nuclear submarine has gone viral, sparking swift criticism even as the Russian Navy defends their actions. It was cool to experience. Whether it is wild dogs, coyotes, mountain lions, bears or even a vicious domestic dog, get some training in stopping animal attacks and stay aware in order to stay alive. * Now, to your question, “Can a 9mm bullet kill a bear?” Probably. This is mainly due to the black bears having heavier bones and hides compared to other big game animals. He (I assume it’s a male) looked to be about 300-400lbs. It’s always at hand if carried properly. In what state do you live? Why do you go on yo attack and denigrate a commenter? penetration will also work as will a shotgun slug. A well-hit bear won’t last long, however they are extremely unforgiving when hit marginally. Presuming you carry both, bear spray vs lead is not an either/or decision. That bear had been shot and survived, possibly years before, showing the toughness and resiliency of the animal. Knowing her well, I pulled her back and stepped in front while drawing my handgun – I ALWAYS have a Glock 27 on me. I have been charged by grizzly. I also stopped a Grizzly with a charge of handloaded OO buck at about 15 ft. Be careful not to shoot low or forward or have a wounded animal on your hands quickly. Much of this article is correct. A shot to the nose is pretty hard to do under stress in a The video shows a large grizzly bear getting shot multiple times during a hunt. In dense cover, you’ll need to find the steel to kill the bear while it is eating you. Thanks again for the article and all of you that commented. Otherwise if you can hit a bear charging at 30mph in the nose you are a lot better shot than me but it is a path to the brain. shot though will instantly stop nervous system function and cause the bear to the brain, placing a round into the nose is the best bet. might have enough time to get it off your shoulder and into action if a bear Polar bears live in the extreme northern By clicking on CONTINUE you confirm that you are 18 years and over. Moreover, these shots can also be fatal to the bear. That crew was very fortunate that no one was killed in the time it took for that much lead to be slung for the bear to be killed. He speaks of a herbivore “tracking me”. I have seen a pile of them shot with both guns and arrows, and while the projectile may be different, there is one constant – hit the animal in the right place and he’s yours relatively quickly, but hit him wrong and you have big problems. heart may eventually kill the bear, but the bear may live long enough to states. But if there’s no time to spare and the shot needs to happen now, this placement will kill the doe almost instantly. The Fish and Wildlife officers said it was an old boar and probably deaf so my friend yelling and making noise didn’t alert the bear until he was on top of it so it charged. This article is pure BS and irresponsible to post. Move around and better if you can use multiple concealment or cover as you move. Best bet isn’t to fall victim to old wive’s tales about the bruins and actually heed good information like that in this article. The objective of every conscientious hunter is to kill an animal as quickly as possible to avoid its suffering and to insure the highest quality meat. So I was leaving, left the dirt – Forest Service road and hit the pavement. Besides, as explained earlier, a heart or lung shot is not This is my go-to, “big bear” gun. Most experts knowledgeable in the It did the job, but no more. As I get thru the door I see what scared her – adult black bear, on all fours, estimated to be about 300#. The legendary bear can kill you really fast. And carry it in your hands, not slung. !#springbear #bearhuntingIf you are wanting a quality rifle built, contact our friend, Dallas, athttps://laneprecisionrifles.comYou can check out Rokman's packs athttps://rokmangear.comGPS hunting App we highly recommend is Basemaps. Of course, there’s the time-honored method of hunting in bear country with a partner who runs slower than you. But it can, and has predator attacks, The short-barreled shotgun (usually a Rem 870) with sling on the shoulder. Gunsite then developed a five-day class to teach predator defense using handguns and long guns. These are links from Ontario Out of Doors Magazine. I’ve never been much impressed by tales of 450-yard kill shots on deer or other game. It is estimated that one can run 50 yards in three to four seconds. I’ve killed a miscreant black bear as well as a threatening cougar in my 20 years in the Rockies. Plasma Technologies will finish guns sent to it from only five gunsmith shops in the U.S., so it is not easy to get. Probably the biggest advantage of hunting over a bait station is the opportunity for good shot placement at close range, ensuring a clean kill. Remington 1100 shotguns with slugs fared better. How well does a Lehigh Defense copper bullet work vs hard caste for shooting a bear with a pistol? I might never go into the woods again. Bear kill nears 3,000 after first weekend-long opener. In North America, there are three types of bears and they I wholeheartedly agree that dog packs are a more common threat. While most often a bear will charge in a straight line, nothing says it will not veer to the right or left without warning. The 3" (usually 1 1/4 oz.) tissue is important. And the head does not remain completely still. if i was lost or injured i would use my 22lr as a signaling device. a bear immediately is to place a bullet into the central nervous system, and don’t set it down for even a second. Online Bear Baiting Clinic Shooting Shot Placement. My example: I was leaving a deer hunt in Northern California on a Saturday night to get back to college to study for a test. Doug Larson is a former Contributing and Field Editor for Guns & Ammo magazine, Doug Larson’s articles have appeared in many top firearm publications. Try it and get back on that on that. Shot at Lake Frobisher near Buffalo Narrows, Saskatchewan, Canada. Behind the nose, there is a The wound had scar tissue surrounding it. Gold dots have been around for a long time and, it could be argued, were the original night sight. I know of someone who took that shot on a black bear and it worked well. With the short barrel and quick time to aim and shoot, many of black bears have been killed with a 35 Remington Marlin 336. Everyone knows that. Some bears have become so use to hunters shooting deer, that they respond to a gunshot as if it were the dinner bell. Back in 1977, a field geologist working in Alaska was attacked by a predatory black bear. The bear's lair is marked on the map. They will head towards the sound in a hurry, anticipating an easy meal. to be, done. She was going out 1st and I was immediately behind her. Warning - thread Brown Bear Kill Shot might contain content that is not suitable for all ages. Fatal bear attacks in North America have occurred in a variety of settings. It is a superior finish to anything else available though in terms of hardness and lubricity. I generally use my 30-06 for bear using 165 grain bullets. A brain The shoulder shot does limit their ability to charge. The best hunters can kill a bear with one shot but that takes skill and if you are reading this then you don’t. So I had a bright idea, I had a lariat in the floor, so I picked it up and built a loop outside the truck- still doing 35mph. a 38sp would obviously be more useful against the smaller wild threats that i may encounter. The reason for the birdshot intermixed is “if the OO does not stop him at least the # 5 will blind him.” Certainly there are bear encounters, but nothing to the extent he hopes you to believe. You need to wait a bit until the bear reappears in its lair. Died in the attack and Canada's remote UConn police say her husband was returning from a walk and was charged by the bear. However, in many instances, these shots do not bring immediate death to the bear, and for these reasons, bear hunters prefer to take aim at the lungs and the heart instead of aiming for the head, shoulders, and neck shots. And hunters should be especially careful when harvesting other game. In all my years I have been charged by non wounded bears exactly twice. 13 Bears shot or quartered away in the middle and dead within 30–80 yards, 2 shot in the shoulder and still going. You will not likely be able to rack your 9 with one arm in the bear’s mouth. If the truck had been ‘right there’ I would not be typing this. the job done unless it hits the right place. cartilage, and the snout and ocular area are relatively thin and soft compared Hell, I carry them for any such emergency actually. And the chest is extremely A 38, 357 or 9 mm at point blank range to the neck should work. (5″ barreled Ruger GP at 25 feet) Thats some tough stuff, so I’m certain it would make great Griz medicine. Although we enjoy the excitement of a black bear hunt, it is important to manage a small portion of these animals to prevent problems in the future. I would recommend the buffalo rifle, because it is the strongest weapon in the game the stats show it, and its range gives you a safe distance to kill and not be killed. #3. the| Gamer. In my opinion, this shot should be reserved for dangerous game, particularly bears. I pulled up along side the bear to toss it over his head, when i decided – WHAT was I going to do, once I had the rope on him????? I’m surprised no mention was made of carrying a short-barreled .45-70 rifle – that would probably be my choice. Setting a rifle down to dress game puts it out of immediate reach, which is another reason having a handgun in an easily accessed holster, and knowing how to draw and fire it quickly, is a good survival skill to have. Another factor is black bears have long thick fur … The bear's lair is marked on the map. Also, a neck shot is an excellent kill shot on a bear. 1am, winter, -35F and I am in a remote area taking aurora pictures of the northern lights – moose tries to stomp me to death.

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